Chapter 91: Became True in the Next Second

It was time for lunch. Liu Feng had just sat down when he heard laughter from outside.

“He he he… don’t run, take this princess’s… cough cough, take my Eighteen Subduing Rabbit Tickles!”

Hearing their laughter, Liu Feng smiled lightly, and said, “Seems like they’re getting along pretty well.”

“No! You pervert… he he… you can’t catch me!”

A scream rang out, followed by a triumphant voice, and Weya soon ran into the dining room.


Weya saw Liu Feng as soon as she ran in. She stopped laughing and froze as if someone had pressed a pause button that made her stop. Her ears started shaking and she started to twiddle her fingers as if she was a kid that had been caught eating food that she wasn’t supposed to eat.

“Am I that scary?” Liu Feng asked.

“No, no…”

Wey’a mouth shook in nervousness and she frantically waved her hands, but she couldn’t say anything.

“Ha ha ha… got you!”

Anri ran in and laughed smugly. She pounced on Weya and started to tickle her.

“Ah! No! Anri, you pervert!” Weya’s face reddened and she hurriedly pushed Anri away. She took 2 steps back and looked at Anri’s hands warily.

“He he he… I caught you!” Anri said smugly, shaking her ears.

“Cough cough…” Liu Feng coughed lightly, making Anri freeze. She slowly turned her head to look and made eye contact with Liu Feng. Her heart skipped a beat and she quickly turned away, blushing.

“It seems like you’re having a lot of fun,” Liu Feng said, the corners of his mouth twitching. The way that Anri was playing gave him a bit too much temptation.

“Cough cough… yeah, very fun!” Anri said, pretending to be serious, but her constantly swaying tail exposed her embarrassment. Ahhhh…. what do I do? I let Young Master see that. I’m really not a pervert.

Anri tried to comfort herself in her heart. She then looked at her flat chest and couldn’t help but shake her fingers and feel defeated.

Nicole then walked in with a plate of food. Seeing Weya’s reddish face, she smiled lightly, and said, “Seems like Anri caught you.”

“What’s going on?” Mina asked, appearing behind Nicole. She saw Anri and immediately laughed out loud. “Anri, you can stop looking. It’s not going to change no matter how much you look.”

“Ahhh!” Anri grabbed her ears, and shouted angrily, “You mutated cat girl! Watch out for loss of balance! You might fall when walking!”

“Ugh! I don’t know what’s happening these days, but my shoulders are really sore recently.” Mina waved her arms and had a stressed expression, but the corners of her mouth that had curled up clearly told the others that she was just showing off.

“You, you…” Anri opened her mouth, and her brown eyes were filled with envy. She pouted, saying, “That’s what you get!”

Weya dumbfoundedly stared at Anri and Mina bickering. Her eyes were filled with questions.

“It’s okay, even though they’re fighting, these 2 have a really good relationship,” Nicole said enviously. “For some people, the more they bicker with each other, the closer they are. It’s another way to show that they have a very good relationship. Sometimes even I envy their relationship!”

Liu Feng rested his chin on his hand. He felt as if he was watching an anime, and his mood was subconsciously getting better.

“Is that how it is?” Weya asked, grabbing her ears, confused.

“Well, don’t dwell on it. We can eat lunch now,” Nicole said.

As soon as Nicole said that, Mina and Anri immediately sat down at the table and looked at the maids that were carrying the food.

“Sit down,” Nicole said, pulling a chair out for Weya.

“Bring over the food,” Nicole said. She then placed the food that she had been carrying in front of Liu Feng.

“This is?”

Liu Feng looked at the peculiar dishes in front of him in confusion. He then turned his head to look at Anri, Mina, and Weya, only to find them looking at him with their eyes full of anticipation.

“Could- could it be that you guys made these?” Liu Feng asked. He had a bad premonition. Sure enough, his premonition became true in the next second.

“Yeah! I made the egg-fried tomatoes!” Anri said, immediately raising her hand and pointing at the whole tomato on the plate. “Young Master, look, the whole tomato definitely tastes better than the cut ones.”

“I made this bowl of deer antler polished rice porridge. Young Master, you’ve been tired recently. You should eat this as a supplement,” Mina said worriedly, clenching her hand.

Liu Feng looked at the plate of egg-fried tomatoes. Putting aside the uncut tomato, could all that sticky liquid in the egg be syrup? Also, that deer antler porridge. Wouldn’t my nose be spraying blood if I eat those whole pieces of antlers?

“Phew…” Liu Feng took a deep breath. Okay, those 2 are fine. But what the heck are these 2 lumps of gray things in front of me?

“What about this?” Liu Feng asked as he took one of the gray lumps. He tapped the table with it, causing thumping sounds. He did not want to hear that these 2 lumps of gray were food.

“That- that- that’s the bun I made,” Weya said, raising her hand nervously. She then whispered, “It’s a meat bun.”

Liu Feng’s bad premonition became true again. This thing that could be used as a weapon is actually a bun?

Liu Feng’s eyelids twitched, and he turned to look at Mina. “Mina, is this what you were trying to keep secret?”

“Yeah! It’s the surprise that we wanted to give you. The three of us researched this by ourselves without bothering Nicole,” Mina said, ears twitching and her face full of anticipation.

The top half of Anri’s body was laying on the table. She said expectantly, “Young Master, try it and see if it tastes good.”

“Suprise…” Liu Feng glanced at Nicole, who was covering her mouth and giggling. This is more horrifying than surprising. He could imagine what would happen next if he really ate the food: Liu Feng, dead, lived for 20 years.

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