Volume 1 Chapter 5: The Ye Family’s Elders

“Yong Er, why are you in such a hurry? Did something happen?” the elder in the discussion chamber asked. He was the fifth elder of the Ye Family and Ye Yong’s fourth grandfather. He was a strong cultivator in the Ascension Realm.

Logically speaking, cultivators that were as strong as him were sure to kill the male lead if they tried, but Ye Yong didn’t dare to take a bet. After all, the male lead was the child of the realm. If he really could die, then he would have died way earlier. Besides, the system had time him that the world had a consciousness, so even if he really asked the elder to kill the male lead, then some accidents would likely occur. For example, the elder could suddenly get diarrhea, even if it was supposed to be impossible for that to happen. Or another strong cultivator could happen to pass by and see the bullying and decide to help the male lead out of justice.

Ye Yong remembered that the Fifth Elder Ye had died a pitiful death. He was a powerhouse in the Ascension Realm, yet, he got lured into a secret realm and killed by the male lead, who was only in the Golden Core Realm at the time. All of his treasures and items were taken by the male lead. He was way too pitiful.

This would be a good time to mention the cultivation realms. The realms in this world were: Qi Refinement, Foundation Establishment, Crystallization, Golden Core, Nascent Soul, Ascension, Void, Great Ascension, Saint, and Tribulation. After they broke through Tribulation Realm, they would become immortals and go to the heavenly world and there would be other cultivation realms.

Anyways, it was unlike the new novels where the authors would create their own cultivation realms names like Mysterious Yellow Realm and Mysterious Heavenly Realm. That would be fine, except for the fact that they really only changed the name without changing the design of the realms. All they did was make it harder for readers to remember the cultivation realms. Classic names for cultivation realms like Qi Refinement Realm and Foundation Establishment Realm were so much easier to remember.

Now getting back on track, Ye Yong would not dare to go against the male lead, even though the male lead was still in his “infancy”. After all, it was a gamble without any suspense- they would lose to the male lead no matter what they did. Losing not only meant death but also sending the male lead their treasures and items.

“I want to discuss something with the elders,” Ye Yong said, saluting.

“Oh?” Fifth Elder Ye was slightly stunned. He felt that Ye Yong was a bit different than before, so he used his divine sense to sweep through Ye Yong’s body repeatedly, but he didn’t find any problems. Ye Yong’s soul was normal and he didn’t seem to have demonized or gotten possessed by evil spirits.

Ye Yong was the genius of the Ye Family. He was only 18 years old, but he had already reached the seventh layer of Foundation Establishment Realm and had a 5-colored foundation. His future was unlimited, and Fifth Elder Ye was pretty optimistic about Ye Yong’s future and thought of him highly. As such, he didn’t ask many questions and quickly informed the others with his divine sense.

Hearing that Ye Yong had something to discuss, all the elders that weren’t in training in seclusion quickly came over. They might be powerhouses in the Nascent Soul and Ascension Realms, but they were pretty old and needed to rely on the younger generation to pass on the family heritage. Besides, Ye Yong wasn’t just a genius, he was also the son of the current head of the family, and as such he still had a lot of say in things.

The Ye Family’s Elders all sat down when they arrived. “Ye Yong’s” dad, Ye Qian Lang, didn’t come because he was cultivating in seclusion, but his mother, Lin Wei, did come. She was a beauty who looked like she was only 20 years old.

If Ye Yong remembered correctly, then Lin Wei seemed to be about 300 years old and was a powerhouse at the early stage of Nascent Soul Realm. That was how immortal cultivators were. One couldn’t judge others’ ages just based on their appearance.

Still, she was pretty talented to be at the Nascent Soul Realm at around age 300.

Because they saw each other and because cultivators had strong perceptions, Lin Wei immediately realized that Ye Yong was a bit different. The thing that stood out to her the most was his eyes. Eyes were said to be the window to one’s heart and spirit, and Lin Wei could see that Ye Yong’s eyes no longer contained any hidden hostility or violence like they had in the past.

Like Fifth Elder Ye had done in the beginning, everyone continuously swept Ye Yong’s body with their divine senses, but they couldn’t find anything unusual.

Ye Yong had never ever thought about trying to pretend to be “Ye Yong.” He wasn’t an actor, and he knew that he couldn’t act like “Ye Yong” well enough. If someone asked him why he had changed, he would just say that he had been enlightened. Cultivators get enlightened all the time anyway, so it was normal for them to have changes in their personalities.

After greeting the elders, Ye Yong began to talk about the reason that he had come to the discussion chamber. “This junior feels that the engagement with Lady Qin Shi Meng of the Qin family was too hasty, and it doesn’t give us any time to prepare. After having been in contact with her, this junior realizes that Lady Qin Shi Meng has focused all her efforts on cultivation and does not want on Dao Companion. For the sake of both of our future, this junior requests that the elders agree to cancel the engagement.”

“Qin Family’s Qin Shi Meng isn’t that much less talented than you are. Also, you two are the divine couple that people in the Great Zhou Dynasty had always talked about. Also, didn’t you like Qin Shi Meng a lot? Why do you suddenly want to cancel the engagement?” Second Elder Ye asked, surprised.

The engagement had originally happened because Ye Yong had requested it after falling for Qin Shi Meng. A certain someone had even taken his anger out on his servants after being refused by Qin Shi Meng.

“This junior has thought about it all night, remembered the servant that had been accidentally killed, and had been enlightened. If this junior wants to go through the path of cultivation, then this junior must leave behind these complicated matters.”

“But if you and Qin Shi Meng become Dao Companions, the two of you could help each other become immortals, and that should be more efficient,” Third Elder Ye said.

Ye Yong didn’t intend to argue with them too much, so he just lowered his head, put his hands in front, and bowed. “Elders, please agree to this junior’s request.”

The elders communicated with their eyes for a moment, and seeing that Lin Wei hadn’t said anything yet, they decided to stay silent and not jump to a decision.

“Yong Er,” Lin Wei said, gazing at Ye Yong and speaking slowly. “Did someone threaten you?”

Lin Wei didn’t think that for no reason. Ye Yong had loved Qin Shi Meng to death just the previous day, and yet, today, he said that he wanted to cancel the engagement. Ruling out the possibility that his soul had been controlled, then there was only the possibility of him being threatened.

Lin Wei didn’t feel that anyone in the Great Zhou Dynasty could threaten ye Yong, but that was the only possibility that she could think of.

“No one is threatening me. I have just been enlightened,” Ye Yong said, straightening his body and looking at Lin Wei.

Fuck, this mother is so beautiful.

Well, Ye Yong didn’t have any strange thoughts about Lin Wei. In the novel, Lin Wei was an overprotective and doting parent. Because Long Tian had killed “Ye Yong”, all she wanted was to kill Long Tian to avenge “Ye Yong”, so much so that it caused the destruction of her family. She didn’t give up even after being the only one left. She only stopped after she demonized and got killed by the other heroines.

Ye Yong felt that canceling the engagement would not only save himself but also his family and his beautiful 300-year-old mother.

“If that’s so, then you can cancel the engagement if you want, Yong Er. The Qin Family wouldn’t dare to say anything.” As expected of an overprotective and doting parent, Lin Wei didn’t question ye Yong any further and agreed to his decision. “I will write a letter to cancel the engagement and have it sent to the Qin Family’s residence immediately.”

“Let your child go. This matter was started by me, so it should also be ended by me,” Ye Yong said. He was curious about what Qin Shi Meng looked like because the author kept bragging about her. However, since there were only words, it was hard to imagine what she looked like. There was only a shadow in his heart that kept bothering him, so he didn’t want to give up the chance of seeing her in real life.

Even though he had given up Qin Shi Meng’s route to protect his own life, it didn’t mean that he couldn’t look at a beauty such as her.

Lin Wei and the elders were surprised but they also subsequently became proud and relieved. Look at this child. It’s as if he had become a totally different person.

Cultivators indeed gained insight a lot, and the insights the cultivators gained sometimes could change an entire person. Demonizing was also a kind of insight cultivators gained, but it belonged to the wrong category of insights for cultivators to gain. They could be a kind saint in the previous moment but a demon that slaughters people the next moment.

In short, everyone was satisfied with Ye Yong’s changes. They didn’t really care about the engagement. The Qin Family was weaker than the Ye Family, and besides, the cancelation of the engagement was a loss for the Qin Family. With Ye Yong’s talents and conditions, there was no need for him to worry about whether or not he could find a Dao Companion. Besides, Ye Yong was the one who had requested the engagement in the first place, so naturally, it was his choice whether or not to keep it.

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