Volume 1 Chapter 4: Triggering the Legendary Event

The Emperor With New Emperors world was very similar to the worlds in other cultivation novels. Ignoring the different-sized kingdoms and only focusing on the continents, this world had five of them, known as the Five Continents. They were: Center State Continent, South Barren Continent, North Snow Continent, East Forest Continent, and West Sea Continent.

Each continent was very large and Ye Yong didn’t know the exact sizes of the continents. After all, most cultivation novels basically had people thousands of kilometers for no reason, and powerful cultivators could travel several kilometers in a few seconds, faster than the speed of sound. Besides, the author didn’t write about exactly how large each continent was. All he wrote was that the Center State Continent was the largest continent and had the most resources. Ye Yong was currently in the East Forest Continent, the largest continent after the Center State Continent.

There were also other realms and worlds, including magic worlds and immortal worlds, which were much larger. They would take the same powerful cultivators many years to get to the North from the South, without taking any breaks.

Outrageous? Yeah, Ye Yong thought so too. But was there anything more outrageous than actually transmigrating? No, so Ye Yong just silently accepted all of it.

System, is this a real world? Because he had only been reading novels before, he didn’t have many intuitive feelings. But he had indeed come to a fantasy world and had become a young master of a cultivation family, and Ye Yong was a bit afraid that everything was fake.

In your memory, there is a story called Monkeys and Typewriters. Given infinite time, infinite monkeys, and infinite typewriters, and letting the monkeys type whatever they want, at a certain point in time, they could write a story about a world that is exactly the same as Earth.

Um, you mean that the dog author is one of the monkeys?

You can think of it like this. You did not faint from being hit by a phone and are not currently being rescued in the ICU. This world is not just your imagination. This world is very real, so please don’t seek death and cherish your life.

God damn lying in the ICU and being rescued. Do I look like someone that would get seriously injured from being hit by a phone? … Then why did you choose “Ye Yong”? Just because I have the same name as him?

That was a random event. You should be glad that you didn’t become a minor character like a little bandit that had messed with the male lead in the beginning.

Holy shit… Thinking of it like that, I should indeed be thankful. Minor characters like bandits had shit backgrounds and talents. And “Ye Yong” was tall, rich, and handsome, and was someone who could live for a lot of chapters. The only problem was that he was too petty and provoked the child of the realm; otherwise, his future would certainly have been smooth and easy.

“Can I not go back to the original world?” Ye Yong asked.

To be honest, he did still have some attachments to Earth. For example, he had his family, and he wanted to repay them somehow for raising him. Also, he had an older brother, who was very successful and gave him a lot of money to use for his living expenses during college.

Go back? You can’t go back, not in this life. You should just obediently screw over the male lead and change your fate.

Wait, so you’re saying that even if I don’t provoke the male lead, I still have a high chance of going against him?

Yes, that is how the world’s consciousness has arranged it.

Ye Yong was speechless. He thought that he would be able to survive just by making himself a bystander, but no, his fate would still try to make him the male lead’s experience bag.

Although the male lead Long Tian was pretty vengeful, he was at least somewhat righteous. There was no reason for Long Tian to go and kill him if Ye Yong didn’t provoke him.

If the problem isn’t me, then could it be because of the others? Like the other people in my family or… my fiance?

That’s right! Qin Shi Meng!

Ye Yong had read the novel Emperor Within New Emperors many times. It was, after all, the first novel he had ever read. Even if his taste became hard to satisfy after reading a lot, rereading the first novel he had read was still pretty… interesting. As such, he could probably be more familiar with the plot than the author himself.

According to the novel, Qin Shi Meng will meet the male lead two weeks after Wu Xue became Ye Yong’s personal maid.

The novel was a pretty old one some events that would be considered stupid and unreasonable were accepted during its time.

For example, Qin Shi Meng, the lady of the cultivation family, went out with a bunch of weaklings to search for some cultivation enhancement herbs, which was stupid because she could have just ordered her servants to do it for her.

Of course, if that happened, Qin Shi Meng and the male lead wouldn’t have met. As such, it could be said that the event happened because the plot needed it.

And it wasn’t all that unreasonable. If one thinks about it carefully, one will realize that Qin Shi Meng always preferred to rely on herself. She had been forced by her family to marry “Ye Yong”, so she didn’t want to rely on her family, and so she went out to find cultivation resources by herself.

Anyways, the event was basically that a crystallization realm spirit beast guarded a spirit grass, and the weaklings that Qin Shi Meng had brought with her were either dead or wounded. She just happened to meet the male lead, who had gone into the mountain to pick up some herbs, and with the help of his “super-intelligence”, they managed to defeat the spirit beast and obtain the spirit grass.

Still, Qin Shi Meng was the lady of a cultivation family, and she hadn’t fallen for the protagonist so simply. But this contact allowed them to develop further. The plot was all just traps, anyways. Basically, Qin Shi Meng thought that the male lead was talented and she silently observed him. As the male lead became stronger and stronger and helped her more and more, she fell into the river of love.

According to the plot, “Ye Yong” would jump out at that time to provoke the male lead, but this Ye Yong wouldn’t do that!

“I need to think of a way to get rid of my connection to Long Tian.” Ye Yong frowned, thinking about all the novels that he had read. After a while, he thought of something. “Right! Engagement! I can cancel the engagement!”

Yep, triggering the legendary event of engagement cancelation!

Of course, he wasn’t the one who got his engagement canceled, Qin Shi Meng was.¹

It wasn’t because Ye Yong didn’t want Qin Shi Meng. However, she was a thorny rose and there was no way for Ye Yong to interfere with her actions, so her encounter with the male lead was inevitable.

Since that was the case, he would first cut off his connection with her, lowering the chance that he would come into contact with Long Tian.

In the beginning, “Ye Yong” wanted to take out Long Tian because the servant that he had placed near Qin Shi Meng had reported to him that she thought pretty highly about the guy after going out, which caused the petty “Ye Yong” to be jealous and arrange people to assassinate him.

The more he thought about it, the more Ye Yong was determined to cancel the engagement. There were many heroines, but he only had one life.

Bye bye Qin Shin Meng.

Ye Yong immediately went toward the discussion chamber, but since he didn’t inherit “Ye Yong’s” memory and the novel didn’t write a detailed description about the way to get there, he had no idea had to get there. As such, he just casually grabbed a nervous servant and asked how to get there.

After getting clear directions, Ye Yong got to the discussion chamber.

The discussion chamber only had one elder watching it. After all, they didn’t have to discuss everything. They would only summon other elders and the head of the Ye Family to the discussion chamber when they had important things to discuss.

And Ye Yong’s request to cancel the engagement was definitely something important.

Translator’s Notes:

¹ So basically, the person who cancels the engagement is basically implying that their fiance isn’t good enough for them, hence the cancellation. I’m not sure if this is also a thing in the real world in China or if it did exist in the past but not anymore or if this is only a thing in the novels. I mean the implication part, not the engagement part.

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