Oh No! They’re All Eyeing Me Like Tigers!

Author: Rem’s Confession

Translator: Superglace

Oh no! They’re all eyeing me like tigers!

Wake up! They’re not eyeing you, they’re eyeing the position of your attendant!

Ye Tian Ming had transmigrated to another world, and he had been planning to experience the lifestyle of the other world, but he had unexpectedly contracted a large number of problem attendants!

The clumsy and cute assassin beastgirl: “Master~”

The masochistic world-destroying dragon lady: “One more round!”

The blind Goddess of Punishment: “That day, I saw the light!”

The alcoholic demon girl: “That night, the wind swept the leaves and the rain beat the banana!”

Erm, this also seems to be part of the “lifestyle” of the other world…?

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