Volume 1 Chapter 2: Transcend

Ye Yong shivered as he thought about his future. He didn’t want to become an experience bag for the male lead

Where’s my phone? Maybe I can go back if I hit myself on the head with it again. Transmigration is too dangerous.

Ye Yong searched his whole bed but couldn’t find anything.

Wu Xue stood on the side, shivering and not daring to make a sound. She didn’t know what happened to Ye Yong, but she thought that since Ye Yong didn’t slap her to death, she still had a chance to live.

Wu Xue pretty much only had one goal- to live- at the very least, she didn’t want to die before she found her parents.

After being unsuccessful in his search for his phone, Ye Yong stopped and thought for a moment. In normal cases, the phone should have merged into one’s body.

Thinking that, he said in his mind, System.

I’m here, dear. A mechanical female voice sounded in his head.

“Why do you sound like a Tao Bao customer service representative?“

Brat, if you have something to say, then spit it out!

“Why did you suddenly become a female delinquent?”

Master, is there anything I can help you with?


Kneel, and tell me your wish

“This time is a queen? Other people’s systems are emotionless, task-issuing, lottery machines, but why does my system seem to have something wrong with its mind?”

The system became silent. After a while, the mechanical female voice sounded again. Hello.

“That feels slightly more normal now.”

Host, you don’t need to say it out loud. You can just think what you want to say.

Like this? Ye Yong asked in his mind.


Can you explain why you were so weird earlier?

I detected many weird memory fragments that you have, so I was trying to change to a style that you would like.

Memory fragments? Ye Yong thought about the novels he read and the shows he watched. You’re pretty humanistic, but I think that a normal style will do. Besides, your emotionless mechanical voice isn’t good for mimicking styles anyway. Wait a moment, will I be targeted for flaming you like this?

Please do not worry. I am an emotionless machine and won’t do things like targeting you or try to get back at you.

Even though your voice is mechanical, the way you speak seems to be intelligent.

What benefit do I get in targeting you?

Then let me ask the reverse. What benefit do you get from being nice to me and helping me?

I am a companion system. I am strong when the host is strong. So being good to you is the same as being good to myself.

Wait a minute. The novel Emperor Within New Emperors is a fantasy novel, and possessions exist in fantasy. Could you be…

Ye Yong felt that it was possible that the system would possess him after he got strong.

I am a higher-dimensional existence. There is no need for me to possess a physical body.

Then why did you get bound to me? I was just reading a novel and my phone hit my face after it slipped through my hand. Could you be my phone?

I am not your phone. Me binding with you was just a random event. My full name is Transcending Fate System, with my purpose being to help the host rewrite his fate. In other words, help the host grow and screw over the male lead.

Screw- screw over?¹

Not the screw over you are thinking of, but a different one.

Screw, screw…

To make things hard for the male lead while strengthening yourself. How do you like that explanation?

I’m satisfied, I’m satisfied. Ye Yong was actually trying to test whether or not the system actually had its own consciousness and thoughts, and the system proved that it had those. Ye Yong wasn’t sure whether or not it would be a good thing, but he didn’t have any way to get rid of the system. Besides, without the system, he had a high chance of being screwed over by the male lead. Ye Yong shivered as he thought about how petty the male lead was.

So this means that we are going to target the male lead?

You can think of it that way.

What do you get out of it?

It’s program settings.

Who made the program settings?

You don’t have the authority to know.

Is it confidential information or do you not know it either?

The system became silent for a while. I don’t know either.

Ye Yong was surprised that the system was being honest, and he dropped his guard against the system a little.

So how do we screw over the male lead?

Rob the male lead of his fortuitous opportunities and women.

That simple and crude?


Is there a reward for that?

You can get transcending points, which can be used to exchange for many useful items, which you can see for yourself.

A screen appeared in Ye Yong’s mind, and he struggled for a while before he could see the items in the store clearly.

Anyways, it was just like the stores in the system novels, where even things divine arts and divine weapons were purchasable, with the only problem being that they cost a ton of transcending points.

Ye Yong thought about how the male lead used a few million words- wait, no, a few hundred years to become an immortal emperor. Yet, he could immediately buy a pill that could immediately make him an immortal emperor as long as he had enough transcending points, and all he needed to do to get enough transcending points was to rob the male lead of his fortuitous opportunities and women.

Thinking that, Ye Yong glanced at Wu Xue, who was still standing there and trembling.

Wu Xue stopped trembling, or rather, she even stopped breathing in terror. Father, mother, I will really leave first.

Now that he knew that he was “Ye Yong” in the novel, Ye Yong understood why Wu Xue was so afraid of him. In the novel, Ye Yong was a very modest person publicly. He even had a large number of fangirls after he joined the sect. However, in reality, before he even joined the sect, Ye Yong was very violent at home.

That was to be expected. After all, he was a genius and was born into a good family. Would normal people pay attention to the ants crawling on the road? Nope. Most of them would probably just walk over and step over them. In Ye Yong’s eyes, servants like Wu Xue were the same as ants on the road.

Ye Yong remembered that the novel Emperor Within New Emperors had talked about the reason why Wu Xue had become Ye Yong’s maid.

Her parents were martial artists. One day, they went out on a mission and never returned, and many people said that they were dead. Wu Xue lived in her uncle’s house. Her uncle was a businessman and had made many losses and so he decided to sell Wu Xue to a high-ranking family. After all, even though Wu Xue was pretty good-looking, she didn’t have a talent for cultivation, and beauty by itself was pretty much useless.

The real reason was that the Ye Family spent a lot of money to buy their servants, and Wu Xue could fetch a higher price than normal due to her looks. If it wasn’t because of how much money the Ye Family had offered, Wu Xue’s uncle would probably have sold her to a brothel.

Wu Xue had only been a servant in the Ye Family for a few days before Ye Yong’s mother took notice of her. Ye Yong’s mother really doted on him and didn’t want him to get into a habit of killing people and have a heart demon, so she gave Ye Yong a beautiful maid, hoping that Ye Yong would stop his habit of randomly killing people. As long as that happened, Ye Yong’s mother didn’t care about what happened to Wu Xue.

After all, in high-ranking families, especially cultivator families, mortals were dispensable objects. Besides, they had bought Wu Xue with their money, so it was up to them how she was treated and whether she got to live or die.

Speaking of which, Ye Yong was sort of an oddball. He didn’t lay his hands on Wu Xue and would always hit her when his mood got sour. The reason was that “Ye Yong” thought of himself as someone of high, noble standing, and he would be the victim if something happened between him and Wu Xue. Even though Ye Yong was a bad person, he was also a very devoted one. He was extremely devoted to Qin Shi Meng and kept pestering her.

Qin Shi Meng wouldn’t respond to his passion, so “Ye Yong’s” mood would become sour, which would make him hit Wu Xue. Qin Shi Meng quite liked Wu Xue, so the more Ye Yong hit Wu Xue, the more she hated “Ye Yong”, thus creating a vicious circle.

As for Wu Xue, she would get angry at “Ye Yong” but would be too afraid to say anything. Later, when she met the male lead, the fallen immortal elder’s incomplete soul found her potential and allowed her to awaken her martial goddess talent, allowing her to become an immortal by cultivating martial arts.

Wu Xue’s silent interference was also one of the reasons that “Ye Yong” couldn’t kill the male lead.

However, this Ye Yong wasn’t “Ye Yong”.

Translator’s Notes:

¹ Referring to netori.

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