Chapter 89: Error in Intelligence

Lyan heard the coachman’s answer and frowned. Giving people rides in carriages for money and making steel coins are really good ideas. Whoever thought of these ideas must be a genius.

Along the way, Lyan could see many citizens carrying wood and stones with smiles on their faces. It surprised him as most of the time, he could only see those smiles when they were harvesting their crops.

This made Lyan curious, dispelling the resentment that he had when he first arrived. Well, I’m not very welcome in Lie Ma City anyways, and it’s not that bad to take a stroll once in a while, I guess.

He touched the letter that he had been carrying, which Baron Omar had told him to give to Carter. Isn’t Carter the noble that lived in Lie Ma City for about half a month and then returned to Xi Yang City? Didn’t he sell his territory and noble title? Why did he come back to Xi Yang City? Did he get his noble title and territory back?

Due to the War Wolves’ handling ability and how hard it was for information to travel in this world, news of Carter and Fez’s deaths never got out. As such, Baron Omar thought that Carter and Fez had returned to Xi Yang City and had gotten back their noble titles and territory.

Lyan jumped up and down to observe Xi Yang City from the carriage, and his jaw dropped in surprise. “Am I in the capital?” Lyan muttered.

The road was more than 20 meters wide, and on both sides of the road were neatly built houses.

Lyan had only seen these houses in the capital before, but it took them more than 10 years to build such houses. No matter how he looked at them, the houses in Xi Yang City did not seem to have taken more than 10 years to build.

“Do you want to get off here?” the coachman asked. He remembered that Liu Feng had told him that people were not allowed to jump off the carriage it was still moving.

“Yes, we’ll get off right here,” Lyan said, nodding his head.

Lyan and his servant stared at the carriage as it left. They just stood there, confused about what to do next.

“My lord, are we going to see that city lord right now?” the servant asked.

“Yes. We’ll do our mission first and take a stroll around Xi Yang City,” Lyan said, nodding his head. I guess Xi Yang City isn’t a poor place after all. I’ll go shopping later to buy a gift for Liza as an apology.

That was what he had learned when he read the book, “The Love Diary of a Noble Girl”, written by Lucy. When girls got angry, the best thing boys could do was to buy buy buy. As long as they got an expensive gift, then there was a 90% chance that the girl would forgive the boy. It was also because of the novel that he had been able to get Liza to go out with him, as he just followed what the novel said when he chased Liza.

I should thank Princess Lucy if I get to meet her. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have been able to get to agree to go out with me.

“He he…” Lyan laughed when he thought about it. That day, he sang a song in front of Liza’s house for half the day. Liza and her family were moved to tears and they wouldn’t let him continue to sing anymore no matter what. They said that they were afraid that singing anymore would hurt his throat. Such a kind and considerate family.

Lyan and his servant soon saw the castle. After reporting to the guards, they were soon allowed to meet Liu Feng.

When Lyan met Liu Feng and saw his noble clothes, he put away his somewhat lax and careless attitude and got serious.

“Greetings, Lord City Lord. I am Lyan from Lie Ma City. I am here to visit you on Baron Omar’s order,” Lyan said respectfully with a noble-like attitude. Liu Feng’s clothes gave him the air of a noble and made it feel as if he had come from a big noble family.

“Mr. Lyan, please sit,” Liu Feng said with a light smile and waved his hand. This was the second envoy that had been sent to his city. The previous envoy from Bei Feng City had given him a lot of cattle, sheep, horses, and wheat. Also, this Baron Omar seems to be the guy behind the grain merchants that were hanged. What is he scheming by sending an envoy?

Lyan saluted respectfully before sitting down. He took out the sheepskin scroll he had been holding in his arm and handed it to Niu Ben. “This is the letter that Baron Omar wanted to give you.”

He didn’t dare to be careless as even Niu Ben had better clothes than him. Who is this guy? Is he the son of a duke and just came here to experience life?

Niu Ben carefully opened the sheepskin scroll, checked it, and then handed it to Liu Feng. He didn’t read the letter; he was just checking to see if there were stuff like poison in the scroll.

Lyan’s heart sank when he saw what Niu Ben was doing. Only high nobles have these safety checks. But then why? If Carter has the backing of a high noble, there is no need for him to sell his territory and title. Did someone give the wrong news?

The error in intelligence caused Lyan, who had just come to Xi Yang City, to think that Liu Feng was Carter. Lyan hadn’t suspected anything when Baron Omar had told him that the name of the noble of Xi Yang City was Carter.

This thing did happen in this world from time to time. After all, the people here relied on messengers that rode on horses to transmit news. Besides, Xi Yang City was a remote place, so news don’t really travel out of Xi Yang City very much.

“Ha… interesting, very interesting.” Liu Feng smiled more and more coldly the more he read. After a while, he became silent and stared at Lyan with a strange expression.

“Lord City Lord, do you have any orders for me?” Lyan asked. He felt that something was wrong, and a sense of crisis hit him.

“How pitiful. Are you the pawn that was sent here to his death?” Liu Feng asked coldly. He had gotten a big surprise when he read what was on the letter.

“I- I don’t know what you mean by that, Lord City Lord.” Lyan’s heart sank, and his forehead was full of sweat. Seeing a knife appear in Mina’s hand, he took a step back out of fear.

“Take a look for yourself!” Liu Feng said as he threw the sheepskin scroll to Lyan.

Translator’s Notes:

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Also, name change:

Li Zao → Liza (character “introduced” in the last chapter)

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