Oh No! They’re All Eyeing Me Like Tigers! Volume 1 Chapter 1: Descendance

“Although I have more stuff than the Sorcerer King, he transmigrated with max level and his clan warehouse whereas I have to start from zero!” Ye Tian Ming¹ sighed as he relaxed his hands that were tightly gripping his pants and stared at the ocean.

Sure, I may be a free-to-play player, but I at least offered more than three years of my life to the game Oath of Adventure! All I did was defeat spenders and whales that have a few million more battle power than I do and became the champion in the global tournament! Did I really have to get sent to this place? Well, at least it’s not all bad. Thinking that, Ye Tian Ming looked at his status board.

[Name: Kyle Scott]

[ID: 00000000]

[Race: Human]

[Class: Player]

[Titles: None]

[Adventure Level: 0]

[Experience Points: 0]

There was nothing special about the status board. Ye Tian Ming then opened his inventory. It was as if there was a dazzling bright light coming from the inventory- the inventory full of stuff from unrestricted exclusive items to restricted divine items and accessories, Ye Tian Ming had them all!

After all, even though Ye Tian Ming was a free-to-play player, he was still a 3+ year veteran player of the game! He had freeloaded for more than three years and had a ton of good stuff in his inventory. The only problem was that due to level restrictions, he couldn’t use most of them. At the very least, though, they still gave him the necessities that he needed to live in this other world.

Ye Tian Ming quickly calmed his heart which had been in turmoil due to the sudden transmigration and started to accept his current situation. No one’s going to wait for people to slowly adjust to their situation. Everyone lives under constant stress from their environment.

As Ye Tian Ming contemplated about his life, he took out a scroll that was faintly emitting a silver glow.

I choose you! One Year Anniversary Limited Item- Unrestricted Follower Summoning Scroll!

A game that wanted to keep making money would of course keep trying to pull in new players. One of the ways the game did so was by giving out summoning scrolls where even level 0 players have a chance to summon 5-star divine cards. New players could keep rerolling until they got the divine card that they wanted, and the game developers could get the data they wanted- a win-win situation.

The only problem was that Ye Tian Ming currently didn’t have the chance to delete his account and create a new one. How about I try dying once? Cough cough! Actually, nevermind. Whether or not I’d actually be able to recreate my account is still a question, not to mention all the good stuff that I have in my inventory. My life is important, my life is important.

As the One Year Anniversary Limited Item- Unrestricted Follower Summoning Scroll became a white light and disappeared, another white light also appeared behind Ye Tian Ming. He turned around to look and froze when he saw the familiar figure. It’s you! Escort Leader Roland!

It was acceptable for Oath of Adventures players to not know the divine cards of each type card of the latest version, it was acceptable for them to not know the current meta team, but it was not acceptable for them to not know Roland!

They were so famous that players even created a line for them: I am in all seven types of cards, light, dark, gold, wood, water, fire, and earth, I am- Escort Leader Roland!

As a universal dog food card for all 7 types of cards, Roland had sacrificed a lot for Oath of Adventure!

Yep, that’s right! Ye Tian Ming had just wasted the precious one and only One Year Anniversary Limited Summoning Scroll to get a universal dog food card².

Ye Tian Ming’s face darkened as he pulled out two more scrolls that were emitting silver glows. Second Anniversary Summoning Scroll! Third Anniversary Summoning Scroll! Go! Come out, my divine card!

A few seconds later…

Ye Tian Ming looked at the three people in front of him in silence. Except for their hair and armor color, everything else was the same. They were all Escort Leader Rolands- with their attributes being light, dark, and wood.

It seems like my bad luck came to this world with me. I wasted three limited anniversary summoning scrolls to get three universal dog food cards!

Ye Tian Ming was falling into despair, and the three Rolands had no idea about Ye Tian Ming’s current mental state. They just abided by their duties and surrounded Ye Tian Ming as they guarded him.

Ye Tian Ming, who was sitting on a stone with the three Rolands around him, seemed like a noble boy with his three escorts protecting him.

Malon South Island was a wild island with ferocious beasts, cruel magical creatures, precious herbs, and rare minerals, but there wasn’t a single human on it.

Ye Tian Ming had no impression of this island. As Ye Tian Ming was deep in his thoughts, a low hissing sound came from the woods.

Then several large wolves leaped out from the bushes and ran toward Ye Tian Ming and the Rolands.

Seeing the wolves, Ye Tian Ming shouted in surprise. “Forest wolves?”

The reason that Ye Tian Ming immediately knew what the wolves were wasn’t that he was familiar with them. After all, there was still a big difference between games and reality. Rather, it was because he saw the system notification that suddenly appeared in front of him and he blurted it out in surprise.

Without waiting for Ye Tian Ming to order them to do anything, the three Rolands immediately rushed right next Ye Tian Ming, forming a triangle around him.

The forest wolves depended on their superior numbers and ambushes to hunt prey. They were surprised to see the three Rolands react so quickly, but it didn’t faze them and they lunged toward the three Rolands.

After a flash of light, a surprised Ye Tian Ming saw three bloodied forest wolf bodies fall to the ground. Aren’t Escort Leader Rolands supposed to be weak? If I remember correctly, they have moderate stats and only have three skills: Cleave, Iron Wall Guard, and Knight Training. Since they just got summoned, they should only know Cleave. But since when was the skill that 99.99% of the players of Oath of Adventures fail to remember this strong?

With three forest wolves killed instantly, the forest wolves lost a third of their strength and the pressure on the three Rolands lessened immediately.

Although the forest wolves were a bit scared that their members had been killed immediately, they still lunged after Ye Tian Ming and the three Rolands.

This time, the three Rolands didn’t kill the wolves immediately but instead continuously fought the forest wolves with their shields and longswords.

As five of the forest wolves fought the three Rolands, the head forest wolf, which was the largest in size, looked at Ye Tian Ming. These three knights are obviously trying to protect this weak-looking kid. As the head wolf, I need to do something while my underlings are in a stalemate with the three knights.

Thinking so, the head wolf quietly disappeared into the dark, intending to get past the frontline and go straight for Ye Tian Ming.

Ye Tian Ming, who had been watching the three Rolands fight, couldn’t help but smile as a trace of playfulness flashed through his eyes.

Author’s Notes:

I welcome all readers to speak about their ideas and thoughts. You can comment any interesting and new ideas that you have. When I see them, I will consider including the ideas in the novel.

Translator’s Notes:

¹ 夜天明. Literally, “Night Sky Bright”.

² Character enhancement cards.

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