Chapter 107: Priceless

“Young Master, here. Wash your hands!” Mina said, putting a bucket of water in front of Liu Feng. She then took out a bar of soap from her pocket and took off the wrapper. She knew just how much Liu Feng like to be clean. He would wash his hands before eating and after using the bathroom. This time, his hands had the smell of blood, so he would definitely want to wash his hands.

Mina had originally planned for a picnic, so she had brought a small piece of soap with her, but things hadn’t gone according to her plan.

“So good!” Liu Feng said, taking the soap as he washed his hand. Many bubbles soon appeared as a nice fragrance came out, removing the smell of blood.

Niu Da and his brothers looked at the soap enviously. They knew what soap was since their parents had one, but they weren’t allowed to use it because their parents said that they would ruin it.

Niu Da had a very deep experience with soap. One time, when he came home from the military camp and saw the soap in his bathroom, he accidentally used it for a bit too long and caused the whole bathroom to be full of bubbles. Afterward, Niu Ben saw that the soap had become a lot smaller and gave Niu Da a beating.

Stuff like soap was generally only used by Liu Feng, Nicole, Mina, Anri, and the newly added Weya.

Niu Ben’s family only had one bar of soap. Liu Feng actually wanted to give them a few more, but Niu Ben had refused, saying that Niu Da and his brothers were still small and that it wasn’t good to reward them too much and that one bar of soap was enough for them to use.

“Niu Da, I heard that you’re getting married,” Liu Feng said, carefully picking at the blood in his fingers and laughing lightly. “Congratulations, when are you two marrying?”

“Ah?” Niu Da blushed and scratched his cheeks, embarrassed. “We’re marrying in two days.”

“How is the preparation for the new house going?” Liu Feng asked, carefully inspecting his hands for any unclean places.

“The decorations have been finished,” Niu Da said, his eyes filled with gratitude. Since he was going to start a family, he could no longer live in the front yard of the castle. He would only go there during his shift and would stay in the military camp the majority of the time.

This was one of the benefits of serving the City Lord’s Mansion that Liu Feng had planned. Someone that had the position of a trusted aide, like Niu Da, would be given a house. This was one of the ways to buy people’s hearts.

“Okay! I’ll send you a box of soap when the time comes,” Liu Feng said, washing away the bubbles off his hands and wiping them with a clean and dry cloth.

“Thank you, Young Master!” Niu Da shouted excitedly. He could imagine how happy his fiancée would be when she got the soap.

There was a saying among the commoners that the items in the City Lord’s Mansion were priceless and that the only way to obtain the items was for Liu Feng to award them.

Buff, for example, had eaten at the City Lord’s Mansion once and wouldn’t stop mentioning it.

“Alright, continue with the military exercise as planned. the accident that happened today was because they were too loose and relaxed. Be stricter with them,” Liu Feng said.


Liu Feng nodded and looked at the doctors. “Get some salt water for Dali to drink later.”


Liu Feng felt a little hungry, so he turned his head to Mina and said, “Come on! Let’s go back to the castle.”

“Okay, Young Master,” Mina said, following Liu Feng.

As the people looked at the leaving carriage, they only had one thought on their minds. To be able to save a person that was sure to die, is there anything that Lord Liu Feng can’t do?

It was already past lunchtime when Liu Feng and Mina returned to the castle. However, there was food ready in the kitchen every day. They were all checked by Nicole first before they could be served to Liu Feng.

The surgery that happened at noon had caused some blood to splash onto Liu Feng’s body. Due to his OCD and slight obsession over cleanliness, the first thing that he did after returning to the castle was to take a bath.

Liu Feng lay in the bathtub as he looked at the foggy ceiling. This was the time of the day when he didn’t want to move at all.

“Nothing could be used to exchange for such a life.” Liu Feng thought of the days on Earth and knew that even if he was rich, he wouldn’t be able to enjoy such a relaxing life like this one.

It was because the human heart was complex. The rules and regulations restricted and bound people, people had way too many calculations in their heads, and most importantly, there were no beastgirls on Earth.

Liu Feng remembered about what Anri had whispered to him about two days ago, and the corners of his mouth raised slightly. “Seems like I’ll have to prepare to return to Earth tonight.

He preferred to stay in this world. He would only go back to Earth to bring things over or to search for information on the internet. He wouldn’t stay on Earth for too long. Even though he might not be able to access the internet, play online games, or browse social media here, he still preferred to stay here.

After all, the life of a noble could really corrupt someone. Liu Feng had gotten used to having beastgirls fight for food during lunch and their sparkling eyes when they ate something delicious, having Nicole tend to him every day when he woke up in the morning, and having a group of servants that would listen to him. It was basically a scene from an anime.

Nicole put down the food as she worriedly asked Mina about why Liu Feng had rushed to take a bath. “Mina, what happened today? Why did Young Master call someone to take away the first aid kit in a hurry?”

“Nicole, you won’t believe this. Today, there was a blade and shield soldier called Dali…” Mina said, her eyes sparkling as she talked about what had happened earlier in the day.

After Mina finished telling the story, Nicole exclaimed, “Wow! Too bad I wasn’t there to see it.”

Mina didn’t know why, but her face suddenly flushed red as she carefully pulled on her collar. It was so good to be able to go out with the Young Master alone today.

When Liu Feng came out of the bathroom after he had finished bathing, he saw Nicole looking at him with adoration on her face, which made him shake his head with a bitter smile. He knew that the incident was going to spread sooner or later, and he just hoped that it wouldn’t turn into an outrageous tale.

“Young Master, you’ve worked hard,” Nicole said, pulling out a chair for Liu Feng.

Liu Feng stroked Nicole’s head as the corners of his mouth raised slightly. He was in a pleasant mood. With this kind of life, it doesn’t matter even if I won’t be able to return to Earth in the future.

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