Chapter 100: Other World Version Farming Plan

Although the group of people had been tortured by Niu Da for more than 20 days, it was the first time they ever heard such harsh words, so they all tensed up.

The sound of steel clashing rang constantly as the soldiers each put on their armor and went to their spots. The cavalries got on their horses and slowly rode forward, trying to allow the horses to adapt to the sudden increase in weight.

“Faster! Faster!” Niu San urged as he rode his horse to the front of the Heavy Infantry Soldiers.

The heavy infantry soldiers had the most work when putting on armor. Fuji also had a specially made armor for him that would fit his body size.

3 minutes quickly passed by, and the soldiers had all gotten into position. The blade and shield soldiers were in front with the heavy infantry soldiers behind them. The spear soldiers were behind them, and the archers were in the back. The archers were prepared to shoot as soon as they got the signal.

They didn’t know their targets for the military drill, so they just waited tensely.

“Give the War Wolves the signal. They can start!” Liu Feng said coldly.


Niu Da nodded, quickly took out a small red flag, and waved the flag 3 times. This was a signal that Liu Feng had designed. Waving the flag 3 times meant that they could do whatever they had been told to do.

Huge sounds soon came from the mountain. The corner of Liu Feng’s mouth rose when he heard the sound, they were made with the firecrackers Liu Feng had brought from Earth.

The soldiers were frightened when they heard the sound as they looked in the direction of the forest.

They weren’t the only ones who got frightened. Even the Niu brothers had gotten a few scares from the sudden sound. Mina even pushed Liu Feng behind her and took out her 5 military knives.

“Alright, that was my secret weapon. There’s no danger,” Liu Feng said, patting Mina’s head. Of course, there being no danger was on the premise that there weren’t too many firecrackers.

“Secret weapon?” Mina hesitated for a while before putting away her military knives.

The ground started to vibrate and a trembling came from the forest as if a huge being was taking a walk.

“Here they come,” Liu Feng said.

As soon as he said that, a ton of wild boars, each weighed between 300 and 400 pounds, charged out of the forest. They charged toward them wildly as if they were being chased by predators.

The soldiers were dumbfounded when they realized that the wild boars were the targets for their military drill. A few people were even considering retreating as they knew just how dangerous wild boars were. Not many people would dare to bother an adult wild boar because they could easily kill humans. And now, they were going to face a few hundred boars at once and all of them were charging toward them. One impact from one wild boar charging could easily kill a few dozen people.

“All of you, stand still. If you can’t even deal with wild boars, then I’ll train you like you are wild boars,” Niu Da yelled.

This immediately calmed down the soldiers. They remembered that they were no longer citizens that could only grow wheat but were instead Liu Feng’s soldiers.

The reason Liu Feng wanted to use wild boars as the target for the military drill was that when he had gone out to inspect the wheat fields, he had found that a wheat field had been flattened. After Liu Feng sent out the War Wolves to search for the reason, they found that there were a lot of wild boars in the mountain, and Liu Feng realized that the wild boars were most likely the reason that the wheat field had been flattened.

That day, Liu Feng had thought about several dishes that were made with wild boar meat, including braised wild boar meat, stir-fried wild boar meat with chili, roasted wild boar with soy sauce, and more!

And thus this military drill was created. One of the reasons was to kill the boars so they wouldn’t destroy the wheat fields anymore.

The boars were frightened by the firecrackers and rushed straight toward the army, which was in their way.

“Archers, fire!” Niu Er shouted.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Twenty arrows went straight to the wild boars, and many of them pierced the wild boars’ bodies. Some of the arrows even pierced the boars’ vitals and immediately killed them.

“Second round, fire!”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

“Third round, fire!”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The archers had only shot 3 rounds of arrows before the wild boars had charged right into the blade and shield soldiers.

“Ha!” The blade and shield soldiers moved back a little. They used their whole body to hold their shield as they withstood the impact from the wild boars.

The boars charged into the shields ferociously, and a few slightly weaker blade and shield soldiers got pushed back. Seeing this, Fuji immediately rushed forward and sliced the boars with his traverse blade, filling in the gap as if he was a slicing mashing. The other heavy infantry soldiers saw this and immediately followed suit.

“Archers, fire at will!” Niu Er yelled. “Spear soldiers, attack!”

As soon as they got the order, the spear soldiers immediately thrust their spears forward and stabbed the wild boars, easily taking their lives.

The arrows that the archers shot easily pierced half of the wild boars’ bodies as they were firing from an extremely short distance.

“Cavalries, cover them and kill!”

The cavalries clamped the bellies of the horses, and the horses immediately ran around the wild boars, and the cavalries used their horse-cutting blades to harvest the lives of the wild boars that were outside the group.

A well-equipped army could easily deal with a group of wild boars. The wild boars just barely qualified to let the soldiers see blood and train their courage.

The Niu brothers saw many problems with the soldiers in the battle, and they would probably increase the soldiers’ training.

“Tell the soldiers to capture the wild boars alive if they can. Especially the little wild boars,” Liu Feng said to Niu Dao.

“Understood,” Niu Da said, immediately going to convey Liu Feng’s order. He didn’t ask why Liu Feng wanted to capture the wild boars.

“Young Master, are you capturing the wild boars to raise them? Mina ask.

“En! Yes, I do have that intention. Winter is coming, so we have just enough time to raise them for 4 months,” Liu Feng said. There weren’t domestic pigs in this world, only wild boars.

He intended to create a farm to domestic the wild boars and slowly turn them into domesticated pigs so that West Sun City wouldn’t lack meat to eat and didn’t have to go out to hunt for meat.

“But- but Young Master, there’s nothing to feed the wild boars with during the winter,” Mina whispered as she glanced at Niu Er.

“Who said there’s nothing to feed the wild boars with during the winter,” Liu Feng said, raising his eyebrows and smiling mysteriously.

“Young Master, this isn’t the South. It will snow a lot in the winter and it will be hard to find grass and other stuff,” Mina said anxiously. She was worried that Liu Feng, who she thought had come from the South, wouldn’t know about the Western Land’s climate.

After all, that was how Liu Feng had introduced himself- he had told them that he had come from a mysterious country in the east.¹

Author’s Notes:

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Translator’s Notes:

¹ Idk how the south and east are connected, that’s what the author wrote.

I don’t think that novel that the author wrote has been translated.

My internet keeps getting cut off for some reason, so 1 chapter today.

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