Chapter 102: The Crazy Merchants In North Wind City

It had been a day since Tory had returned to North Wind City, and he was currently in a bad mood. On that day, when he brought the leather from West Sun City to North Wind City, his father took away the leather before Tory could say anything and sent him away with a few words of praise.

“Tch. He really doesn’t care about me,” Tory said with a dark, his body sinking down onto his chair. Father has only used me like a pawn. If I hadn’t bought back the leather this time, then he probably wouldn’t even remember me.

“This is how nobles are, I guess.”

Tory just sat there with a lollipop in his hand, reminiscing about the days he had spent in West Sun City. He thought about the meals in the City Lord’s Mansion and the cake, and it made him drool a little.

“Nobles? Ha ha… how pathetic!” Tory found it ridiculous that he, a noble, would reminisce about the food from someone else’s place.

He also missed the Shopping Mall a lot. More accurately, he missed the experience where he could buy a lot of things with just copper coins and could just go on a shopping frenzy.

Tory took out 4 steel coins from his pocket. I still can’t believe that these steel coins, which are way more exquisite than copper coins, are only worth one-tenth as much as copper coins. Wait. What if I implement the use of steel coins in North Wind City?

“Ha…” Tory sneered and immediately knew what would happen. No one would use it as they wouldn’t believe that there would be such good things. Besides, they would be afraid that they were going to get scammed of their money. After all, some nobles have tried that before.

“Maybe it’s not a bad idea to open a store in West Sun City after I finish selling all the goods this time. The houses seem to have mostly finished construction.”

Tory didn’t have a lot of money left as he had bought too many things in the Shopping Mall. He needed a way to quickly earn some money.

“Young Master Tory, your banquet is ready. Everyone is waiting for you,” a servant said.

“En. I’ll be right there,” Tory said, nodding. He got up and straightened his clothes. Seeing his clothes, which had cost him a few silver coins, Tory couldn’t help but sigh.

“What kind of noble have worse clothes than a butler?”

After tidying himself up a little, Tory pulled himself together and walked toward the meeting room. He had invited a lot of merchants from North Wind City to the banquet so he could exchange the things that he had bought from West Sun City for money.

A lot of people greeted Tory as soon as he entered the room.

“Young Master Tory, what goods do you have this time?”

“Last time, you bought ceramic cups from me. I’ve gotten more goods from the capital, do you want to see them?”

“Young Master Tory, I bought 7 horses from the Northern Plains, and one of them is in very good condition…”

This wasn’t the first time that Tory did something like this. He had previously made a banquet so he could get enough cattle, sheep, and horses to keep up his end of the deal with Liu Feng.

“All of you, sit down. There’s a big business I want to do with everyone today,” Tory said, waving his hand and making the servants serve refreshments and tea. Soon, the servants brought up gray, fist-sized pastries and muddy teas.

After eating the pastries in the City Lord’s Mansion, Tory didn’t have any appetite for these gray pastries at all.

“Wow! It’s a great enjoyment in life to be able to eat the pastries in Young Master Tory’s house.”

“Indeed. The thickness of the juice of the pastry combined with the bitterness of the tea is priceless.” The merchants’ mouths were very oily, and they all indulged in the pastries. Tory just sat there expressionlessly as he watched the merchants. If they eat the pastries from Lord Liu Feng’s mansion, then they will definitely think that what they are eating right now is shit.

“Okay, so, the reason I called everyone here today is that I have something to show you all,” Tory said, telling the servants to bring up a few things.

The servants soon came back with multiple items, including wooden spoons, ceramic cups, ceramic bowls, and lollipops.

The merchants all looked at each other. What’s happening? Since when did nobles start taking a part in the sale of daily goods? They all wondered.

“Look at their quality first,” Tory said, not bothering to explain anything.

The merchants held back their doubts, got up, walked towards the servants, picked up the things in the trays, and inspected the…

“This wooden spoon is made pretty nicely. It could sell for 2 copper coins if it’s sold in the capital.”

“Huh? Is this ceramic? It’s so beautiful!”

The white and clean ceramic products quickly attracted the attention of many of the merchants, and they gathered around the ceramic products.

“Young Master Tory, how many copper coins do these ceramic cups and ceramic bowls cost? I’ll buy all of them?”

“Hey hey… what are you trying to do? Take it all for yourself? I can also buy them all/”

Tory looked at the merchants expressionlessly as he waited for them to quiet down. “You can buy 2 wooden spoons with one copper coin. Depending on the quality, the ceramic cups and plates will cost 30 copper coins, 50 copper coins, 100 copper coins…”

The merchants were shocked as they listened to Tory list the price of the items. They weren’t shocked because of how expensive the items were- it was the opposite- they were shocked because of how cheap the items were.

“Wow! I want 300 of those wooden spoons,” a merchant yelled. He wanted to bring those to the capital and sell them for a much higher price.

“I want 15 ceramic cups and plates that are on the level of 100 copper coins each.”


Everything was quickly purchased by the merchants. Even the lollipops got sold for 1 copper coin each.

“Young Master Tory, may I ask where you got all these goods from?” some merchants that hadn’t been able to purchase any goods asked.

“West Sun City!” Tory said, getting up and leaving. He didn’t know why he told them that. After all, he could have earned more money if he just locked up the information and be the only one reselling the items from West Sun City.

Maybe, just maybe, it was because of the pastries he ate in West Sun City’s City Lord’s Mansion.

“Merchants are going to go crazy. Will West Sun City be the Next North Wind City?”

Tory decided to not bother about the problems. He was going to prepare and take his wife and sun to West Sun City.

He decided that he would no longer compete for the position of a noble in North Wind City, as he didn’t want to eat, drink, and wear like a country bumpkin.

Author’s Notes:

There will be elves and princesses, but you need to let the plot unfold. You can’t ask me to get them all at once. That’s neither practical nor logical. ( ̄▽ ̄).

Translator’s Notes:

Ermmm let me get back my sleep first before I start making up chapters again thank you very much.

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