Chapter 90: Impractical Idea

Lyan fumbled and caught the sheepskin scroll. He swallowed, opened the sheepskin scroll, and quickly read it. The more he read, the more his eyes widened. After he finished reading, he froze, and the sheepskin scroll fell from his hands onto the ground.

“No wonder… no wonder… so that’s why… Omar made a good scheme!” Lyan said bitterly. He finally understood why Omar had stripped him of his title of a knight and made things hard for him. It was because Omar knew Lyan’s personality and was afraid that Lyan would ruin his plan.

It was also because of Lyan’s personality that Omar had sent Lyan to send the letter, as he knew that Lyan would not peek at the letter and would definitely give the letter to Carter. Lyan didn’t suspect anything as he thought it was just the usual communication between cities and sales of things, as he had done this for Omar many times.

He hadn’t expected that the sheepskin scroll would contain the horse thieves’ plan and the stuff that Omar wanted Carter to do. Their target was Bei Feng City and Xi Yang City. It was basically saying that Omar was the leader of the horse thieves.

However, Liu Feng was the one who got the letter. It was as if the Goddess of Fate was looking over him. This was also something that Omar and Lyan had never expected to happen.

Lyan started to sweat intensely. He said anxiously, “Lord City Lord, I really don’t know anything. I’m just someone ordered to deliver the letter.” Lyan now knew that the person in front of him wasn’t Carter- as long as they weren’t an idiot, anyone in that position could figure that out. Lyan could easily guess what had happened to Carter.

“Mr. Lyan, do you think I should believe you after reading that letter?” Liu Feng said. What a surprise. Not only did I find out the leader of the horse thieves, I also got to know their plan. This incident made Liu Feng realize how important intelligence was.

“This…” Lyan didn’t know what to say. As long as they weren’t an idiot, anyone that saw the detailed letter would think that he was part of it. The hot-tempered ones would have already told people drag him out to be beheaded.

“Sieze the two of them and put them in the dungeon. Don’t let them out without my orders,” Liu Feng said.


Lyan was silent. He knew that there was nothing he could do and one of two things would happen to him: he would either get killed, or he would be made into a slave.

People soon came to take Lyan and his servant to the dungeon. As for when they would get out, well, that was up to Liu Feng.

“Very interesting!” Liu Feng said, taking the sheepskin scroll that Mina had picked up. Who would have thought there would be such a coincidence.

“Young Master, what do you plan to do?” Mina asked with a military knife in her hand. “Do you want me to go and get that Omar’s head?”

“Eh…” Liu Feng’s mouth twitched, and he tap Mina’s forehead with his index finger. “For the time being, there’s no need for us to do anything. Besides, it’s not going to bring us any benefit?”

“Huh?” Mina rubbed her forehead as she looked at Liu Feng with confusion in her eyes.

“Don’t forget, we’re just their second target. Bei Feng City is their first target.” Liu Feng rubbed Mina’s ears. Seeing Mina’s enjoying it with her eyes closed, he smiled lightly, and said, “We just need to give a copy of this information to Bei Feng City…”

To be honest, he was a bit worried about Mina’s safety as Omar might have some means of protection.

“Ah! I get it! We’ll let them fight first and then we’ll go out and finish the job,” Mina said, her eyes glowing with excitement.

“Yep! We shouldn’t make unnecessary consumptions. Besides…” Liu Feng’s voice trailed off as he looked at Mina with a complicated expression. According to the intelligence, Omar¹ had a lot of beastkin slaves.

Mina looked at Liu Feng, who had suddenly become silent. “Young Master, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I was just thinking of something complicated,” Liu Feng said, shaking his head with a light smile. He then changed the subject, “It’s almost time for lunch. Where did Anri and the others run off to?

“He he…” Mina suddenly giggled and looked at Liu Feng weirdly.

“Is there something interesting?” Liu Feng asked curiously. He knew that Anri was pretty naughty. She might be older than Mina, but her personality was that of a kid and would only be serious when dealing with serious business.

“It’s a secret. You’ll know when it’s time,” Mina said, smiling playfully and blinking her eyes. She then turned and left.

“Phew…” Liu Feng exhaled lightly when Mina was out of sight. He handed the sheepskin scroll to Niu Ben and said, “Uncle Niu Ben, copy the information on here excluding the part about Xi Yang City. Then send a cunning person to send the information to Bei Feng City.”

“Young Master, you can’t send it for free. Otherwise, they won’t believe it,” Niu Ben said.

“Of course we’re not sending it for free. Tell Bei Feng City to give 2 large ships in exchange for this piece of information,” Liu Feng said, smiling lightly. He was already starting to plan for future trades.

“They won’t agree to that. They only have 2 large ships,” Niu Ben said, shaking his head.

“This is just the opening price. Wait for them to bargain. Get them to at least agree to 2 medium-sized ships,” Liu Feng said.

“Got it, I will tell them that,” Niu Ben said, nodding. He just needed to know what the bottom line was, even though he didn’t really think that Bei Feng City would be willing to pay 2 medium-sized ships.

The corner of Liu Feng’s mouth rose. This was basically sending things to his doorstep. Besides, his mines were short on people, and the horse thieves would basically be free miners.

As for Bei Feng City, well, they definitely couldn’t stop the horse thieves. Liu Feng was plotting for more than just the 2 ships.

“It seems like we have to rebuild Xi Yang City’s dock. We need to expand it by a few times,” Liu Feng muttered. “What if we redirect the river’s path so that it’s right next to Xi Yang City? No, we don’t have enough laborers right now. Then it’s probably better to just expand the city to the side of the river. Then we’ll need more cement and rebar. Four months during winter…”

Niu Ben’s eyes grew wider and wider as he listened. He was shocked by Liu Feng’s crazy and impractical idea.

Translator’s Notes:

¹ The author didn’t specifically say who, but I’m 99% sure it’s Omar and not Bei Feng City.

I think I’ll be able to get the next chapter out within 2 hours. I’m currently debating whether or not to change the city names. This is what I’m considering:

Xi Yang City → West Sun City

Bei Feng City → North Wind City

Lie Ma City → Blazing Horse City

Should I go through with the name changes or keep the current city names?

Here’s an actual name change:

Baron Omar → Omar

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