I Just Wanted to Live, but I Somehow Became Better Than the Male Lead Volume 1 Chapter 1: I’m Not the Male Lead

“This bitch finally updated after going on hiatus for a year,” Ye Yong said. It was currently midnight, and he had been refreshing his app page when he saw that the novel Emperor Within New Emperors had been updated. It made him both excited and angry.

Emperor Within New Emperors was a webnovel that had more than 10 million words! Ye Yoong had followed the novel for a long time, starting from middle school all the way to college. However, right the novel was about to come to an end, the author went on hiatus for a whole year and just wouldn’t write the last chapter! And it was when the male lead was about to make the most important decision ever!

Ye Yong had gotten so pissed that he immediately went into the novel group chat and flamed the author along with the other readers.

The author didn’t say anything, and the readers’ flaming slowly died down and the novel group chat slowly turned into a driving group chat. There were drivers dueling with their driving skills in the group chat every day. Ye Yong had become a glorious passenger, and every day, he would say in the group chat, “car, come”.

Now that the novel had been updated, it should be the last chapter of the novel if nothing unexpected happens. To be honest, Ye Yong was a bit reluctant. It was like he had been watching a child growing up and they would leave to go on their own journey. As a father, no matter how reluctant he was, he could only go buy oranges to send his child off.

Of course, unexpected things could happen, like the author would just post a note about why he had been absent for the past year, like he went on a vacation or something and had just come back.

Well, Ye Yong had been refreshing the app every night before going to bed to see if the novel had been updated, and he finally got what he wanted.

“Please don’t be an absent notice,” Ye Yong prayed as he opened the novel. Before he could look at it, his phone dropped onto his face because he hadn’t been holding his phone tight enough due to his excitement.

All Ye Yong could see was darkness filled with gold stars as he covered his face and grunted painfully.

“Young- Young Master, what happened?” Ye Yong heard a soft, delicate, and nervous female voice coming from his side.

What is this situation? Ye Yong had just graduated and had yet to look for a job. He had rented a room to live in on his own, so there shouldn’t have been anyone else in his room. Even if he had neighbors, their voices couldn’t sound so clear and close.

As Ye Yong opened his eyes, he saw a blue gauze. The lighting around him was also pretty bright, unlike how the night sky should have been.

As he turned his head to the direction of the voice, he saw a skinny young girl standing there. Seeing Ye Yong look at her, the girl shrunk her neck and crossed her arms in front of her chest, as if she was a frightened rabbit.

The girl had large eyes. They were misty and sparkled with light as if the girl was afraid of something. The source of her fear seemed to be something on Ye Yong’s side.

Ye Yong sat up on the bed. He was surprised by the girl’s looks, but he was more surprised by his surroundings and the objects around him.

It was a bit like the rich people’s rooms that he had seen in tv shows but more luxurious than that…

If I’m not hallucinating due to all the all-nighters that I pulled, then I probably transmigrated.

Ye Yong, being a long-time reader, was quite familiar with transmigration, but he hadn’t expected that he would be lucky enough to also experience transmigration.

But don’t most transmigrations happen due to getting crashed by truck-kun or shocked by electricity? How come when it got to me, I transmigrated from being hit on the head with a phone? Could it be that my body was so weak that I would die from being hit on the head with a phone?

No way. I may not like to exercise, but I did remember to exercise during college, so my body should still be pretty good and healthy…

Well, whatever.

Unlike most of the homesick transmigrators, Ye Yong was more curious about the world he transmigrated in. Of course, he did miss home, but his thoughts were that since he already transmigrated, there wasn’t anything he could do.

Besides, as a reader who had read many light novels, Ye Yong desired transmigration, like many other light novel readers. To have such an amazing thing happen to him, Ye Yong felt that he was definitely going to be the male lead.

Look at this high-status family’s bedroom and look at this beautiful maid. Look at them! This is definitely a story about the rise of the young master that was looked down upon.

Ye Yong took a deep breath and felt that his body was pretty good. It seemed like his body was inexhaustible. My body doesn’t feel weak and all and it doesn’t seem like I’ve been killed by poison. Weird. Ye Yong rested his chin on his hand as he thought about how the original owner of the body had passed away, because no matter how he looked at it, the body didn’t seem to be his.

His fingers were long and slender, and his skin was white like jade. Ye Yong knew that this was most likely the state in cultivation novels in which the cultivators had gotten rid of all the impurities in their bodies.

The girl trembled and shivered and didn’t dare to speak.

“What’s your name?” Ye Yong asked. He wasn’t afraid of being suspected due to behaving differently than the original owner of the body. He was curious about everything around him.

“I’m Lil Xue,” the girl answered timidly. She didn’t suspect Ye Yong because this was the first day she got arranged to be Ye Yong’s maid. When Ye Yong had given a loud shout, she walked in, seeing Ye Yong squirming on the bed with his hands covering his face, and wondered if Ye Yong had cultivated some evil cultivation techniques.

Thinking about the servant that Ye Yong had killed the previous day, the girl was afraid that Ye Yong would also kill her if she said something wrong, so she tried to speak as little as possible.

“Lil Xue? I’m asking for your full name.”

“Young Master, my full name is Wu Xue,” the girl said, shivering. She was afraid that she would be killed if she hadn’t told Ye Yong her name immediately.

As for why she was always thinking about being killed, well, it was because “Ye Yong” had a bad temper. Wu Xue didn’t know the details, but she heard that a servant had been killed by Ye Yong for a small matter.

“Wu Xue?” Ye Yong’s eyes widened as his voice got louder. “You said that your name is Wu Xue?”

“Ye- yes,” Wu Xue said, almost crying in fear. Father, mother, I’m sorry. I might have to leave first.

“Do you know someone named Qin Shi Meng?”

“Of course. She’s Young Master’s fiance,” Wu Xue said in a sobbing voice.

“Fuck!” Ye Yong was on the verge of tears. Why? Well, that was because he knew where he had transmigrated to.

Wu Xue and Qin Shi Meng were both heroines of the novel Emperor Within New Emperors. Were the heroines bad? No, they were good. Not only were they beautiful, but they were also extremely talented.

Wu Xue might look weak, but she was a future martial goddess! Qin Shi Meng was the future immortal empress, a terrifying existence who had solved many problems for the male lead.

The problem was that Ye Yong wasn’t the protagonist. So who was he? Of course, he was Ye Yong. The “Ye Yong” in the novel Emperor Within New Emperors was a talented but petty antagonist. His maid was Wu Xue, who was still weak and hadn’t awakened her talent. His fiance was Qin Shi Meng. He had sent people to assassinate the male lead because the male lead was familiar with the heroines and communicated with them.

The people he sent to assassinate the male lead, however, just became experience bags for the male lead. The thing was, “Ye Yong” kept sending people that were only a tiny bit stronger than the male lead to assassinate him. Only when the male lead had grown enough did “Ye Yong” realize that he couldn’t defeat the male lead.

After “Ye Yong” lost to the male lead in the sect competition, he decided that he could no longer let the male lead live. However, that caused him to be GGed and he dragged his whole family down with him.

Even though the villain with the same name as him was very retarded and easily got killed by the male lead, Ye Yong had felt good when reading because he had been reading the novel from the male lead’s point of view.

But now that he transmigrated into the novel and became “Ye Yong” and would become the male lead’s experience bag, he couldn’t accept it! No one could accept that!

Translator’s Notes:

I won’t have a set translation speed for the time being. I’ll just translate when I can. Also, if you haven’t already, read the author’s notes first. The author explains a few things.

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