Chapter 104: The First Other World Version Surgery

After choosing the place to build the dock on the Ghostly Water River, Liu Feng wanted to go to the Forbidden Mountain Range to check the area as he had heard that there were bamboo forests and herbs over there.

Bamboos were very useful and could be used as alternatives for many things, so they were the first thing he considered.

As Liu Feng went next to the carriage, he saw that Niu Da had an sad expression on his face, and immediately thought of something.

“There are casualties?”

Niu Da nodded, saying, “A blade and shield soldier has been stabbed by a wild boar’s tusk and is now on the verge of dying.

“Where is the person?” Liu Feng asked, raising his eyebrows. He hadn’t expected anyone to get fatal injuries from fighting the wild boars. He had thought that the there would at most be light injuries.

“We’ve already contacted the military witch healers to treat him. They said that it’s hopeless. We’ve sent him back to West Sun City, ready to …” Niu Da said, thinking about the witch healer who had shook his head. He sighed as he had been with them for more than 20 days and knew everyone, not expecting that someone would already pass away.

“They’re not witch healers, they’re combat medics,” Liu Feng said, rolling his eyes.

Liu Feng had required combat medics, but they don’t actually have much medical skills. All they could do was wrap bandages and similar simple tasks.

“Uh… yeah, combat medics,” Niu Da said, embarrassed. He had always called them witch healers and had gotten use to that name.

“How did he get hurt? Did he get injured in a vital area?” Liu Feng asked. If the soldier had been injured in the liver or other important parts, he wouldn’t bother with trying to save the soldier and just prepare the funeral and pension.

“He got hit by a wild boar when protecting a companion. Dali managed to avoid getting hit in the vitals, but his wound wouldn’t stop bleeding, even after wrapping it with a lot of cloth,” Niu Da said, sighing about how they already lost a person even before getting on the battlefield.

Dali had outstanding performance during the training for blade and shield soldier.

“Getting wounded from saving a companion? That’s a merit,” Liu Feng said, waving his hand. “Come on, let’s go back to the city. Take me to see what’s happening.


“Have someone send this back to the castle on a fast horse. Just give it to Nicole,” Liu Feng said, writing down a few things on his notepad and tearing the page off and giving it to Sinke.


Sinke immediately gave No. 8 the note and made him go back to West Sun City first.

The War Wolves escorted them as Niu Da drove the carriage and took Liu Feng and Mina back to the city.

Liu Feng frowned and pondered as the incident had reminded him that he should teach first aid. Otherwise, it would be stupid when the soldiers got on the battlefield and die not because of fatal injuries but because they didn’t get proper urgent treatment and lose their lives for nothing.

That would really be stupid! The soldiers’ lives are mine, and training soldiers- especially elites ones, are time consuming and expensive.

If the soldier can still be saved, then I’ll do a teach them real-time.

Mina got behind Liu Feng, half kneeling, put her hands on his shoulders, and slowly massaged them. “Young Master, don’t feel guilty. That was an accident.”

“…” Liu Feng shook his head. He wasn’t feeling guilty and was just thinking about which first aids would be appropriate for this world.

The massage Mina gave him was so comfortable that he closed his eyes and relaxed. He decided to look take a look first before deciding whether or not Dali could be saved. He had learned first aid in school and from tv.

They soon got back to West Sun City. They got off the carriage on Commercial Street, next to a two story house that was surrounded by a lot of people.

This house was a hospital. A few witch healers had been invited, with their names being changed to doctors. They could cure some minor diseases like diarrhea by following a few recipes.

Liu Feng saw Niu Er, Niu San, and a few soldiers there, and some of them had red eyes.

They must be the ones who have very good relationship with Dali.

The army was one of the easiest places to form cameraderies. After all, all they do is train, and most people didn’t have any hidden intentions.

“Lord Liu Feng!” the soldiers said, saluting.

Liu Feng nodded and walked towards the house. Mina, Niu Da, Niu Er, and Niu San followed, while the War Wolves and the a few others guarded the entrance.

In the clinic, Liu Feng saw the injured and unconscious Dali. Upon examining and seeing the bandages used to wrap his injuries, he nodded. The situation isn’t as bad as I thought.

Liu Feng looked around and said, “He can still be saved. He just lost too much blood. We need to do a blood transfusion.”


Everyone in the clinic looked at Liu Feng in a daze, wondering if they had misheard him, as they all thought that Dali was as good as dead.

Mina blinked, resisting the urge to go and touch Liu Feng’s forehead and test the temperature as he had said that fevers could damage the brain. She suspected that Liu Feng was sick. This person is about to die. How could he be saved?

“Young Master, are you joking?” Niu Er asked, his cheeks twitching. He didn’t believe it.

Liu Feng glared at Niu Er and said, “Do I look like I’m joking to you?”

Niu Da slapped Niu Er on the back of his head. Dare to suspect Liu Feng? A slap you get.

Niu Er slightly shurnk his neck, not daring to say anything else.

“Lord Liu Feng, I brought the stuff,” No. 8 said.

“Good. Quickly bring it over,” Liu Feng said. He had asked No. 8 to get the first aid kit- after all, equipment were required if one wanted to save people.

No. 8 brought over the first aid kit to the front of Liu Feng and went to the side, panting the whole time.

Dali had lost too much blood, which made him faint. As such, the first thing they needed to do was to do a blood transfusion, which would require testing blood type.

“Doctors, all of you come over. I will only say this once, so you all better remember it,” Liu Feng said, waving his hand. This was a teaching in real-time.

Author’s Note:

The plot has to advance little by little. Don’t worry, there won’t be any poison. This is a relaxing wish-fulfillment novel after all.

Translator’s Notes:

Was too sleepy to translate yesterday because some guy was clapping or slapping something until like 3:30 on Wednesday. Was loud af and I couldn’t fall asleep. I tried to translate but kept falling asleep.

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