Volume 1 Chapter 2: Noble Teenage Girl

The battle soon ended. Ye Tian Ming was speechless as he looked at that head wolf that had tried to sneak up on him but was instantly killed by light-type Roland with a cleave skill.

He had wanted to show off and hadn’t expected that the three Rolands were so strong that they could easily defeat a pack of forest wolves.

It seems that they are actually pretty strong even though they are just 3-star character enhancement cards. They might be much weaker than the 5-star divine cards, but they still have decent combat power.

Looking at the three escort leaders that were proficiently and skillfully skinning the forest wolves, Ye Tian Ming felt that his luck actually wasn’t that bad. After all, they were at least 3-star cards rather than 1 or 2-star scrap cards.

Although, the three Rolands’ battle power stats suggest that maybe even 1-star scrap cards could beat a forest wolf.

After the three Rolands finished cooking, they and Ye Tian Ming ate up a whole forest wolf, although Ye Tian Ming only ate a leg. The forest wolf was just roasted and didn’t have any seasoning, but it was still very tasty.

To sum it up, Ye Tian Ming’s first meal in the other world was pretty good.

After strolling around Malon South Island with the three Rolands for half a day, Ye Tian Ming pretty much learned what the situation was. He didn’t know whether or not people lived on the island, but the monsters around them were relatively low leveled.

The forest wolves, for example, were only about level five or six. However, their trait of hunting in a pack allowed them to be one of the top predators on Malon South Island.

The other monsters, like slimes, goblins, and shrub mice, had even lower levels than the forest wolves.

The highest leveled monsters in the Malon South Island were the brown bears. They were only about level 14 or 15 and were no match for the Rolands.

It was similar to starter towns in games, but the game Oath of Adventures had players start in the Sacred Divine Land instead of this place.

But well, that was to be expected. After all, this was the real world and that was just a game, so they can’t really be compared.

Ye Tian Ming raised his head and looked at the beautiful horizon made by the setting sun. He said, “It’s time for us to find a place to spend the night. Do you guys have any suggestions?”

Ye Tian Ming knew that he was just a 21st century shut-in that loved to play games and didn’t know anything about wilderness survival, so he decisively threw the question to the Rolands.

The three Rolands looked at each other, and light-type Roland, who was carrying 9 forest wolf hides on his back, stepped forward and said, “Follow me.”

Ye Tian Ming nodded and followed light-type Roland.

The other two Rolands followed them, each carrying three forest wolf corpses with long sticks and watching the surroundings for any signs of danger.

In less than an hour, light-type Roland found a cave halfway up the mountain.

Ye Tian Ming couldn’t help but nod as light-type Roland skillfully put forest wolf hide onto a patch of dry grass to make a simple bed. He laid down on it, more and more satisfied that he had summoned the Rolands. After all, the super powerful 5-star divine cards may not be as caring as the Rolands were.

Some of the 5-star divine cards had eccentric personalities and might not be as obedient as the Rolands and might not even listen to his orders.

The Rolands didn’t speak much, but that was pretty much it. They could still eat and drink and do simple communication, although it was only limited to three words.

At least, that was how it seemed in the current day.

Outside, the three Rolands built a campfire as they skillfully roasted the forest wolf meat.

The night breeze and the sound of the campfire and cooking made Ye Tian Ming, whose spirits had been tense the whole time, slowly close his heavy eyelids.


“Who’s there?”


The sound of swords being drawn and the shouting of the Rolands caused Ye Tian Ming to jolt awake. As he walked out and rubbed his eyes, he saw a group of people standing from across the three Rolands.

The group consisted of a noble teenage girl with long brown hair, a maid with short black hair, and two retainers carrying swords.

Ye Tian Ming yawned as he said, “Tell me the reason you came here.”

Looking at Ye Tian Ming’s frivolous appearance, the maid wanted to go up and say something, but the noble girl stopped her. The noble girl looked in a bit of a bad shape, but she still gracefully performed her etiquette. Only after doing so did she speak.

“Hello, sir. Our ship encountered a tsunami, so we got stranded on this island and our supplies sank to the bottom of the ocean. We saw firelight here when we were on the shore, so we came here to ask for help. That is why we disturbed you. Sorry for the intruding.”

Ye Tian Ming looked at their still-wet clothes, nodded, and asked, “What kind of help do you need?”

“We want to stay around here for the night and buy some food,” the noble girl said.

Without waiting for the noble girl to take out some money, Ye Tian Ming said, “No need. We are all people that have fallen to the end of the world, so it is just right for us to help each other.”

“Give them a forest wolf,” Ye Tian Ming said to the Rolands, turning his head around.

Dark-type Roland nodded and went to take out a forest wolf corpse.

Ye Tian Ming turned his head around to look at the noble girl again and said, “You guys can rest over there tonight. Don’t think about trying to get near the cave. Even without my orders, my guards would immediately strike anything that could endanger my life.

The noble girl’s expression changed as she remembered the three strong-looking men’s quick reactions. Although she had two sword-wielding retainers, she felt that they would lose immediately if they really fought with the three Rolands.

The noble girl wasn’t wrong. After she and Ye Tian Ming reached a peaceful conclusion, her two sword-wielding retainers simultaneously sighed in relief because they felt a lot of pressure from the three Rolands.

The Rolands’ athletic body and movement made them feel that they couldn’t even beat one of the Rolands, not to mention three of them.

Another campfire was set up in front of the cave. Even though the sword-wielding retainers fighting abilities were a bit weak, their wilderness survival skills and cooking skills were still pretty good.

Because the two groups of people were strangers, they didn’t interact with each other while eating.

After Ye Tian Ming and the Rolands finished eating and almost finished cleaning up, the noble girl’s group started to eat the forest wolf meat.

After a few bites, one of the retainers couldn’t help but whisper, “It’s really forest wolf meat…”

“One or two forest wolves are fine, but they usually live in packs and they usually appear in groups of at least six wolves…” the other retainer whispered.

Six wolves were way harder to deal with than brown bears!

The noble girl heard what her retainers were saying. She looked at the three Rolands who had eaten a whole forest wolf by themselves, and a trace of astonishment flashed through her eyes.

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