Volume 1 Chapter 7: Qin Shi Meng

Ye Yong could only see the side of Qin Shi Meng’s face, but it was still enough to make his heart flutter.

As a cultivator in the Seventh Layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm, Ye Yong had much better vision than mortals. He could see that Qin Shi Meng’s skin was white and tender and didn’t have any flaws. The curvature of her nose and the thickness of the corners of her mouth were so perfect that it was as if God had carefully calculated what would be the most beautiful proportions. She was a fairy.

Ye Yong could smell the beautiful aroma that Qin Shi Meng emitted. That, combined with her stunningly beautiful face, would capture the heart of most people.

Before Ye Yong had transmigrated, he had seen a lot of female stars, but none of them could compare to Qin Shi Meng- not even those that had plastic surgery.

This was an effect of being a cultivator. Their auras would be completely different than those of mortals, not to mention that Qin Shi Meng had a special bloodline.

For a moment, Ye Yong didn’t want to give up on Qin Shi Meng. However, he got afraid when he thought about how the male lead would come into contact with Qin Shi Meng two weeks later. He said it before- there are many beautiful heroines, but he only had one life.

Liu Feng gave Qin Shi Meng a salute. “Long time no see, Lady Qin Shi Meng.”

Actually, we just met yesterday. Qin Shi Meng didn’t move and just kept her eyes closed.

Ye Yong was someone who knew the plot of the novel, and he knew how much Qin Shi Meng hated him. As such, he didn’t beat around the bush and got to the point directly. “I’m here today to talk about the engagement.”

Qin Shi Meng didn’t react.

Ye Yong smiled faintly. “I’m here to cancel the engagement.”

As expected, as soon as he said those words, Qin Shi Meng’s eyelashes moved and she opened her eyes. It was a pair of eyes so beautiful that it would make people captivated the moment they saw them.

Ye Yong felt his reasoning get attacked. He was a mortal and not a cultivator, and not even “Ye Yong”, an actual cultivator, could resist Qin Shi Meng’s beauty, so it was out of the question for him.

Ye Yong bit his tongue, causing blood to come out. He waved away all the irrational thoughts in his mind and thought of the vengeful male lead. I don’t want to die!

Ye Yong took out the engagement cancellation letter from the storage ring and forced himself to look away. He no longer dared to look at Qin Shi Meng, because looking at her more could cost him his life.

Qin Shi Meng didn’t know what had happened and just stared at Ye Yong dumbfoundedly. Engagement cancellation? Such a good thing? Could it be a trap?

Qin Shi Meng stood out, stretched out her hand, and took the letter. She opened it and saw that it was indeed an engagement cancellation letter. It also had the Ye Family’s seal, so it couldn’t be fake.

Because she had a really bad impression of Ye Yong, Qin Shi Meng thought that Ye Yong was scheming something. “What do you want?”

“Nothing. Just like what the letter said, we are not fit for each other. Therefore, we should cancel our engagement.”

Qin Shi Meng found it strange that Ye Yong was looking away and not staring at her like he usually did, as if he had been threatened. But the Ye Family is one of the strongest families in the Great Zhou Dynasty, and the Ye Family Elders are all Nascent Soul Realm and above, so there shouldn’t be anyone that could threaten Ye Yong…

Could I be hallucinating from being too obsessed with sword inlightenment?

Everything happened so suddenly that Qin Shi Meng couldn’t believe that it was actually happening.

“Then, Lady Qin, farewell,” Ye Yong said, leaving.

Qin Shi Meng was confused about what was happening. She took a deep breath and recited the Heart Cleansing Technique to try to get herself out of the illusion, but no matter how much she tried, the engagement cancellation letter was still in her hand.

Qin Shi Meng couldn’t calm down, and she was both puzzled and happy. She took the letter and went to the Qin Family’s discussion chamber.

The Qin Family’s elders exploded when they learned that Ye Yong had given Qin Shi Meng the engagement cancellation letter.

“Shi Meng! Why did you accept the letter? Why didn’t you discuss it with us first?”

“Quickly catch up to Young Master Ye and ask him why!”

The marriage between Ye Yong and Qin Shi Meng would be a great opportunity to strengthen the Qin Family’s power. The sudden cancellation of the engagement was as if the opportunity that was right in front of him had disappeared, and they of course were unwilling for that to happen.

“Shi Meng, what happened?” Qin Shi Meng’s father, Qin Feng, was also very nervous. He wasn’t the head of the family- rather, he was merely a chamber master. Even though he had quite a bit of power, he wanted more, and Ye Yong was the opportunity that could give him more power.

“I don’t know. He just suddenly came to me, gave me the letter, said that we are suited for each other, and left,” Qin Shi Meng answered.

“That’s not possible! Who doesn’t know that Young Master Ye likes you? Speak, did you threaten Young Master Ye?” Some elders were furious.

“I did not.”

“Shi Meng, this matter doesn’t just relate to your future but also the family’s future. I hope you think about it.”

Qin Shi Meng sneered. “Do you elders care about my future or the family’s future?”

“Of course it’s your future! You can get way better resources in the Ye Family than in the Qin Family. Besides, Young Master Ye is a dragon among humans, and even if he can’t get to the Great Ascension Realm, there is absolutely no problem for him to get to the Void Realm. If you follow him, then you might also get to the Void Realm.”

The most powerful old man in the Qin Family was an Ascension Realm Layer Nine cultivator, while the Ye Family had three Ascension Realm Layer Nine cultivators.They even had a cultivator in the tenth layer of Ascension Realm in the Heavenly Luo Sect. If he could break through to the Void Realm, then Ye Family would be in a stable position as the number 1 family in the Great Zhou Dynasty. Besides, even if they had the same number of powerhouses, the Ye Family had a way better reserve of resources.

“Oh?” Qin Shi Meng knew exactly what the elders were thinking. She was only 17 years old, but she was already in the fifth layer of Foundation Establishment Realm. If Ye Yong, who was even more talented than her, didn’t exist, the elders wouldn’t dare to go against her wishes as she was the most talented lady in the Qin Family.

The problem lay in the fact that Ye Yong’s status and talent outshined her own.

“Since you elders say that you care about my future, then why would you force me to marry someone I don’t like?”

“Why do kids know about liking? You’ll naturally like him when you get into contact with Young Master Ye more.”

“Quick, take this engagement cancellation letter and catch up to Young Master Ye.”

“Impossible. Chase after him yourselves if you want to. Marry him yourselves if you want to. I, Qin Shi Meng, don’t need to really on a man like him to get to the Void Realm and the Great Ascension Realm. I can even get to the Saint Realm and Tribulation Realm! Our Qin Family should be proud of me and not see someone as better and treat me like a product.”

“How could you speak like that to your elders? Disrespectful.”

“Qin Feng, control your daughter.” The elders were unhappy with what Qin Shi Meng had said.

Qin Feng understood his daughter’s personality, but being able to have a joint marriage with the Ye Family was extremely tempting, so he whispered, “Shi Meng, listen. Go talk to Young Master Ye and ask the reason. Let’s not worry about the engagement right now. We at least need to know the reason.”

“Hmph. It must be because this girl had been so cold to Young Master Ye and had been ignoring him that caused Young Master Ye’s heart to become cold,” an elder snorted.

“It’s your fortune that Young Master Ye likes you. You don’t even know what’s good for you!”

Qin Shi Meng has pissed. Are these people Qin Family’s Elders or Ye Family’s lackeys?

Seeing most of the elders speak for Ye Yong, Qin Shi Meng realized why Ye Yong canceled the engagement without any hesitation at all. It was just part of his scheme- he wanted to pressure her with her family!

With this sudden realization, Qin Shi Meng hated Ye Yong even more.

However, she was, ultimately, someone of the Qin Family. She couldn’t just forget the kindness that the Qin Family had given by raising her. So under the elders’ and her father’s persuasion, Qin Shi Meng took the letter, put on a veil, called a few maids, got on a flying carriage, and headed to the Ye Family’s residence.

As for Ye Yong, well, he didn’t return to the Ye Family’s residence. After leaving the Qin Family’s residence, he went to Cheng Ying City, strolling through the streets as he observed this foreign yet familiar cultivation world.

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