Volume 1 Chapter 6: Qin Family

Ye Yong didn’t know what his mother or the elders were thinking. He set three goals for himself. First, cut off any connections to the male lead. Second, treat Wu Xue, the future martial goddess, well. Third, work hard and cultivate.

Lin Wei quickly wrote the engagement cancellation letter and stamped it with the Ye Family’s seal. She wanted to arrange for a few powerful guards to go with Ye Yong, but he refused.

He was going to cancel the engagement, not to fight. Besides, even if he threw the engagement cancellation letter on the Qin Family Head’s face, the Qin Family wouldn’t dare to do anything. Besides, he wasn’t just going out to cancel the engagement; he also wanted to go shopping around Cheng Ying City.

As a man who wanted to screw over the protagonist, he had already decided to go to an ordinary weapon store and buy some useless broken piece of metal. He didn’t want to have a group of bodyguards following him- that would feel uncomfortable.

“Then you should be careful,” Lin Wei said. She felt that Ye Yong was a stranger after he changed, but she felt happy more than anything. It was as if a child had suddenly grown up over one night and stopped being spoiled.

“I understand, mother,” Ye Yong said, carefully putting the engagement cancellation letter into his storage ring.

After Ye Yong left, Lin Wei called a few people to go follow Ye Yong secretly and protect him.

Sure, it was impossible for anything to happen to Ye Yong in the Great Zhou Dynasty, but well, she was still an overprotective parent.

After getting on the flying carriage, Ye Yong looked down from the sky and found that he couldn’t even see all of Ye Family’s territory.

The Ye Family’s territory was built upon a spiritual vein, and the spirit qi was very abundant. They had a history of more than 10,000 years and had connections to many big sects. They were rich and wealthy, and some small sects had to rely on them for assistance.

Only idiots would go against the protagonist. Enjoying the life of a wealthy rich kid is way better.

But hold up, Foundation Establishment Realm Cultivator…

Ye Yong looked at his hands. From the moment he came here, he had been paving the way for his future and hadn’t had the time to find out what the difference between a cultivator and a normal person was.

Cultivators at the late stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm could already use divine sense. Their divine sense was weak, but it wasn’t a problem for them to see their own bodies. Ye Yong tried to figure out what divine sense was and found that even if he closed his eyes, he could see his surroundings, but the range was only about 5 meters. It was just enough for him to see the carriage driver outside picking his nose.

The carriage driver was in the Crystallization Realm. Feeling Ye Yong look at him with his divine sense, he immediately stopped picking his nose. After cultivators reached the foundation Establishment Realm, they didn’t have to eat and their bodies wouldn’t produce any impurities like poop and stuff. The carriage driver just felt itchy.

Ye Yong ignored the carriage driver. He looked around outside the carriage with his divine sense, and then looked inside his own body.

The divine sense was even better than x-rays. Ye Yong could see all of his body’s internal organs and blood vessels, like a live anatomical chart. Frankly speaking, it looked quite disgusting. Ye Yong didn’t see his meridians, but it could also be that he just couldn’t recognize them.

No matter how many novels Ye Yong had read, he had never cultivated before, so there was a lot of basic knowledge that he needed to learn. He needed to cram the knowledge quickly and quietly before his mother and the elders found out.

The human race was currently split into kingdoms and dynasties. Kingdoms were just countries of varying sizes, and dynasties were above the kingdoms. It was the same with big sects and small sects.

Cheng Ying City was a city under the direct control of the Great Zhou Dynasty. It surpassed many countries in pure size and was one of the three major cities of the Great Zhou Dynasty. Looking at it from the air, one would see the place filled with buildings and people. The city wall was high and wide, stretching from east to west. With the current height of the flying carriage, Ye Yong couldn’t see the ends of the wall.

The Ye Family was east of Cheng Ying City, and the Qin Family was south of Cheng Ying City. Both of the families were famous cultivation families in the Great Zhou Dynasty, but the Ye Family had a better reserve of resources than the Qin Family.

After looking at the scenery for a while, Ye Yong started chatting with the system, asking whether or not there was a newbie gift packet. Learning that there was none, he was pissed for a pretty long time. In the end, he could only console himself with the fact that he had at least transmigrated into a wealthy young master of a cultivation family rather than a random bandit. If he had been a bandit, Ye Yong probably would have cried for a long time.

There were many small cities and even small countries near Cheng Ying City. Ye Yong didn’t pay much attention to them. It had been half an hour since the flying carriage had been traveling, and it started to descend. Ye Yong lifted the curtain to take a look, and he saw that they were at the Qin Family’s residence. It looked as gorgeous as the Ye Family’s Residence, just smaller.

The carriage landed in the courtyard of the Qin Family. Ye Yong could feel a lot of gazes on him as soon as he got out of the carriage. He looked around and saw that they were all young women.

Ye Yong’s self-confidence was inflated a little, but only by a little. Before he had transmigrated, he had a pretty handsome body. Sure, he wasn’t so handsome that people couldn’t move their eyes away, but it still caused many female classmates to have a crush on him.

His current handsome look was just icing on the cake for him.

These women included both servants and young ladies. They weren’t like afraid of him like the people in the Ye Family. In other words, Ye Yong really kept up a good appearance in public- they had no idea just how brutal and violent he was.

“Young Master Ye! Lady Qin is inlightening¹ the sword in the back of the mountain. Please go wait for a moment in the guest room. I will go and inform her immediately,” a middle-aged man greeted Ye Yong with a smile.

Ye Yong didn’t know him, but he could guess that he was probably one of the Qin Family’s servants that “he” had bribed. “No need. I’ll go see her directly.”

Although it was impolite to disturb someone while they were inlightening, but Ye Yong didn’t want to wait. After all, if Qin Shi Meng heard that he was coming, it was totally possible for her to deliberately drag it out for a few days. If she inlightened for a few days, was he supposed to wait for her for a few days?

Ye Yong knew that Qin Shi Meng hated him a lot. Just like how “Ye Yong” had bribed some servants in the Qin Family to keep an eye on Qin Shi Meng, Qin Shi Meng had bribed a few servants in the Ye Family to inquire about Ye Yong’s situation.

Qin Shi Meng didn’t want to get married so early, so she wanted to inquire about what Ye Yong hated so she could arouse Ye Yong’s hatred. However, every servant said that Ye Yong was very nice and didn’t really answer the question, until a bold, young, male servant told her about what Ye Yong had done in the Ye Family, and Qin Shi Meng was very angry after she heard it. The next day, the male servant who had told her that disappeared, obviously having been silenced. This made her disgusted by Ye Yong, who was a hypocrite and wasn’t the gentleman he appeared to be.

Ye Yong took the blame for “Ye Yong”, but there was nothing that he could do. Besides, it didn’t matter whether or not Qin Shi Meng hated him. After all, he had already decided to cut his connection with Qin Shi Meng to avoid the male lead.

Hearing that Ye Yong was going to go to Qin Shi Meng directly, the servant didn’t say anything else and just led the way.

Even if the Qin Family’s Elders were here, they wouldn’t say anything. After all, all of the Qin Family’s Elders approved of the marriage because the Ye Family was stronger than the Qin Family and Ye Yong’s future was unlimited.

After bringing Ye Yong to the mountain, the servant left.

Ye Yong organized his clothes and hair for a while, cleared his throat, and walked toward the back of the mountain.

This mountain was just a small mountain out of the many mountains that the Qin Family owned. Because it was near Qin Shi Meng’s boudoir, they gave the mountain to her. In addition to cultivating her realm, Qin Shi Meng would occasionally go to the back of the mountain to inlighten the sword and sword intent.

There was a small stone path in the back of the mountain, so Ye Yong didn’t get lost. When he arrived at the top, he saw a beautiful woman in red clothes sitting on the ground, with a treasure sword in front of her.

Qin Shi Meng didn’t bother to open her eyes when she heard the sound of footsteps. She knew who was coming as there was only one person who would disturb her while she was inlightening.

¹ 顿悟/领悟. It’s hard to try to find the right word every time, so for ease of translation, I’ve decided to just make it up. So from now on, at least for the novels that I translate:

Inlighten (verb):

1. to try to learn and increase one’s comprehension of

2. to try to obtain enlightenment/insights about

Inlightenment (noun):

1. to be in a state of inlightening

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