Volume 1 Chapter 3: New World, Here I Come

“Lil Xue, how long have you been in the Ye Family for?” Ye Yong asked, showing a kind and handsome smile.

However, after learning that “Ye Yong” had killed someone just because he was in a bad mood, Wu Xue only thought that Ye Yong’s smile was extremely terrifying, as if the God of Death was waving at her.

“Young Master, today is my fourth day here…” Wu Xue said. Her voice was originally very soft, and it was currently as if she didn’t have any air and was on the verge of dying.

Even though her parents were martial artists, Wu Xue had grown up in poor health and wasn’t suited for martial arts. So she was kind of a shut-in and mostly just stayed at home to read books.

As a reader, Ye Yong really liked Wu Xue. She remained optimistic, positive, and bright even though she was often beaten. Her biggest wish was to find her parents, convinced that they were still alive. Even though the dog author had forgotten about Wu Xue’s parents in the end, Ye Yong was still deeply moved by Wu Xue, who had never given up on trying to find her parents.

“The fourth day, huh.” Ye Yong thought about the plot and remembered that it was the first day that Wu Xue had been assigned to be his maid. “Ye Yong” didn’t have time to beat her before I replaced him, that’s great, that’s great.

Ye Yong was extremely against the idea of hitting such a cute girl. Even though he didn’t know why he had replaced Ye Yong, he couldn’t do anything about it. As such, to avoid his death ending, he had to do the opposite of what “Ye Yong” did- dote on her rather than beat her.

Besides, she’s the future martial goddess. I won’t get any other chance to cling to her thighs before she grows up.

Ye Yong beckoned Wu Xue to come over, but it was as if Wu Xue had been frozen there and could hardly move. Wu Xue was still repeating the same thing in her mind. Father, mother, I will have to leave first.

Ye Yong knew exactly what was happening seeing Wu Xue standing there, frozen. “Ye Yong” was a pretty violent person. He may seem like an educated, kind young master publicly, but the people inside the family knew just how violent and bad he was. Yesterday, for example, “Ye Yong” had killed a servant who had accidentally spilled a little bit of tea on his clothes.

Well, the real reason was that “Ye Yong” wanted to invite Qin Shi Meng out on a trip, but he got rejected, so he was in a bad mood. The servant was just unlucky.

Wu Xue was too scared to move, and Ye Yong didn’t force her. He was going to try to increase her favorability by a bit by patting her on the head like in many of the novels, but he realized that it wasn’t going to work and was just going to make Wu Xue even more terrified. Ye Yong got off the bed, put on a robe, walked over to the mirror, and carefully examined his face.

One word, handsome. Two words, so handsome, three words, so damn handsome.

Just like how antagonists should be.

A lot of authors would make the antagonists extremely handsome so that the readers would feel a lot more satisfied when reading novels. Even though “Ye Yong” was an idiot, his looks really are something. I can’t find anything wrong with this face.

As someone that knew how the storyline would go, Ye Yong wouldn’t dare to go against the male lead. He also didn’t dare to befriend the male lead because of the male lead’s innate buff “Friend’s Sacrifice for Boundless Power”.

If he became close friends with the male lead, then one day, one of the male lead’s powerful enemies would come and eliminate him.

Ye Yong’s family was pretty strong in the early part of the novel, but they weren’t at the very top. The ancient families and hidden families that appeared in the middle part of the novel had tons of strong young people and old monsters. There was no way Ye Yong would survive if he got targeted by those families.

As such, the best action to take was to turn himself into a “passerby” and to avoid making the male lead a friend or an enemy.

With all that being said, what was the name of the male lead?

Long Tian.¹

It was obvious that he was a male lead just from his name.

The male lead had a magical jade pendant, in which lived a strong Fallen Immortal Elder that could teach him powerful cultivation arts. He could live through situations that would be sure-death for anyone else and could obtain supreme treasures when accidentally breaking into tombs.

If Ye Yong had to face off with the male lead in the future, Ye Yong would definitely not choose to fight with the male lead at the edge of the cliff. If he couldn’t avoid fighting with the male lead at the edge of the cliff, then if the male lead fell off of the cliff, he would follow the male lead and also jump off.

Like, seriously. Cliffs were just places for the male lead to increase his treasures. There was no way the male lead would die from something like that.

It was just a question of whether or not Ye Yong would actually survive if he jumped off after the male lead. After all, the male lead would probably be caught by a branch that happened to be there, but there was no guarantee that there would also be a branch for Ye Yong and he would probably just fall down all the way to the bottom.

After all, Ye Yong had read a ton of novels but none of them had the antagonist jump off the cliff after the male lead fell off the cliff. Ye Yong couldn’t be sure what would happen with no previous “experience”.

Anyways, Ye Yong decided to set a small goal first: to treat Wu Xue well before she develops so he could hug her future long and white thighs.²

Seeing Ye Yong groom himself in front of the mirror, Wu Xue hurriedly ran over to help, because she was Ye Yong’s maid.

However, Wu Xue, who had never trained in martial arts and had stayed in her home all the time, had bad physical coordination. That, combined with the fact that she was nervous, caused her to trip over her own foot.

But who was Ye Yong? He was the Ye Family’s young master! A guy who had reached Foundation Establishment Realm 7th Layer at the age of 18!

Even though this Ye Yong had never cultivated before, he still had the physical capabilities. He had gotten next to Wu Xue the instant she tripped and fell down.

There wasn’t a legendary “hero catches beauty by her waist” event. Ye Yong simply held Wu Xue’s shoulder, and asked, “Are you okay?”

Ye Yong’s face and voice were female killers. At that moment, Wu Xue forgot just how much she feared Ye Yong.

After a while, she regained her senses and fear once again dominated her emotions. Wu Xue hurriedly backed up and accidentally tripped over the edge of the bed and fell onto it. Wu Xue didn’t dare to move, and her skirt fluttered as she covered her chest with her arms. She was so cute with her shyness that it could take someone’s life.

Ye Yong was speechless. I know that I’m super interested in you, but you don’t have to seduce me like this.

“Don’t be scared. I am no longer the me from yesterday. I’ve decided from the bottom of my heart to fix my bad personality and be a good person,” Ye Yong said, uttering a classic quote that many transmigrators would say. He then put his hand in front of Wu Xue, intending to pull her up.

Wu Xue shrank into a ball as she looked at Ye Yong like she was a small animal. She didn’t know Ye Yong very well and the only things that she knew about Ye Yong came from other servants. According to them, Ye Yong had a bad temper and could be smiling and laughing with someone in one moment and killing that same person in the next moment.

Young Master is smiling right now, could he…

Ye Yong somewhat guessed what Wu Xue was thinking. He didn’t intend to forcefully whitewash himself. There were some things that were difficult to change immediately. “Ye Yong” really did have a bad temper, causing many of the servants to fear him and talk badly about him behind his back.

I’ll just have to take my time and do this slowly.

Ye Yong decided to stop talking to Wu Xue because continuing to do so would increase her fear. He could not afford that, so he turned around and left the room, leaving Wu Xue there, not knowing what had happened.

Wu Xue blinked for a while, and tears flowed out of her eyes. “Wuuuu, I survived.”

Ye Yong, who had walked out of the room, looked up at the sky, and said, “Emperor Within New Emperors World, here I come.”

Translator’s Notes:

¹ 龙天. Literally, Dragon Sky. Could be referring to the name 龙傲天 (Dragon Proud Sky), where the main character in the novel/comic/anime has no reason for acting a certain way and can easily defeat strong enemies without really using his brain. Could also just be that his name is dragon and sky/heaven, both of which are something people cannot go against in Chinese culture.

² Not actually physically hugging her thighs, just figuratively. Could be both though. It’s a phrase that has a similar meaning to the phrase “ride someone’s coattail”.

The translation speed will be 3 chapters a week, if I don’t have anything important, like an exam or something.

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