Chapter 101: Greenhouse Technology

“You can find grass even in the snowy winter,” Liu Feng said, stretching his arms as he looked at the soldiers that were capturing the wild boars. They will be the seeds for reformation.

“There are grasses in the winter? Green grasses?” Mina asked, puzzled. Even if there are grasses in the winter, they will just freeze to death. Besides, it’s still only autumn and most of the plants had withered and turned yellow.

“Young Master, that’s not possible. Finding green grass is difficult in the winter even in the Forbidden Mountain Range.”

“It’s possible. We just need to make some preparations to get green grass, no green vegetables. I don’t want to only eat meat in the winter,” Liu Feng said, laughing lightly.

“Is it bad to only eat meat?” Mina asked. If it was in the past and someone told her that it was bad to eat meat every day, then she would definitely give whoever said that a few slashes. But after she followed Liu Feng and ate meat every day, she ate mostly vegetables rather than just meat.

“Eating meat is good, but it will get bland if you only eat meat. Besides, there will also be a few effects on the human body.” Liu Feng didn’t want to only eat meat for the 4 months of winter. He planned to get a greehouse working. Besides, he could use the grasses in the greehouse as food for the horses.

Mina didn’t know the effects of a greehouse. but she thought that having green vegetables in the winter was going to be great. She was just worried about whether or not it would actually be possible.

“Young Master! There can’t be green vegetables in the winter!” Mina said, still not convinced.

“It’s not impossible. We people are afraid of cold, and so are plants. Since we can put on clothes and live in houses to keep warm, then why can’t we just build houses for plants?”

Liu Feng remembered that for the greehouses, one only needed to know how to control the temperature and provide the proper fertilizers to be able to grow plants.

“Build a house for plants?” Mina asked, her eyes widened. She thought that the idea was crazy.

The corner of Niu Er’s mouth twitched. Young Master is spouting nonsense again. It’s good enough to even be able to eat meat in the winter, and now he’s thinking about building houses for plants.

“You see when the plants grow,” Liu Feng said, waving his hands. He knew that saying anything more was going to be useless because pretty much no one would believe that plants could grow in the winter.

Mina nodded. She may seem like she didn’t believe Liu Feng, but deep down she believed him. She felt that if there were any magical means to make the plants grow, then it would be expected if it came from Liu Feng.

“Niu Er, clean up the wild boars and get them to the ice bunkers. These wild boars will be their food for the future,” Liu Feng said as he turned his head to face Niu Er.

“Understood!” Niu Er said. He shook off what he just heard. He wouldn’t tell anyone about Liu Feng talking about growing plants in the winter because he didn’t want anyone to make fun of Liu Feng for saying such things.

As for the ice bunker, they were the one of few things from this world that could impress Liu Feng. The ice bunker was made by digging a cellar and people stored the ice from winter in them. After doing this for a few years, the cellar would eventually turn into an ice bunker. Sure, some ice would melt, but the temperature would still remain below 0 degrees Celcius.

These ice bunkers were actually called ice houses. Liu Feng had looked them up on the internet and apparently nobles in the past all built ice houses.

Many aristocrats would think of come up with many ideas to better enjoy life. Many of the technologies invented in the past were invented solely for that purpose.

“Come on, let’s go take a look at the Ghostly Water River,” Liu Feng said, getting on the carriage. He had to go to several places today. The military drill was just one of them- the most important thing today was to pick a place to build a large dock.

As long as he planned that thing properly, then West Sun City would become the next North Wind City- a prosperous city that ships would constantly travel to.

No, Liu Feng believed that in a short time, West Sun City would become not one but the most prosperous city in the western lands.

The War Wolves came back after they finished lighting the firecrackers. They had also been startled by the firecrackers as they hadn’t expected them to make such loud sounds after being lit.

If they hadn’t followed Liu Feng’s instructions to put out a fire as soon as they saw it, then the whole forest would probably be burning.

Under the escort of the War Wolves, Liu Feng soon arrived at the Ghostly Water River. This river was dozens of meters wide, with some parts of the river reaching hundreds of meters wide.

West Sun City was located on the side of a tributary of the Ghostly Water River. The wheat fields were all irrigated by that tributary, and there was also a small dock there.

Liu Feng wanted to get the northern part of West Sun City’s wall to the edge of the Ghostly Water River. If they built a large dock over here, then large ships would be able to dock here. The small tributary was only wide enough for small ships to enter.

This idea was only known by a few people. Once this was down, the area of West Sun City would be expanded by at least 20 times.

When this dock gets a lot of ships docking and bring a lot of people. Many beastkins, nobles, elves… would be amazed by how great and spectacular West Sun City was and would want to stay.

That was the big city in Liu Feng’s mind. A big city that could support more than millions of people. Of course, it was currently just a blueprint in his mind and there was still a lot of time before he could bring it to reality.

Liu Feng was looking for a gentle river, as rapids would make it difficult for ships to dock. He would also need to build a dock and maybe even open the place for touris. After all, they would close to the Forbidden Mountain Range, and there was no shortage of trees.

“I should quicken the implementation of a merchant group.” Liu Feng circled a place on the Ghostly Water River on his map. All he needed to do was make decisions and everything else would be done for him.

“North Wind City should have received the news by now, right? I hope they don’t disappoint me.”

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