Chapter 114: The Failed Green Tea Prank

“Phew…” Liu Feng exhaled and wiped the sweat off of his nose with his thumb. He had been sparring with Niu Da and Niu Er for half an hour and had improved from needing to use 10 moves to defeat them to only needing 7 moves.

“Okay, let’s stop now. That’s it for today,” Liu Feng said, smiling lightly.

“Yes!” Niu Da and Niu Er both breathed a sigh of relief and wiped the sweat off their foreheads with their sleeves. They got a big blow to their confidence today as they couldn’t defeat the skinny-looking Liu Feng with their buff and strong-looking body.

“Let’s go wash up and eat breakfast,” Liu Feng said, putting the wooden sword back onto the wooden shelf. He turned his head and said to the dumbfounded Mina, “Don’t just stand there!”

“Huh? Oh oh!” Mina blinked and followed Liu Feng excitedly. “Young Master, you’re so powerful! You defeated Niu Da and Niu Er!”

She took out a handkerchief that Liu Feng had given her and handed it to Liu Feng. Liu Feng had told her that girls should have a handkerchief to wipe their sweat and stuff, but she was very reluctant to use it to wipe sweat. However, she was very willing to give it to Liu Feng to use. She was extremely happy today- happy for Liu Feng for defeating both Niu Da and Niu Er, even if she could easily defeat both of them.

Which girl doesn’t like strong people? Those who say that they don’t mind if their stars are weak are just trying to take care of their reputation, so please don’t believe it.

Niu Ben smiled as he looked at Liu Feng and Mina walked away. He nodded his head in satisfaction. To be able to serve a noble like Young Master, it must be the fortune we got from karma.

He turned his head and looked at his depressed sons. He suddenly got aangry and yelled, “What are y’all standing there for? Hurry up and scram back to eat! Are you not going to go to work? Are you not going to the military camp?”

“Ah! Yes yes yes!”

Niu Da and his brothers hurriedly scrambled to where they belong.

“Seriously… it seems like I’ll have to increase the amount of training. They are failures as knights, how could they fight for Young Master like that?” Niu Ben muttered as he walked away at a fast pace. If someone looked at him while he was walking, they wouldn’t be able to tell that he had a broken foot.

“I wonder when Lil Wu’s going to return. I hope that everything will go smoothly. Well, Lil Wu is wiser than his idiot brothers, so he should be fine…”

Which parent doesn’t worry about their children?

“The sales for ceramic products dropped again. It can’t go on like this… But lollipop sales went up again. It seems there really are people that like sweet things.” Anri poked her chin with a pen as she looked at the data, grinning and licking her lips.

“That’s because you donated a large portion of your steel coins into it,” Mina said, laughing.

“Non= nonsense, I only bought a few lollipops,” Anri said, glaring at Mina. However, one look at her cheeks and it was obvious that Mina was right.

“Oh? Then who’s backpack is filled with various flavors of lollipops? And limited edition ones at that!”

“H- how do you know that?” Anri asked, staring at Mina. The next second, she suddenly thought of something and pointed her finger at Mina. “You mutated cat girl! You stole my lollipop!”

“No, I juts borrowed one,” Mina said.

“So it was you! I was wondering why a green tea flavored lollipop was missing! Damn it!” Anri yelled, getting on top of her chair. “I took Young Master’s green tea to make the lollipops… cough cough… there’s only three of those lollipops and I’m reluctant to eat them. You- you actually dare to steal it.”

“Took Young Master’s green tea, pfft…” A strange smile appeared on her face as she looked at Anri. You confessed without anyone even trying to probe the answer out of you.

“Oh? Took Young Master’s green tea?” Nicole blinked a few times as if she had heard something interesting. She got behind Anri and slightly pulled on Anri’s ears. “Lady Anri! I asked you the other day whether or not you saw the green tea. And what did you say? Mina drank it?”

Anri’s face was red, and her body got soft from Nicole pulling on her ears. She shrunk into Nicole’s arm, pleading, “Nicole, I won’t do it anymore. Please spare me.”

“Begging for mercy already? Which family’s catgirl can drink so much green tea at once?” Mina said, gloating. “Catgirls can’t, but cunning foxgirls definitely can!”

“You, you…” Anri wanted to retort, but unfortunately, the strange feeling from her ears made her unable to speak. 

“Geez. You couldn’t have just asked me if you wanted green tea,” Nicole said softly. However, she fingers kept rubbing Anri’s ears.

“That- that because I asked Young Master, he said that he would give it to me,” Anri said.

“Eh? Is that how it is?” Laughter flashed through Nicole’s eyes. She pretended to be confused, saying, “But Young Master told me that he didn’t see the green tea.”

“Nnnn~ mmm~ That’s because I asked Young Master to not say anything,” Anri said. Anri hadn’t expected to suffer today. She wanted to do a prank, but she had failed and it caused her own demise.

Liu Feng just finished showering and came into the dining room. Seeing the three girls playing around, the corners of his mouth lifted subconsciously. As he passed by them, he patted Nicole’s ass lightly.

“Ah!” Nicole exclaimed, freezing up. Her face became red and she let go of Anri, and her eyes watered.

“Let’s start breakfast,” Liu Feng said, clenching his hand. He didn’t know why he had just done that.”

“Yes!” Nicole escaped from the dining room. Outside the room, she patted her violently beating heart, and mumbled, “Young Master is so mean!”

Mina looked at the escaping Nicole, confused as to what happened.

“Phew…” Anri sighed in relief. She slumped into her chair, pouting. “Young Master, the two of them bullied me.”

“Oh? Did they eat your lollipop again? Or what?” Liu Feng asked.

“It’s all because of the mutated Mina. She stole my lollipop,” Anri said.

“Just steal her food back next time,” Liu Feng said. He knew just how much these two loved playing the “I eat yours and you eat mine” game.

“Oh, right. Where did Weya go?”

“She went to the academy this morning. She said that she wanted to get familiar with the school.”

Translator’s Notes:

This one’s for the Friday chapter that I didn’t do.

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