Chapter 111: Looking at Him Like He Was a God!

“Okay, sir” the employee said taking the slip of paper and then scratching it.

“Fir- first prize?” The employees were dumbfounded. They thought they had misread it and took another look.

“U-uh, sir, your luck is very good,” the female employee said. Indeed, to be able draw the first prize from thousands of slips of paper, Liu Feng was very “lucky”.

“Yeah, I got pretty lucky,” Liu Feng said, smiling. He took the jade jewelry and walked away.

At the entrance of the supermarket, Liu Feng thanked the employees, took his things, and walked away. He looked for a hidden alleyway with no cameras and then proceeded to stuff everything into his storage space.

“Oh? It’s 11 o’clock already?” Liu Feng took out his phone, looked at it, and yawned. Other people’s night life was just starting, but he was getting sleepy.

“Then I guess it’s time to go back.”

Liu Feng walked slowly with his hands in his pockets as he looked around. He looked at the people laughing and smiling, and he wondered just how many people were laughing sincerely and how many were just laughing to be polite.

High property prices, the pressures of life, the impetuous society, and the complex and unpredictable human heart.

Liu Feng wondered how long it would for the other world to become like Earth. Maybe the human heart couldn’t be satisfied, and people would always want to keep getting more. Maybe the more people knew, the more complicated their thoughts were.

Suddenly, Liu Feng felt the back of his head tingle. It was faint, but it was still there, meaning that whatever it was, it was still harmful to him.

East? West? South? North? Liu Feng quickly thought about the different directions that he could dodge in. However, the tingling sensation was there no matter which of the four directions he chose.

Then, northeast? Southwest? Southeast? When he thought of the southeast direction, the tingling sensation disappeared, and he immediately walked toward that direction. 

When he thought of the Southeast direction, the tingling sensation disappeared. Liu Feng moved in that direction, and just a second later, a caterpillar fell down from the tree above him.

That may seem like a long time, but actually, Liu Feng had only taken one second to react. Rather, he could have reacted in an even shorter time- he just wasn’t skilled enough.

“I still need one second?”

Liu Feng looked at the caterpillar. His subconscious thought that the caterpillar falling onto his skin would cause allergic reactions, which was why he got the warning.

He had awakened this ability after he had started transmigrating. This ability was what had allowed him to save Nicole and live well in the other world for a month.

Afterward, he became the city lord and had Mina and Niu Ben’s family as his guard, so he hadn’t faced danger ever since.

“It seems that I’ll have to train this ability when I go back. It’ll be shameful if this ability can’t be used during danger,” Liu Feng said, sighing. He had been busy living too comfortably recently, and the caterpillar had given him a reminder.

In the beginning, Liu Feng had thought that the ability was something like spider-mans spider-sense. But after trying it out, he realized that It was something different. It would give him a warning about two seconds before an incoming source of danger. He would then be able to use that information to decide his next move as soon as he reacted. It was like a foresight ability.

It didn’t have any offensive power, but Liu Feng felt that it was a very strong ability that was very suited for him.

As long as he didn’t encounter machine guns or nuclear bombs, he could easily dodge any attack and make a counterattack.

If Liu Feng could shorten his reaction time to 0.1 seconds, it was completely possible for him to solo 100 enemies at once on the battlefield.

This ability was extremely versatile. If it wasn’t because it could only detect dangers to Liu Feng with a certain range, he would have already gone to buy lottery tickets.

Liu Feng stepped on the caterpillar, killing it, and walked away. He was going to go back to sleep so he could find someone to practice with the following day.

When Liu Feng got back, he obtained another item- a delivered package that he had just gotten from the security room.

Liu Feng shut the door close, locked it, and put a piece of paper on the door gap. He would easily be able to tell if anyone had tried to sneak into his house.

His bedroom had become a mess again after an hour of printing. Liu Feng once again gathered the paper and stuffed them into his storage space.

Originally, he wasn’t going to print the information on paper and was just going to use electronics to store them, but he thought of how it was possible for electronic devices to malfunction, and that would be a disaster, so he had decided to print information out as a backup.

Besides, he couldn’t really just take his phone out and copy the things on there in front of others, could he? The paper made it so that it wouldn’t feel too weird.

Liu Feng put another stack of paper onto the printer, locked the bedroom door, and put a chair at the door. He disappeared from the room, leaving the printer to go brr brr.

Liu Feng reappeared in the secret room. Liu Feng decided that the next time he moved to a new house on Earth, he would get a secret room like this one. Of course, this would have to wait until he confirmed that there were actually wild ginsengs and then sold the ginsengs.

“Phew… I’m back again. My body feels like it’s full of strength.” Liu Feng felt as if the invisible shackles that had been binding his body had been released. He knew that it was most likely just a psychological effect.

Liu Feng took out the paper from his storage space and locked them in an iron cabinet. He then put the books that he had bought from the supermarket onto the bookshelf, walked out of the room, closed the door, locked it, and closed the cabinet door. There wasn’t anyone in the room, and his ability wasn’t warning him of any dangers, so Liu Feng took out all the things from his storage space and put them on the table.

The following day, Nicole would secretly transport the items to the inner vault. She would never ask where they came from as if she had never even seen them.

Liu Feng had asked the girls about whether or not they were curious where the things came from. They just laughed, saying, “Young Master, everyone has their own secrets. You’ve been sent by heaven to save us, so no matter how amazing you are, it’s only natural.”

Liu Feng didn’t know how to respond to that statement. They were looking at him like he was a god.

Was this the belief of this world? Attribute all unknowns to God?

Well, it doesn’t really matter. It’s enough that they treat him as the only “God”.

Author’s Notes:

Was too sleepy this afternoon. I had only typed half the chapter when I fell asleep. Washing my face with cold water doesn’t work anymore. Being sleepy has started to become a daily occurrence. ( ̄▽ ̄).

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