Chapter 93: Rewarded With a Box of Lollipops

“Be a teacher?” Weya repeated in surprise. She had thought about many jobs that she could do, including making buns or selling buns in a bun store, but she had never thought about being a teacher.

“Yes, be a teacher,” Liu Feng said, nodding. “There are very few people in Xi Yang City that can read and write and even fewer people that can be teachers.”

“But can I really be a teacher?” Weya asked, frowning. She was a bit timid about the idea of being a teacher. She was fine with other jobs like carrying stuff, but not with being a teacher because she had to face a group of human children. I don’t have any experience in being a teacher. What if I mess up? What do I do then?

“No need to worry. I will give you the teaching materials and some teaching methods,” Liu Feng said, laughing. He could feel Weya’s nervousness. “I will give you a demonstration. You can try to learn from it.”

“Huff…” Weya exhaled lightly and nodded. “I will work hard to be a good teacher!”

“I believe in you,” Liu Feng said, nodding. As long as they could read and write and wasn’t an idiot, anyone could become an elementary school teacher with the teaching materials that he would give them.

“Nicole, go to the inner vault and get something out for me,” Liu Feng said. He reached into his sleeves and took out a notepad and a pen from his storage space. He quickly wrote on it and included things like notepads and pens.

“Okay!” Nicole took the paper that Liu Feng tore off and said to Weya, “Come and go with me to get some things.”

“Okay,” Weya said, following Nicole out of the room.

Liu Feng looked at the two that were departing. He got up, stretched, and prepared to go the study. He was going to continue working on the teacher materials he had been preparing. There was still a bit more work before they were finished.

Anri stayed on the side as she pouted. She wanted to go to the inner vault along with Nicole and Weya, but Mina glared at her and made her stay in place.

“Let’s go! Come with me to the study. You did things pretty well this time, so I’ll reward you with something,” Liu Feng said, patting Anri’s head and pinching her ears.

“R-really?” Anri asked with her red face. Her brown eyes were sparkling with anticipation.

“Yes, really. But if you don’t come there won’t be any.”

“I’ll go! Of course I want it!”

Liu Feng yawned lazily and walked towards the study, with Mina and Anri following him.

“Young Master, what are you going to reward me with?” Anri asked, her ears twitching. “Is it something delicious?”

“Something like that,” Liu Feng said, yawning again. I really want to take a nap after a good meal.

“Young Master, why don’t you rest for a bit first?” Mina asked, concerned. She knew that Liu Feng had been writing something recently; she just didn’t what he was writing. She could read some simple words, but she couldn’t understand the more complex words.

Liu Feng shook his head and squinted as he looked at the sun in the sky. He said, “If Weya can’t teach those children well, then the next generation of Xi Yang City will not have the problem of discriminating against beastkins.”

Mina’s and Anri’s bodies froze as they stared at Liu Feng’s back. They have never felt Liu Feng’s greatness more than now. That back, in the midday sun, was extremely dazzling, even more so than the sun in the sky.

Mina’s eyes started to water as she smiled and followed Liu Feng.

Anri rubbed her eyes, put her hands over her throbbing her, pouted, and muttered, “The wind is so noisy today… Suddenly saying those words, Young Master is so sly.”

Perhaps we saved the world in our previous life. That’s why we’re lucky enough to meet Young Master.

Liu Feng had no idea that his words had gotten the girls’ hearts. He really did think that way. If they still discriminated against beastkins after being taught by a beastkin teacher, then Liu Feng wouldn’t mind giving them the destruction of their human nature.

There was only the sound of Liu Feng’s footsteps as they walked. Smelling each other’s fragrances, a faint feeling of warmth flowed between the 3.

The 3 of them soon arrived at the study. Liu Feng sat down on the chair, but before he could fix his seat, he saw Anri staring at him.

“Okay, okay, I’ll give it to you immediately,” Liu Feng said, shaking his head with a light smile. He pulled out the bottommost drawer and took out a box of lollipops from it.¹

Mina sat on the desk, like always. She tilted her head as she looked at the exquisite box and the complex picture on the box, which immediately told her that this was something from Earth.

“Give me!” Anri shouted eagerly as she stared at the box. “Young Master, give me! I want it!” She could also tell that it was something from Earth. Stuff from Young Master’s hometown are always extremely precious.

“Here!” Liu Feng said, shaking his head and giving Anri the box. “Don’t eat too much, and remember to brush your teeth at night.”

“En en!” Anri nodded repeatedly.

Liu Feng seriously doubted whether or not Anri actually listened.

“What a beautiful box,” Anri said as she held the box with her hands. Looking at the beautiful wrapping, she felt as if her heart was going to melt.

Anri held the box carefully as she inspected it. “Young Master, what is this?”

Liu Feng propped his chin with his hand, and said, “Lollipops. Lollipops from my hometown.”

“Huh?” Anri froze as she stared at the box. Her breathing became rapid as she said, “Young Master! Is- is this really lollipops? There are such beautiful lollipops?”

“Of course it is. You can open it and take a look,” Liu Feng said. The lollipops were targeted toward girls, so beautiful packaging was a must.

“Okay!” Anri said, a bit nervous. There were small boxes inside the box, each covered with transparent plastic, allowing her to see the colorful lollipops inside.

“Are these really lollipops? It’s so beautiful! It’s completely different from the lollipops outside,” Anri said as she carefully held the box. She felt as if time was slowing down.

Liu Feng smiled bitterly. How could they not be different? The lollipops in this world are made with wheat flour, dried fruit, and powdered sugar. Anyone can easily imagine what it’s like.² It is in no way comparable to the lollipops from Earth.

Translator’s Notes:

¹ The author did include part of the brand name, however, I couldn’t find the brand even after digging around for ~10 minutes, so I decided to not include it.

² Well, I’m sorry for being an idiot, but I can’t imagine what it’s like.

This is the last chapter for today. I would have done another chapter but my nap took an hour longer than I planned (even with the alarm) so I don’t have time to translate another chapter today.

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