Chapter 94: Sudden Attack

“Woohoo!” Anri jumped up and down like a little kid as she held the box of lollipops in her arms. Her ears were twitching and her tail was swishing around.

“Mina! Look! These are lollipops! Lollipops that are like works of art! They’re so pretty!” Anri exclaimed as she held the box of lollipop and held it in front of Mina for her to see, as if she was a little kid trying to show her parents the new treasure that she just got.

“They’re beautiful!” Mina said, looking at the lollipops. “They’re just like the rainbow in the sky.”

“Right! I think so too! I’m going to call them rainbow lollipops,” Anri said, nodding. She then hugged the box of lollipops and rubbed her face on it.

Liu Feng smiled as he looked at Mina and Anri talk about the lollipops. Beastgirls are really easy to satisfy.

“I’ve decided!” Anri said suddenly, clenching her fist as she stared at her lollipops.

Then, to Mina and Liu Feng’s surprise, Anri took out a small box from the inside of the box, which contained one lollipop, and endured the pain as she handed it to Mina. “Here! This is for you!”

“For me?” Mina asked, shocked frozen. She then took the lollipop, saying, “Thanks a lot, but I won’t give you my military knife.”

“Hmph! I don’t even want it!” Anri said as she held her box of lollipops and used her fingers to count. “One for Nicole, one for idiot rabbit, ahhh… only nine left! Damn it!”

Liu Feng looked at Anri with amusement. People who know to share seem unexpectedly very beautiful.

Now in a good mood, Liu Feng took out a notebook¹ from the drawer, opened to the page where he left off, and began to write. He was mainly writing down the things he know and turning them into knowledge that could be understood by the people in this world.

Liu Feng just finished writing the first other world version textbook when Nicole brought Weya into the study.

Weya had a dazed expression on her face as she walked in. She was still thinking about what she saw in the inner vault, which reminded her of the evil dragon’s treasures that she had read about in books. Maybe that’s what an evil dragon’s treasures look like.

Nicole said to Weya, “I’ll let Anri teach you how to use some of the things later tonight.” She was talking about things like soap and toothpaste. After all, some of them, including her, had thought that the items were food when they first saw them due to their fragrance. Nicole herself had thought that soap was pastry.

“Okay, okay,” Weya said as she nodded. She felt as if she had come to another world.

“Nicole, Nicole, idiot rabbit, look!” Seeing Nicole and Weya, Anri immediately went over to them while holding the box of lollipops in her hand. “These are the lollipops that Young Master gave me. They’re pretty, aren’t they?”

“Yeah! They’re very pretty!” Nicole praised as she looked at the lollipops in amazement. “Very pretty!”

“Lollipops?” Weya didn’t know what lollipops were. She had seen some when she had went out shopping during the day, but she never had the chance to try them. However, that didn’t stop her from thinking that the lollipops were so beautiful that they looked like works of art.

“Here! Nicole, this is for you!” Anri said, giving Nicole a lollipop. She then gave a lollipop to Weya. “Idiot rabbit, this is yours!”

Then Anri went over to Liu Feng as she hugged the box of lollipops.

“Young Master!” Anri said as she looked at Liu Feng with her head slightly raised. She blushed and twiddled her fingers.

“What’s up?” Liu Feng asked, turning around and looking at Anri in amusement. “You don’t have to share them with me, I’ve already eaten a lot of them before.”

“N- no…” Anri whispered, her breathing getting a little heavier. “Young Master, l- lower your head, I have something to tell you.”

“Oh?” Liu Feng didn’t know why, but he felt his heart skip a beat. Even so, he still lowered his head, saying, “So, what did you-“


Anri stood on her tiptoes, stretched her neck, and kissed Liu Feng on his cheek with a red face. She then immediately ran away with a red face while hugging the box of lollipops.

Liu Feng was in a daze as he looked at the door that was still swaying and touched his cheek. What had just happened made his heart suddenly beat extremely fast.

Mina’s eyes narrowed as a military knife appeared in her hand and Angel Mina and Demon Mina appeared in her mind.

The Demon Mina waved her whip, saying, “Hmph! That vixen Anri actually actually dared to kiss Young Master! Mina was the one to meet Young Master first and she didn’t even get to kiss him yet! How detestable!”

Angel Mina nodded, “Detestable indeed. It’s all Mina’s fault for not taking action and letting Anri take the lead.”

“I say Mina hang Anri tonight and whip her ass!” Demon Mina laughed.

“No! That’s too evil! I say Mina eat her lollipops!” Angel Mina said, suggesting an even more evil idea.


“…” Mina hurriedly shook off the thoughts in her head. Anri’s action had really provoked. At the same time, however, she felt a bit wronged as she was the first to meet Liu Feng and yet Anri had kissed him before she did.

Nicole gripped the lollipop tightly as her eyes narrowed. She hadn’t expected Anri to be so bold that she would kiss Liu Feng in front of everyone. She had only dared to kiss Liu Feng in secret. I can’t leave it like that! Next time I’m going for Young Master’s… Nicole glanced at Liu Feng’s lips, felt her body jolt, and hurriedly averted her gaze.

Weya’s face was red as she moved her feet up and down. The atmosphere was her feel uneasy, especially with the 2 girls next to her emitting the aura of Shuras.

“Cough cough…” Liu Feng coughed lightly as he picked up the textbook on the desk, got and, and said to Weya, “Go! I’ll take you to the school right now and teach you how to be a teacher.” He also hadn’t expected Anri to suddenly attack him. Well, it’s not it does feel pretty nice.

“Okay!” Weya said, nodding her head. She put down the things in her arms and followed Liu Feng out of the study.

Author’s Notes:

A lot of people and my friends say that my book isn’t fit for Faloo since it can’t keep up with Faloo’s mainstream novels and the stats won’t be very good. Well, how do I say this? I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. As long as you guys support me, then I will have the confidence to keep writing and will keep writing. Well, you guys aren’t allowed to mail knife pieces though… ( ̄▽ ̄)

Translator’s Notes:

¹ In Chinese, there’s only one word for notepads, notebooks, and pretty much every “book” you can write notes in. I’m using the context to write which one I think it is.

Did you think I was gonna translate 2 chapters today as well? Ha! You thought!

Actually, I thought so too and was planning to translate 2 chapters today but I was stuck on a problem so unfortunately, I can’t.

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