Chapter 98: Mina is the Real Winner

The reason Liu Feng made this carriage was that when he went out to inspect the wheat, riding the horse for a long time had caused some of his leg skin to peel off, so Liu Feng made this luxury carriage to not have to suffer again.

One could slow down when learning how to ride a horse, but one couldn’t slow down when it comes to enjoyment.

As Liu Feng got onto the carriage and saw Mina standing there in a daze, he immediately knew what Mina was thinking. She was probably thinking that the carriage was worth a few dozen gold coins.

“Well?” Liu Feng said, sitting on the cushion as he looked at Mina. He laughed lightly, saying, “What are you doing just standing there? Sit down, it’s time to go.”

“Ah? Oh oh.” Mina scratched her cheeks. Her gaze moved around and she didn’t dare to make eye contact with Liu Feng as she felt that there was something different this day, which made her a bit uncomfortable.

Mina and Liu Feng had less and less time to spend alone with each other. The fact that Mina felt weird being alone with Liu Feng was probably because her mentality had changed.

Mina sat next to Liu Feng reservedly as her mind wandered. What’s wrong with me today? Is it because I didn’t sleep yesterday? But I went without sleep for two days straight before, and there wasn’t a problem at all.

Liu Feng pulled on a rope that was inside the carriage. The other part of the rope was outside, and there was a bell tied to it. Pulling on the rope from the inside would cause the bell to ring.

Niu Da, who was outside, heard the bell and started driving. The Niu brothers had all come today, because there was a military exercise, or more accurately, a military drill.

The carriage didn’t shake much, which made Liu Feng nod in satisfaction as this meant that the shock absorber he bought from the automobile repair shop was pretty good.

Liu Feng lifted the curtain to look at the scenery. Riding a carriage was a new experience for him.

Liu Feng and Mina were both silent, and the atmosphere was a bit weird. Mina felt a bit strange and could feel her heart beating rapidly as she glanced at Liu Feng, who was looking at the scenery.

The side of Young Master’s face looks very nice.

Mina twiddled her fingers as the scene of Anri kissing Liu Feng’s cheek came to her mind. Sure enough, she couldn’t forget what had happened the previous day.

Since Anri and Nicole weren’t there with them, and Liu Feng and Mina were alone in the carriage, Mina seemed to be expecting something.

Liu Feng looked at the scenery for a while before he got bored and put down the curtain. He turned his head around to see a pair of sky-blue eyes.

Liu Feng was in a daze for a moment as he stared at the beautiful eyes that were like the beautiful water in a pool.

“Young Master,” Mina said softly.

Liu Feng’s mouth slightly lifted as he looked at the shy Mina. He had rarely seen such a beautiful view before. After all, with Anri the verbal fighter around, Mina rarely quieted down.

If one were to ask Liu Feng whether or not Mina was beautiful, he would say that Mina was more beautiful than the idols on Earth and she would get extra points from her pair of cat ears.

Mina didn’t tie her hair into a ponytail today. As she looked down, her loose hair also fell down, blocking part of her cheeks.

“…” This scene made Liu Feng’s heart beat rapidly.

“Young Master,” Mina said, turning her head, her eyes filled with mist. Her mind was filled with turmoil as the two of them looked at each other closely.

At that moment, Liu Feng and Mina felt as if everything around them had disappeared, and they could only see each other as they slowly got closer and closer…

Maybe only kisses with mutual love could be so beautiful.

Nicole and Anri probably didn’t realize that Mina was the real winner as she was the one who got Liu Feng’s first kiss.

Author’s Notes:

Couldn’t pass the inspection. I had to change some parts of this chapter.

Translator’s Notes:

Got stuck on a problem. Will try to translate another chapter, since this chapter is shorter than normal. No promises though. Am still counting it toward the chapters I owe. Yes, I am keeping track of the number of chapters I owe, I’m just not showing it.

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