Chapter 109: The Real Source of Confidence

This secret room didn’t just provide a safe place for Liu Feng to transmigrate in but also a place for him to put things.

The room was about 120 square feet and had a ton of shelves, although most of them were empty. Only 2 of the shelves were filled with books. The books were: Three Character Classic, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Journey to the West, Andersen’s Fairy Tales, Grimm’s Fairy Tales, 800 Home-Cooking Recipes, 1st Grade Language, 2nd Grade Math8th Grade Physics, 9th Grade Chemistry, and many more.

Whenever Liu Feng saw a common book, no matter how useful they were, he would bring some back with him. After all, nothing was more useful than knowledge.

The surgery he completed early in the day was the perfect example. Who knew that an inexperienced person like him could actually successfully do a surgery? He had saved a life, a soldier that could continue to serve him.

Even though Liu Feng hadn’t seen about 99% of the books on the shelf, it didn’t prevent him from obtaining knowledge that might be needed in the future. They were Liu Feng’s real source of confidence- a knowledge reserve.

The military technology on Earth was way ahead of this world. Who would know that the items that Liu Feng had currently released were the most advanced technology that he had? Perhaps in the next moment, he would bring out technology that was ahead of this world by 10 years.

He just needed to release technology that was ahead of this world by a few years and give people hope that they could catch up. He would slowly release more advanced technology as they tried to catch up with technology he had long since abandoned.

This was the reason that Liu Feng had taken out the recurve bows and military crossbows. They were ahead of the technology of this world by a few dozen years, and someone would figure them out sooner or later.

But after they spent a dozen years catching up, they would suddenly find that Liu Feng had released way more powerful weapons…

Liu Feng shook off the distracting thoughts in his mind. Every time he came here, his imagination would run for a little while. This was something that gave him a piece of mind, the same feeling a landlord would get when he had a surplus of food.

After all, this world’s industry was pretty much nonexistent. They couldn’t even make and use iron and steel properly, not to mention aircraft and artillery.

This was the reason that he had created the Department of Scientific Research. He wanted them to first accumulate experience and knowledge, and so that when the time came, they could put that knowledge to use.

“Ah, it’s almost 10 o’clock. I let my imagination run for a bit too long this time,” Liu Feng said, stroking his almost nonexistent beard. He laughed lightly and disappeared from the secret room.

When Liu Feng reappeared, he was in his home on Earth. He sighed as he looked at everything in his bedroom. “It feels like a dream every time I transmigrate. It’s really amazing.”

How would one describe Liu Feng’s room? One word: messy. There was a printer in his room and many other things that he bought, and the ground was littered with information that he had printed out.

Seeing this scene, Liu Feng’s OCD acted up and he picked up all the paper on the floor and stuffed them into his storage space. He then put a stack of paper on the printer and started color-printing.

“Done, time to go!”

Liu Feng changed into a different set of clothes and put on a cap. He hadn’t cut his hair in two months and it had gotten a bit long. Liu Feng was too lazy to clean his room and hurriedly left his house with a backpack full of money. He was going out to buy a birthday present.

Why would he bring a backpack of money? This was the money that he had gotten from selling gold. In order to not reveal his identity, he had chosen to sell his gold for cash.

He had sold gold in an underground black market, one in the next city. Liu Feng had gone there with a mask, a hat, and full-on “body armor”. He had sold five kilograms of gold for about a million dollars.


Something vibrated in his pocket, and Liu Feng took out his phone. He opened a hidden website and immediately looked at the information on it. He soon found what he was looking for, and his pupils shrunk.

“Got found out, huh. Guess I can’t go to the black market to sell gold anymore. There are too many greedy people.”

The website was a website for an underground black market. One of the news on there was a bounty offering a high price for Liu Feng’s information. Of course, the photo was of Liu Feng after he had disguised himself- he had a long beard and only the white part of his eyes showed.

Liu Feng thought about how he had stuffed iron pieces into the gold and couldn’t help but praise himself.¹ Checking the gold by biting it? The gold was as thick as tofu and they couldn’t even bite halfway down!

Everything was fine when he had intended to counterfeit the gold. Besides, Liu Feng had called the police before he went there. Everything would be simple in a panicking situation. It was a black market, so the police would probably thank him anyway.

Just like that, Liu Feng had actually used less than four kilograms of gold to get a million dollars in cash. One could say that he was bold, but he had actually spent a week to find that that specific black market’s gold inspection method was extremely behind.

“I hope that the news of Ginseng is true. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have any money left,” Liu Feng said, patting his backpack. He only had about 200,000 dollars left.

It was okay for him to sell small amounts of gold a few times. If he did it too much and caused there to be too much gold in the market, then some people would know and soon get to him.

Liu Feng didn’t dare to underestimate the people on Earth. Greed was a big motivator for people. The people who earned money in different ways would probably have special methods.

It was 10 o’clock in the city, and the nightlife had just begun. The streets were packed with cars and filled with the sound of horns. The sidewalks were filled with people walking around, and there were a few people on bicycles. The stores were flashing with signs.

The stalls were the most crowded places. The fragrance of their signature crawfish dish flew out, and there were many people drinking wine and beer.

Liu Feng suddenly felt a little out of place. Looking at the women with yellow hair, makeup, and cosmetic contact lenses, he suddenly thought of the beastgirls at the castle. After comparing them, his mouth twitched. The ladies that I used to think were beautiful look really ugly now!

Author’s Notes:

The plot needs to go step by step. You can’t rush it, otherwise, it’ll crumble. The male lead’s IQ is above above above average. ( ̄▽ ̄). Recommending a book from my friend, Omnipotent Delivery Man (全能外卖小哥).

Translator’s Notes:

¹ Guess that means they weren’t actually greedy since Liu Feng did cheat on them.

1 down, 14 to go.

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