Chapter 105: Draw Mine Draw Mine!

Several newbie doctors and combat medics gathered, and they all stared at Liu Feng. The were visible red veins in their eyes.

The corners of Liu Feng’s eyes twitched. These guys look like they have exophthalmos. He opened the first aid kit. It had a few simple equipment for testing blood types.

It was very easy to test blood types. After he had listened to his instructor during military training, he had tested his own blood type and remembered the steps very clearly.

“People have different types of blood. They can basically be divided into Type A, Type B, Type AB, and Type O blood,” Liu Feng said as he took out two bottles of blood reagents.

“These are called blood group reagents, the most important things for testing blood types. They have two types, Type A and Type B.”

This was the first time that the group around Liu Feng had heard that humans had so many blood types, and they were confused.

The newbie doctors were so excited that their lips were shaking as they took out sheepskin scrolls and quickly wrote the information down.

Seeing this seeing, Liu Feng frowned a little, thinking that it was time to put introduce paper to the market.

After the doctors finished writing, Liu Feng took out two pieces of glass from the first aid kit, which causes the others to start panting as they though that the glasses were crystals.

Liu Feng didn’t explain and just said, “You don’t need to use this. Ceramic pieces are fine.”

The doctors all relaxed at that. They probably wouldn’t be able to afford crystal pieces even if they sold themselves.

Liu Feng took out a clean cloth from the first aid kit, wrote “A” and “B” on the cloth, and put a piece of glass on top of each letter.

“This is to determine what type of blood Dali has.”

The doctors frantically wrote everything down.

Liu Feng put the blue Type A antibody on the glass on top of the letter A and the yellow Type B antibody on top if the letter B, and took out a needle from the first aid kit.

“It is now the most important step, distinguishing blood type.”

Liu Feng looked at Dali and saw that both of his fingers were dirty, so he pricked Dali’s earlobe and got two drops of blood to get on the glasses.

After a while, the blood on the glass with Type A antibody clumped, which caused Liu Feng to breath a sigh of relief as it showed that the people in this world could use the antibodies from Earth.

“The blood on the crystal strip with letter A clumped up, which means that Dali has Type A blood. Now we just need to check everyone’s blood type to find the person with Type A blood to give him a blood transfusion and save him,” Liu Feng said, holding up the glass. As for whether or not there would be complications and side effects after blood transfusion, well, he had no idea.

The doctors all stretched their necks as they looked at the two pieces of glass, and saw that the blood on the glass with Type A antibody had clumped while the blood on the glass with the Type B antibody had not. This caused their doubt to disappear, and made them so excited that their bodies were shaking, so much so that people without any idea what was going on would think that they had epilepsy

“Check my blood, use mine,” Niu Er yelled, pulling out a military knife, waving it around. “Young Master, how much blood do you need? I’ll give it to you right now.”

“You idiot, put down the knife!” Liu Feng said. “Do you also want to lose too much blood and then have to get a blood transfusion?”

Niu Da slapped the back of Niu Er’s head, which made Liu Feng’s eyes twitch. If this continues, would Niu Er get beaten to the point that he becomes an idiot?”

“Second brother, what are you being stupid again? Didn’t you see that only two drops of blood were taken?” Niu Da said, glaring at him.

“Eh… I got a bit too excited,” Niu Er said embarrassingly, putting away the military knife. He had a very good relationship with Dali, so when he heard that Dali could be save, he got a bit hotheaded.

“Come, you guys come over and help,” Liu Feng said, taking out a few more pieces of glass nd handing them to the doctors.


The doctors trembled as they took the pieces of glass and copied what Liu Feng had done and tested the blood of the people present.

Liu Feng looked and saw that Niu Da had Type B blood while Niu Er had Type A blood. Since their blood types were different, it meant that their parents have different blood types, so one of them could have inherited their father’s blood type while the other could have inherited their mother’s blood type.

“Young Master, why won’t my blood clump up on either one?” Mina asked, a bit down.


Liu Feng turned his head and saw Mina looking at him with a wronged expression on her face.

Could beastkins really have different blood than humans? Mina thought.

“Eh?” A trace of surprise flashed through Liu Feng’s eyes, and he smiled lightly. “If the blood doesn’t clump up on either blood reagent, then it means that you have Type O blood, which is also my blood type.”

“Really? The same blood type as you?” Mina asked, staring at Liu Feng, afraid that she had misheard him.

“Really!” Liu Feng said, nodding his head.

“He he he…” Mina laughed, happy about the fact that she had the same blood type as Liu Feng.

“Lord Liu Feng, if the blood clumps up on both crystals strips, then does that mean the blood is Type AB blood?”

“Yes,” Liu Feng said, nodding. All four blood types had people present, and only a few people had Type A blood.

“Young Master, draw my blood, draw mine!” Niu Er yelled.

Liu Feng nodded. “Bring over a bed over and make it a bit high.”

Looking at Niu Da, who had a concerned expression on his face, Liu Feng smiled lightly. “Don’t worry, it’s fine for people to lose blood. It can sometimes make people healthier. Of course, that only applies to healthy people without anemia.”

As he said that, Liu Feng thought of a certain dark era where people would get treated by bloodletting. No matter what disease they had, doctors would immediately give them a cut and make them lose blood, saying that it was to cure them. It was as if bloodletting was the cure for every disease!

Liu Feng couldn’t help but shiver when he thought about it, and he said to the doctors, “Strong young humans could die if they lose a catty of blood at once, so don’t think that bloodletting could cure diseases.


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