Chapter 113: Young Master is Actually This Strong?

Liu Feng could hear clashing sounds even before he could see the morning practice site.

“It seems that everyone got up early!”

Liu Feng shrugged. He was the person that woke the latest in the castle. If there weren’t any emergencies or if he didn’t instruct anyone to, no one would wake him up in the morning. He would just sleep until he woke up naturally, and there was only one thing left to make it perfect- having so much money that his hands would get cramped just from counting.

Liu Feng soon saw the morning practice site. Niu Ben’s family was there sparring and Mina was there practicing her knife-throwing skills.

“Everyone is up so early,” Liu Feng greeted.

“Good morning, Young Master.”

Mina looked at Liu Feng, confused, and asked, “Young Master, are you going out? I’ll go get ready now.”

“No, I’m joining you guys for morning practice today,” Liu Feng said, waving his hand.

“Ah?” Everyone looked at Liu Feng in shock. Doesn’t Young Master usually sleep through the whole morning? Why did he suddenly remember morning practices today?

“Don’t ah, hurry and get a person to spar with me,” Liu Feng said, shaking his head. Seems that I have been too relaxed recently. I should wake up early and take a nap in the afternoon.

Wooden Swords? Liu Feng looked through the row of wooden swords. He picked a single-handed wooden sword and shook it like the people in the movies did.

“Young Master, do you really want to do morning practice?” Niu Ben asked. He wanted to see if Liu Feng was just doing it on a whim.

“Of course!” Liu Feng said, nodding and smiling lightly. “I heard that nobles have noble duels. If I don’t practice, I will have to refuse if a noble challenge me to a duel, which would be shameful.”

Noble duels were basically just a group of people who got so mad over something and wanted to fight and just gave it the elegant name of the noble duel.

“Indeed, refusing a noble duel is a bit shameful,” Niu Ben said, nodding. He had stayed in the capital before and knew what nobles were like. Those nobles didn’t really have much to do and would hold parties all day, dance with swords and spears, and brag about how they would go on the battlefield and obtain merits like their parents.

“I’ll kill whoever dares to trouble Young Master,” Mina said, military knives appearing in her hands.

“… The corner of Liu Feng’s mouth twitched. Why are you so bloodthirsty early in the morning?

“Quick, someone practice with me,” Liu Feng said, getting onto the field and looking at everyone as he tried to hold back a smile.

“Niu Er, spar with the Young Master,” Niu Ben said.

Niu Er had a bitter expression on his face as Mina was staring at him. He was 100% sure that if there was the slightest possibility that he would hurt Liu Feng, and knife would come flying toward him.

“Young Master, here I come,” Niu Er held a two-handed greatsword and looked at Liu Feng with a serious expression on his face.

“Come!” Liu Feng concentrated. He immediately got a tingling sensation on the back of his head. Using process of elimination, he figured that Niu Er would attack his right side.

“Ha!” Niu Er bellowed and slashed toward Liu Feng’s right side.

The attack might look fierce and all, but even Liu Feng knew that Niu Er was just pretending. However, this wasn’t what he wanted.

Liu Feng stepped ahead, dodge the attack, and hit Niu Er’s hand that was holding the sword.

Niu Er’s hand felt a bit numb and the sword dropped from his palm. He looked at Liu Feng, stunned. How is this possible?

The people present were stunned. What happened? Young Master defeated Niu Er with one move? That’s not supposed to be possible even if Niu Er was going easy.

“Don’t underestimate me. I’m actually pretty strong.” Liu Feng threw the sword to Niu Er. After Niu Er held his sword properly, Liu Feng charged at Niu Er.

Interpretation! First move, the front. Second move, the side. Third move- only three move? Then I’ll finish this in three moves!

Niu Er caught the sword and looked at Liu Feng with a serious expression. He immediately sliced forward with his sword. Eh? Dodge? Side slash? Dodged again? How is that possible?

Niu Er once again felt the back of his hand go numb and the sword slipped from his hand again. Niu Er was dumbfounded. How’s this possible? Why does it feel like Young Master knew what I was going to do?

Niu Er had just wanted to go easy on Liu Feng to get him through morning practice at first, but he had been completely serious right now. And yet, he couldn’t last three moves against Liu Feng.

The spectators were shocked and had their mouths wide open. What the hell? Young Master is this strong? He defeated Niu Er within three moves?

“Phew…” Liu Feng lightly exhaled and shook his head. It was the first time he had tried predicting three of Niu Er’s moves in advance. The actual combat allowed Liu Feng to subconsciously concentrate and predict better.

“Come, let’s practice again,” Liu Feng said, shaking his sword.

“Phew…” Niu Er nodded and had a serious expression on his face. He didn’t dare to underestimate Liu Feng anymore as he knew that Liu Feng was very strong.

Niu Er picked up the sword and attacked Liu Feng… and got defeated in two moves. Seeing the wooden sword on his neck, he could only shake his head and admit defeat.

“I’m no match for Young Master,” Niu Er said.

“Let me try,” Niu Da said, stepping forward with a wooden spear. He had a serious expression as Niu Er was equally matched with him.

“Come!” Liu Feng said.

“Ha!” Niu Da charged forward as he waved the spear around.

The next second, the wooden spear slipped from his hand, and Niu Da looked at the red stripe on the back of his hand. I just made a move and got my spear knocked out of my hand. That’s too strong.

“Both of you go together!” Niu Ben shouted. He was awed. He didn’t know that Liu Feng was so strong. Was I unnecessarily meddling when I previously saved Young Master?

Niu Da and Niu Er glanced at each other, nodded, and charged toward Liu Feng.


Liu Feng went up to intercept them. It was a bit harder for him to interpret moves against two people, but he was still able to defeat the two of them after about a dozen moves.

Liu Feng shook his head. Soloing three people at once with his current ability would be pushing it if he doesn’t break through the one-second limit. Even if he only shortened that one second to 0.9 seconds, he could defeat two people in three moves, but it was hard to improve even a tiny bit.

Seems like I still need to practice more. It’s best to break through as soon as possible.

Author’s Notes:

( ̄▽ ̄). I could immediately tell from the questions some readers asked that they read by jumping around chapters. It’s helpless.

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