Female Protagonist 4

Name: Audrina

Race: Dragon-human

Class: Warrior

Titles: Bloodmoon Beastial Blade, Bloodthirsty Dragon Lady, Battle Maniac

Age: 63 (About the same as 15 year old human)

Comments: 1.73 meters tall without anything. 1.85 meters tall with shoes and counting dragon horns. Bloodthirsty, battle maniac, likes to play tricks on people, would be a hero from time to time. Ye Tian Ming says that she has beautiful thighs.

Awakened the dragon-human bloodline at a young age. Because she didn’t fit in with the people in her hometown and also didn’t have any relatives and friends there, she left her hometown and wandered through the continent. Later, because of the inclusiveness of the continent, she was sure that her decision to leave her hometown was correct.

She defeated 10 Saint Realms on the continent, earning her the titles of “Bloodmoon Beastial Blade”, “Bloodthirsty Dragon Lady”, and “Battle Maniac”.

Her blade, Bloodmoon Beastial Blade, has three dragon souls, which came from the dragons that she had killed.

Likes: Fighting, getting stronger, delicacies

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