Volume 1 Chapter 3: Set a Small Goal First

As the lady of Viscount Owen’s family, Miranda was quite knowledgeable.

To be able to protect a weak noble boy from a pack of forest wolves and keep him unharmed, they must be honorary knights! Most knights could already be considered to be nobles in the Shisanya Empire and even have their own guards, lands, and servants. And yet, they are willingly protecting the weak noble boy. What kind of existence could he be? Could he be from the center of the empire?

Shisanya Empire was an empire that bordered the ocean.

The imperial capital was the dividing line. It was built on the coast, with the land north of it and the ocean south of it.

Technically speaking, Malon South Island was part of the Shisanya Empire’s territory. However, it was on the border of the Shisanya Empire’s territories, so no one had ever considered living there. There were many magic beasts and monsters on the island, and besides, even the pirates that occasionally appeared were a problem for ordinary people.

The commoners were only willing to go to the islands that the King of Shisanya had given to nobles as their territories.

While Malon South Island was pretty remote, it was also kind of close to Viscount Owen’s territory. Otherwise, Miranda Owen wouldn’t have been near Malon South Island.

The tsunami had engulfed their ship, and even if they had a plank and were good at swimming, they couldn’t have gotten too far from the place their ship sank.

“Shisanya Empire…” A trace of confusion flashed through Ye Tian Ming’s eyes as he lay on the soft fur of the hide of the head wolf. He hadn’t heard of such an empire in the game. It was either because the game Oath of Adventures just didn’t mention the Shisanya Empire or because this world just wasn’t very related to the game at all.

Ye Tian Ming was more inclined towards the latter reason, as he had played Oath of Adventures so much that it was impossible for there to be any plot or story that he didn’t know about. Well, it didn’t really matter to him what it really was. As long as he could live a happy and exciting life, well, that was fine for him.

Ye Tian Ming smiled as he thought about the future and went into dreamland.

“Ms. Miranda, are we really taking these unidentified people back with us?” the maid, Rolin, asked.

After they ate, Ye Tian Ming had requested Miranda and her group to give him and the Rolands a ride when they go back.

Miranda had only thought for a few moments before agreeing. Rolin didn’t dare to question her lady’s decisions in front of outsiders, but she raised her concerns after they were away.

After all, they didn’t know Ye Tian Ming’s and the Rolands’ identities. There were some dangers in bringing them back with them.

Miranda just shook her head. “Don’t worry, they don’t seem to be bad people. Even if they are, we should promise them first and wait for Commander Dasike’s rescue.” Miranda wasn’t just going to accept help without repaying them, and besides, she did think thoroughly before making her decision.

Thinking about Dasike’s strength, Rolin felt relieved and nodded.

Miranda stroked Rolin’s head and told her to go and rest early. She then turned and looked at the starry sky.

Even though he does have three could-be knights by his sides as his escorts, his strength is just that.

Knights generally referred to strong people that had received the title of honorary knighthood in the Shisanya Empire.

Although the ceremony could be held in any city in the Shisanya Empire, it wasn’t something that could be looked down on. Every knight could solo at least 10 people at once on the battlefield! However, even though knights were powerful, it wasn’t a problem for a Viscount to get about 100 knights on his territory.

It was just very rare to see someone treating knights like retainers. At least, Miranda doesn’t know of anyone that could do that.

As for Dasike, he was the commander of Viscount Owen’s escort squad, and he had a record of soloing and defeating five knights on the battlefield!

So even though Miranda didn’t dare to provoke Ye Tian Ming, she also wasn’t very afraid of him. However, if Miranda knew that Ye Tian Ming had despised the Rolands when he first summoned them, she probably wouldn’t be so calm right now.

Ye Tian Ming also had no idea that this world held his 3-star dog food cards in such high regard; otherwise, he would probably burst into laughter.

Rolands were pretty weak in the game, and they couldn’t even be used to farm in the middle stages of the game. But well, they were “weak” only because of how strong the opponents were. Players had to face dragons, ancient creatures, and other powerful beings right after the beginning stages of the game. The middle and latter stages of the game even had players face off against high-ranking gods! So yeah, 3-star dog food cards were pretty much useless.

However, Ye Tian Ming didn’t know any of this and was still somewhat pissed and resentful that he had used the limited-anniversary summoning scrolls to summon three dog food cards.

The night was uneventful.

Soon it was dawn, and the birds and magic beasts in the forest became active again, waking Ye Tian Ming up. Ye Tian Ming opened his status board to see whether or not he had been dreaming.

[Name: Kyle Scott]

[Race: Human]

[Class: Player]

[Titles: None]

[Adventure Level: 5]

[Experience Points: 20]

He then looked at the Rolands’ status board.

[Name: Roland]

[Race: Human]

[Occupation: Warrior]

[Title: Escort Leader]

[Adventure Level: 7]

[Adventure Experience Points: 18]

It had only been a day, and they had already reached level 7, which made Ye Tian Ming pretty satisfied. However, he knew that it was because very little experience was required to level up in the early levels of the Oath of Adventures and levels would be hard to raise in the later stages of the game, just like how most of the game developers designed the levels in their games.

Standing at the entrance of the cave and watching the sunrise, Ye Tian Ming decided to set a small goal first- let the three Rolands reach level 10! Because at level 10, followers could put on equipment. Not the armor they already had on, but game equipment!

And besides, Ye Tian Ming could gain experience when his followers grind monsters for experience. Upgrading allowed Ye Tian Ming to unlock more powerful items that he could use and increase his physical abilities.

The feeling felt even more refreshing than taking a sip of ice-cold soda on a hot summer day!

Go go go, grind grind grind!

After eating a few wild fruits that wood-type Roland had picked, Ye Tian Ming took light-type Roland and dark-type Roland with him to grind some levels, leaving the people in Miranda’s group with dumbfounded expressions on their faces.

Looking at Ye Tian Ming and two of the Rolands walking away, one of the sword-wielding retainers could help but say, “Miss, they are…”

Miranda shook her head. “Don’t worry about them. The most important thing right now is for us to get rescued. Let’s go to a higher place and tie some cloth. Then we’ll go to the shore and put our family crest on the stones. That way, Dasike and others passing by will know that we’re here!”

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