Chapter 110: Danger Sense

Liu Feng coughed. The smell of oil and gas exhaust in the air made him feel uncomfortable.

He knew that this was a normal reaction. Usually, when people lived in a place with good air quality for a long time and suddenly moved to a city where the air quality is bad, they would feel a bit of discomfort. This was just their body trying to adapt to the environment.

“Seems like I have to hurry back after I finish shopping,” Liu Feng mumbled. Liu Feng called a taxi, told the driver where he wanted to go, got in, and closed his eyes to rest.

15 minutes later, Liu Feng appeared in front of the largest supermarket in the city. After paying the taxi driver, Liu Feng took his backpack and headed inside the supermarket with a shopping cart.

Maybe because of the nobility aura that he had obtained recently, Liu Feng was extremely eye-catching. The hat he wore made many of the girls think that he was a celebrity.

“…” Liu Feng pulled on the brim of his hat. The girls’ gazes were extremely passionate, making him feel uncomfortable. These wild girls don’t look as good as the domesticated ones. Liu Feng concentrated his mind on shopping, and he scanned the shelves for items. “What should I buy? I’ve already made a plan before I came here, and yet, I forgot it when I just started shopping…”

“Two boxes of Nescafe instant coffee!”

“Eh? They got new glasses again? Looks pretty good. It’s time for the glasses in the castle to be changed, so I’ll have some!”

Liu Feng said that he didn’t know what he wanted to buy, but just by walking around, Liu Feng’s shopping cart slowly became full. He was, after all, grabbing a bit of everything.


He looked at the full shopping cart. He had yet to buy the thing that he had come for.

“Sir, let me help you push it,” a female employee said enthusiastically, taking the shopping cart from Liu Feng.

“Then, thanks,” Liu Feng said. “Can you help me push it to the checkout?”

“Huh? Okay!” The female employee froze for a bit before hurriedly agreeing. She was a bit down as she left as she had thought that she could have followed Liu Feng.

Liu Feng shrugged, found another shopping cart, and started to shop again!

“This notebook looks pretty good and is quite thick. I can keep this as a collection!”

“Badminton racket? I think I’ll buy this, too. It’s good even if I just keep it somewhere.”

“Right, what should I choose for a birthday gift?” Liu Feng looked around, and his eyes quickly lit up when he saw a place with a lot of girls around.

“She will definitely like that gift.” Liu Feng pushed the shopping cart to a place that had plushies and pajamas.

A boy had suddenly appeared in a group of just girls, so he immediately attracted all the attention.

“Wow! It’s a handsome guy!”

“Did he come here to strike up a conversation? Or is his girlfriend here?”

“What strong temperament. It’s like those of a president.”

Liu Feng looked at the plushies and saw a cat plushie that was as tall as a person.

“Excuse me, I need to get something,” Liu Feng said.

“Ah? Oh, okay!”

Liu Feng nodded, walked forward, and grabbed the cat plushie by its ears. He put it on his shoulder and walked away, leaving the group of girls with envious eyes.

“So handsome! He’s like my ideal handsome man.”

“Why does the one at my house only know how to play games? And even despise me for being fat.”


Liu Feng was completely unaware of what had happened. He went on to buy a few more things and pushed the full shopping cart to the checkout.

“Huh? Mr. Liu, you’re buying this many things again?”

The cashier recognized Liu Feng. Or rather, Liu Feng had come so many times and bought so many things that it was impossible for her to not recognize him.

“Yeah,” Liu Feng said, nodding lightly, taking out the things from the shopping cart and putting them onto the checkout conveyor belt. He decided that he would go to a different supermarket next time.

“Mr. Liu, when are you going to release the novel that you’ve been writing? I go and support it,” the cashier said, smiling.

“Soon. I’ll tell you when I get a chance,” Liu Feng said. He was pretending to be a webnovel author on Earth, the kind that stayed at home 24/7 to type.

Many neighbors, after seeing him, would always tell him to not stay at home all day and go out for a walk so he could get inspiration. No one had suspected that he had been doing anything else, let alone transmigrating to a different world.

Liu Feng soon finished checking out. There were many large bags and a large cat plushie. A few female employees enthusiastically helped him carry his items.

As soon as he reached the door of the supermarket, two beautiful female employees stopped him. “Hello, sir, we have an event where you can participate in the lottery if you purchased more than $1,000 worth of items. The first prize is a jade jewelry worth $9,999. The second prize is a vertical air conditioner worth $5,888…”

Liu Feng knew that this was a promotional event. Most of the prizes would be coupons where people could get discounts if the things that they buy came up to a certain amount.

Liu Feng turned to look at the flyer and saw a beautifully carved jade jewelry of a mountain landscape. He thought about how he was a noble and didn’t have any jewelry, which wasn’t very fitting of one. As for gemstone rings, well, Liu Feng wasn’t really used to them.

“Oh? Then I’ll draw one,” Liu Feng said, nodding his head. He had set his sight on the jade jewelry.

“Okay. Sir, please come with us,” the female employee said with a smile.

It only took a few steps for them to go to the counter. Quite a few people were drawing prizes, which made it quite lively.

“Sir, please draw one from here,” another female employer said, bringing over a raffle box.¹


Liu Feng’s eyes flashed and he quickly put his hand inside. As he grabbed one, the back of his head slightly tingled so he let it go and grabbed another one. He got the tingly feeling again. This made him stir the raffle box until he touched one that didn’t make the back of his head feel tingly.

“This one, then!”

Liu Feng took the paper out and handed it to the employee.

This was the danger sense ability that he had gotten after his body had been honed. Anything that was harmful to him would cause the back of his head to slightly tingle. These included having someone trying to poison him, a falling flower pot, and lottery.

Author’s Notes:

I hadn’t wanted to expose the male lead’s ability this soon, but some readers thought that I was going to harm the male lead or something. ( ̄▽ ̄). I’ll won’t write about Earth too much!

Translator’s Notes:

¹ Did you just ignore the other people drawing prizes? Hello?

2 down, 13 to go.

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