Chapter 99: Other World Version Military Drill

There were eight people riding horses surrounding Liu Feng’s carriage. They were the War Wolves.

The War Wolves were fully armed. They each had a traverse blade on their waist and either a recurve bow or a military crossbow on their backs. They also had a few things in their backpacks.

The War Wolves’ faces were painted with camouflage paint. They looked at the surroundings vigilantly, prepared to shoot anyone that would dare to charge toward the carriage.

Niu Da saw that, and he whispered to Niu Er, “It seems like they’ve been made into proper soldiers.”

Niu Er spat out the straw stick in his mouth and glanced at the War Wolves. “Young Master has invested so much energy into them. If they were still trash, they should just go and work in a mine or they’ll just make Young Master lose face.”

“Indeed!” Niu Ben said, nodding. His heart ached when he thought about all the supplies that had been used for the War Wolves.

The equipment a single War Wolf member used was worth several gold coins, enough to produce several fully equipped knights.

“How long will it take for the guys behind us to catch up? We can’t let Young Master wait too long,” Niu Er said, looking at the city gate. They were just about to leave West Sun City.

“According to their training, they should catch up to us within 8 minutes,” Niu Da said.

“Let’s hope that they don’t let Young Master down,” Niu Er said, thinking about how the past 20 days were way better and way more exciting than his life in the past.

The war wolves escorted the carriage out of West Sun City, and about 8 minutes later, a group of about 100 people in 4 lines jogged out of West Sun City.

They were silent except for the sound of footsteps. They had serious expressions on their faces as they looked straight ahead. Today was the day that Liu Feng was going to test their abilities.

Their instructors told them that if they messed up big time and disgraced themselves, they would go through training with the new recruits the next year.

They couldn’t afford to do that, after all, according to Instructor Niu Da, new recruits were rookies that even had to be taught how to walk.

20 blade and shield soldiers were in the front. The shields that they carried were made with wood and steel leather, and they were as durable as the heavy armors.

Immediately behind them was the recurve bow team. The team was composed of hunters and citizens with good archery skills. Constantly shooting arrows had caused their arm muscles to grow thicker. The arrows that they had broken while training had piled up into a mountain. The recurve bow team was the team that could deal the most damage. They could kill a lot of enemies when protected by the blade and shield soldiers.

Then there were the spear soldiers. The spears had steel tips, and they could also coordinate with the blade and shield soldiers and attack together.

The next and most important soldiers were the cavalries. There were 20 knights, and they all wore light armor made from steel. They had a horse-cutting blade at their waists, a pike on their horses, and a military crossbow on their backs.

The mobility of the cavalries would allow them to quickly take out enemies. They could use horse-cutting blades when charging or throw their pikes when attacking from a short distance.

The last group of soldiers in the back were the heavy infantry soldiers. They had to stay in the back as their armors were too heavy and had to be pulled by carriages.

“Go faster! Go even faster!” Niu San shouted as he struck the air with his whip, creating a loud exploding sound.

The group sped up even more. The cavalries were also jogging while dragging their horses along. None of the soldiers had it easy as all of them were carrying a lot of weight.

The area southwest of West Sun City had a suitable place to conduct a military drill. This place was also one of Liu Feng’s targets.

“Young Master, we’ve arrived,” Niu Da said as he stopped the carriage and knocked on the door of the carriage.

“En!” Liu Feng opened the carriage door as he pursed his slightly swollen lips. The corners of his mouth slightly lifted as he thought about how pleasant the day was.

Mina also came out of the carriage afterward with her cheeks red. Like Liu Feng, her lips were a bit swollen. She slightly lowered her head as she stood behind Liu Feng, pulling her collar from time to time. The red mark there was still making her body feel soft.

Niu Da and Niu Er looked at Liu Feng and Mina oddly. They soon thought of something and tried to keep themselves from smiling as they quickly turned their heads and stood to the side.

“Cough cough…” Liu Feng shook off the enchanting scene in his mind and made a serious face. “How much longer until they arrive?”

“Young Master, they will probably take 8 minutes. They definitely won’t take any longer than that,” Niu Da responded.

Time was the most important thing in the military. The Niu brothers all received watches from Liu Feng, so they all kept track of time using seconds, minutes, and hours.

Liu Feng had been considering introducing seconds, minutes, and time to the people in West Sun City, but it will take a while and would probably have to start from the details, just like how the Shopping Mall had introduced the scales and other weighing utensils.

“Let the War Wolves go and prepare. Start as soon as they come. There isn’t time for them to rest,” Liu Feng said coldly.


The War Wolves soon took something as they walked into the forest. The forest contained one of the most important things for the military drill.

“Young Master, will this plan work?” Mina asked, having returned to normal, except for her cheeks that were still a bit red. She knew what Liu Feng was going to do and was a bit worried.

“I’m just letting them see some blood first so they won’t panic when they get in a real war,” Liu Feng said. Strong armies weren’t made from military drills. He was just letting the soldiers adapt for a bit. One of the most important things in wars was courage- soldiers couldn’t back out in fear while on the battlefield.

If they couldn’t even pass this drill, then he would have to change the training or even use some special means.

Eight minutes quickly passed, and the ground faintly vibrated. A group of about 100 people soon appeared within Liu Feng’s line of sight.

The group of more than a hundred people combined with equipment and horses gave off an imposing manner. At the very least, the first impression they gave Liu Feng was that they weren’t going to be too bad.

“Halt!” Niu Da yelled with a wooden stick in his hand. “Start loading immediately! Immediately get into battle state! You only have 3 minutes to prepare! If you don’t want to die, then take this seriously!”

Author’s Notes:

I’ve got to look through the plot. I’ve been through a lot recently. ( ̄▽ ̄).

Translator’s Notes:

Weapon name changes:

Heng Dao → traverse blade

Mo Dao → road blade

Yi Dao → ritual blade

Zhang Dao → barrier blade

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