Chapter 92: Then Be a Teacher!

“Alright, don’t give Young Master a hard time,” Nicole said, saving Liu Feng from his situation. “These foods are still missing a few steps before they are ready. You can’t eat them yet.”

“Missing a few steps?” Anri pouted and raised her hand. “Nicole, what steps are missing? Why can’t they be eaten?” She instantly believed Nicole because of how delicious Nicole’s foods were, especially the egg-fried tomatoes. Her only problem was that Nicole wouldn’t add in extra sugar.

“There are still 3 more steps before the food is ready. Look, the tomato is this big, so the inside definitely isn’t fully cooked. You’ll get diarrhea if you eat it,” Nicole said, bullshitting with a straight face. After all, tomatoes were okay to eat raw!

“Oh, so that’s how it is?” Anri embarrassedly got down from the table and then said to Liu Feng, “Young Master, I will recook it next time.” Saying that, Anri took out her notepad and wrote on it. Liu Feng didn’t need to see to know that Anri was writing the recipe for egg-fried tomatoes that she had researched by herself.

“Nicole, is there also a problem with my deer antler polished rice porridge?” Mina asked, scratching her head in embarrassment.

“Yep! There’s a little problem with it. It has too much deer antler. You will get a nosebleed if you eat it,” Nicole said. Liu Feng had taught her that one can’t eat too much tonics at once.

“Then, then Young Master, you shouldn’t eat this. I will put less deer antlers nexttime,” Mina said, quickly taking away the deer antler polished rice porridge.

“I don’t think mine is good either,” Weya whispered, looking at the gray lumps.

“It’s also missing a few steps. I’ll teach you next time,” Nicole said.

“En!” Weya hurriedly nodded her head.

“…” Liu Feng wiped the nonexistent sweat on his forehead and looked at Nicole gratefully for solving the crisis in such a simple manner.

Nicole soon gave Liu Feng a dish, and everyone sat down. They were all waiting for Liu Feng to take the first bite.

“Let’s eat!” Liu Feng said, putting a piece of food into his mouth.

“Hey! Mina, that’s mine!”

“You can’t eat that much anyways, give me some of this too.”

“No way!”

Their lunch for the day was potato and meat stewed with rice. They used pork cut into cubes and potatoes to cook the rice and then added seasoning.

This was the first time Anri and Mina ate the food, and upon taking a bite, they started their daily food-stealing war.

Weya dumbfoundedly looked at Anri and Mina stealing food from each other’s bowls. What’s happening now?

“Food is tastier when you take it from someone else’s plate,” Liu Feng said, laughing lightly and stealing a piece of potato from Weya”s bowl.

“Ah!” Weya frantically tried to protect her bowl with her hands. “No!”

“Then you should eat quickly, or Anri will steal your food,” Liu FEgn said as he picked up a piece of meat and put it in Nicole’s bowl.

“…” Hearing that, Weya froze for a second and saw Anri constantly looking at her bowl, which scared her to immediately stuff the food into her mouth.

“Mmmm~ ahhhh~” Weya felt as if she was going to fly. The rich aroma of the meat combined with the softness of the potato was so delicious that she almost forgot to breathe. “It’s so delicious!”

She could swear that this was the most delicious food she had ever eaten, right behind the meat buns. She immediately started shoving spoonful after spoonful of the food into her mouth.

Liu Feng smiled as he looked at the 3 beastgirls eating. He felt as if his overworked heart had been cured.

“Young Master, is the food not to your liking?” Nicole asked, a little worried.

“No, it’s good. I was just thinking that we are having such a good time,” Liu Feng said, smiling and shaking his head. He then continued to eat.

“It’s because of you, Young Master,” Nicole said as she looked at Liu Feng. She then raised her hand, and said, “I can’t finish mine, who wants it?”

Her appetite was that of a normal human, and the bowl was a bit too big for her.

“Me!” Mina shouted, lifting her head. She still had rice on the corners of her mouth. “Give it to me!”

“Eh? Mina, how come you’re eating so fast?” Anri said, glaring at Mina.

“Because I’m~~~ growing meat!” Mina said as she gave her bowl to Nicole, glanced at Anri’s breast, and raised her eyebrows.

“Damn you! You mutated catgirl!”

“Mmmm~ ahhhh~” Weya couldn’t care less about what was happening around her and was just eating her own food until she tragically found out that her bowl had become empty.

“…” Weya dumbfoundedly stared at her own bowl. After a while, looked at Mina’s bowl and couldn’t help but lick her lips. She finally understand what Liu Feng meant when he said that food is tastier when you steal it from someone else’s plate. She now wanted to steal some from too.

“Here, I’ll share half of mine with you,” Liu Feng said.

Weya looked down and stared at her bowl, which was half full.

“Eat! I can’t eat that much, and we shouldn’t waste food,” Liu Feng said.

Looking at Liu Feng’s smiling face and then at her bowl, Weya felt that her heart was throbbing. Maybe what Anri said was true. There really are good people among nobles, like this one who’s willing to share with me half a bowl of food.

Lunch passed with a lot of joking around and laughing, and in the end, everyone, except for Nicole, slumped down on their chairs, having eaten a bit too much.

They then all had a cup of tea as they contemplated about how good life was.

Weya tasted the tea and scrunched her face when she tasted how bitter it was, but the sweetness that followed made her eyes shine.

“Isn’t it just like life? It’s first bitter and then gets sweet!” Liu Feng said as he took a sip of the tea. He smiled lightly, and said, “How can you know how amazing the sweetness is when you don’t taste the bitterness first?”

Weya nodded and put down the cup of tea. “Lord Liu Feng, may I find a job here?” Weya had planned to find a job here, because she felt that it was better to verify things by doing it rather than just seeing with her eyes. She wanted to verify whether or not Anri’s words were true.

If she could work in Xi Yang City and be able to support herself, then she would bring everyone in her tribe here and there would be no need for then to go South, which they pretty much have no knowledge about.

“Yes, what kind of job do you want?” Liu Feng asked, nodding. He understood part of what Weya was thinking. Having things to do could soothe people.

“I- I don’t know!” Weya said, blushing.

“Can you read and write?” Liu Feng asked, spinning his teacup.

“I can, I’ve read a lot of books,” Weya said, nodding hurriedly. She had 8 books in her room in her tribe.

“Then you should be a teacher,” Liu Feng said, putting down his teacup. “The school is short on teachers right now.”

Translator’s Notes:

The author wrote chapter 91, so I panicked and thought I had messed up the chapters. Then I checked and realized the author wrote chapter 91 twice. So if you’re reading the raws with machine translation just know that it’s off by one chapter.

I’ll try to translate another chapter today.

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