Chapter 103: The Start of the Negotiation

Niu Wu stood on the bow of the ship, looking at North Wind City. Many of the ships came into view, and most of them were better than the ship that he was on.

“Their boats are very good, as expected of a city that thrives on trades, but they’re just brainless and corrupted nobles that only care about money.”

Niu Wu thought about what Liu Feng had told him to do, and he couldn’t help but sneer. “Ha! Enjoy your current noble life as much as you can right now. Your life will be hard in a few days.”

“Big Brother Wu, we’re about to get to the dock,” an attendant said, going over to Niu Wu’s side to ask for instructions.

“En!” Niu Wu nodded. “Tell them to stick to the plan and be careful to not get caught. You will feel my wrath if you ruin Young Master’s plan.”

“Big Brother Wu, rest assured. We aren’t going to commit any crimes. Instead, we’re actually doing good. No one will come to catch us. Besides, even if they do catch us, we can just deny the fact that we know anything,” the attendant said lazily.

“You might as well change your name to Lil Lazy!” Niu Wu said.

“He he… that’s fine. Then I’ll be Lil Lazy from now on,” the attendant said, smiling.

“Scram!” Niu Wu said, rolling his eyes.

“He he…” Lil Lazy laughed, taking several people with him as they all disappeared into the crowd. He didn’t think what Liu Feng was doing was a bad thing. After all, they were there to recruit some commoners to work in West Sun City, and West Sun City’s salary was extremely high. Lil Lazy had never seen a city lord that was as generous as Liu Feng. He knew that most of the commoners couldn’t get enough food to each and thought that only idiots would turn down such a good opportunity.

They also spread the news that West Sun City was willing to take in beastkins and will treat them fairly.

They were both good deeds in Lil Lazy’s mind, so he didn’t understand why Niu Wu was telling him to be careful.

Humans were also a type of resource. If a noble learned that a noble from another city was trying to bribe the people in his city, he would probably start a war.

Unfortunately, Lil Lazy couldn’t understand that with his limited knowledge. He was just a small delinquent in West Sun City who would steal small amounts of things. Well, he had some conscience and would only steal from the big families and not the poor commoners.

One day, Lil Lazy decided to go and steal something from the city lord’s Mansion, but he easily got caught by Niu Wu just moments after he snuck inside the gate.

Niu Wu looked at Lil Lazy disappear into the crowd and couldn’t help but think about the time when he had caught Lil Lazy. After he had reported this matter to Liu Feng, Liu Feng didn’t ask him anything and just told Niu Wu to do what he wanted.

Niu Wu had thought that Lil Lazy was quick-witted and had some conscience even though he was a delinquent, so he made Lil Lazy his attendant.

“Come on, let’s go into the city,” Niu Wu said, waving his hand and going into North Wind City with a few servants. He had come here today on an important mission, which was to use the information on the horse thieves’ attack time and plan as a bargaining chip to negotiate with North Wind City’s city lord. Niu Ben had recommended him to Liu Feng to be the person to take on the mission.

North Wind City’s City lord quickly summoned Niu Wu.

North Wind City’s city Lord was also fat. In fact, he was even fatter than Tory. When Niu Wu saw him, he was still eating pasties, and his mouth was full of oil.

“I am Niu Wu. I have been sent by Lord Baron Liu Feng of West Sun City. This is the letter from him,” Niu Wu said.

“Alright. Bring it up!”

A servant immediately went over to take the letter and hand it to North Wind City’s city lord.

The North Wind City’s city lord wiped his oily hand on his body and took the letter and read it. He frowned more and more as he read the letter.

Niu Wu’s eyes slightly widened seeing North Wind City’s city lord wiping his hand on his bother. That’s not like the behavior of a noble at all. He seems more like a merchant.

“What?” North Wind City’s city lord rapidly stood up as he finished reading the letter, and glared at Niu Wu. “Does your lord really know where the horse thieves come from? And even know how they plan to attack North Wind City and the time of the attack?”

“Of course. I believe that Lord Liu Feng had mentioned that in the letter,” Niu Wu said.

“How do I know that I should believe him?” North Wind City’s city lord asked, killing intent flashing through his eyes. He was trying to get some information out of Niu Wu.

Niu Wu just smiled in response, saying, “It depends on what you think. Whether or not you believe it is up to you, no?”

North Wind City’s city lord closed his eyes, his breathing quickening. He thought of how the letter had mentioned that the horse thieves numbered about 500 people.

That number of horse thieves put him in a difficult situation. He had previously gotten hold of the news that the horse thieves were going to attack his city, but he had only been able to form a militia of about 100 people. The leather armors hadn’t even been manufactured yet.

North Wind City’s city lord took a deep breath and exhaled. “What’s Baron Liu Feng’s condition for telling me the horse thieves’ plans?”

Those worse made Niu Wu relax a bit. “Lord Liu Feng heard that you have 2 large ships-“

“What?” North Wind City’s city lord cut Niu Wu off before he could finish. “Large ships? And 2 of them? Don’t even think about it!”

“Lord City Lord, don’t you think that it’s worth it to use 2 large ships to get North Wind City through the calamity?” Niu Wu asked, smiling.

“No way. I can at most give 2 medium-sized ships. You should know that I only have 7 of them. There is no way I will give you large ships,” North Wind City’s city lord said, waving his hand. Large ships were the foundation of North Wind City. His ancestor had bought the large ships from a city at an expensive price. Every year, the 2 large ships helped him bring in tons of wheat from other cities. They were the reason that North Wind City became so prosperous.

“That… alright, fine,” Niu Wu said, showing a reluctant expression. Liu Feng had told him that when negotiating, he should act as if they were the ones making a loss. Niu Wu gave Liu Feng a thumbs up in his heart. This city lord’s reaction is the same as Young Master had predicted. 2 medium-sized ships, easily obtained.

“Here, this is the letter from the horse thieves. It includes their attack plan and the time of the attack,” Niu Wu said, taking out a letter.

North Wind City’s city lord hurriedly took the letter and quickly read it. His face became paler and paler as he read the letter. After he finish reading the letter, he said in a trembling voice, “I will add two more medium-sized ships and ask West Sun City to aid North Wind City.”

“Sure, the knights will come after the ships get to West Sun City,” Niu Wu said, his eyes smiling for a moment. Everything matched up with what Young Master Liu Feng said. He‘s a god!

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