Volume 1 Chapter 4: The Design of Experience Points

After washing up, Miranda’s group grilled the forest wolf meat that they hadn’t finished the previous day. It might not be healthy to eat grilled food so early in the morning, but they didn’t have the luxury to be picky.

Fortunately, forest wolves were wood-type magical beasts, and the meat didn’t really change flavor after a night, so they could more or less eat it.

As for sending wood-type Roland out to pick fruits for them…

Miranda didn’t have the guts to do so!

After they finished eating breakfast, Miranda came over to wood-type Roland and said, “Hello, warrior. We are going to take a trip up the mountains.”

“En,” wood-type Roland nodded his head.

Miranda’s smile did not disappear because of wood-type Roland’s coldness and just left gracefully.

Only when Miranda’s group move out and wood-type Roland followed them did she show a surprised expression.”

“You are…”


Miranda’s group: “…” Even though they could understand the purpose behind wood-type Roland’s actions, there was no need for him to say it so blatantly!

Miranda’s group was angry, but they didn’t stay angry for long. Their attitude took a 180 degrees turn when wood-type Roland killed a brown bear by himself.

Surveillance? No! This is protection!

With the protection of such a strong knight, they would be much safer when walking around Malon South Island! However, no matter how much Rolin and the two sword-wielding retainers tried to talk to him, wood-type Roland always had a cold expression on his face.

Even while Miranda’s group was busy tying cloths of tree branches, wood-type Roland would just expressionlessly guard their surroundings and kill any passing magic beast.

Instantly, Miranda’s group labeled wood-type Roland as a powerful and expressionless person.

“First they went up to the mountain to tie cloths and then they went to the shore to pile rocks. They really have a lot of ideas.”

Ye Tian Ming might be taking light-type Roland and dark-type Roland to grind levels recently, but he still had a pretty good idea of what Miranda’s group was doing.

Wood-type Roland said that he was surveilling them, and that’s exactly what he did. Ye Tian Ming wasn’t familiar with the place or people, so he was unwilling to just let go of the local residents that just happened to be in trouble.

As for any danger, well, Ye Tian Ming wasn’t really afraid of any.

His inventory didn’t just have a variety of summoning scrolls and equipment, it also had many life-saving items, and most of them were epic level and above!

Even if he faced off against gods, as long as he had a chance to use his items, he could retreat without being harmed at all!

As such, the reason Ye Tian Ming dared to go with Miranda wasn’t because of how kind she seemed but rather because of his confidence in his inventory!

Sure, as someone who just arrived in a new world, the best course of action might be to develop steadily and grind to level 100 or so. However, there was a saying: a man is born from Heaven and Earth- how could he work under a man for a long time?¹

This was Ye Tian Ming’s character, and it was why he took the chance to defeat the whale and the lucky bastard.

The adventurous and courageous spirit had always been engraved into Ye Tian Ming.

Besides, transmigrating to another world was a rare chance, and it would be a shame to not explore the world. Elves, beastgirls, holy maidens, demon girls… just thinking of them made him excited!

As Ye Tian Ming farmed experience points with light-type Roland and dark-type Roland, he thought about the future and all the colors that it would be filled with.

Even though wood-type Roland had been following Miranda’s group, his experience didn’t really fall behind as he was the one who basically killed all the enemies Miranda’s group encountered.

This was also the reason that the respect that Miranda’s group had for him kept increasing.

After all, it didn’t matter if it was a brown bear, a wolf pack, a goblin, a fishman, or a giant pincer crab, wood type Roland would always charge forward. He was also the one that killed the most and the strongest enemies.

In the minds of Miranda’s group of four, wood-type Roland had saved them a lot of times and was a real hero.

Five days passed, and the three Rolands’ levels finally got to level 10.

Originally, Ye Tian Ming thought it would only take three days, but the harshness of the design of experience points in this world took him by surprise.

As long as they were higher than their opponents by three levels, they only get 1 experience point no matter who they fought!

For example, if they killed a forest wolf before they reached level 8, they would gain more than 30 experience points, but killing a forest wolf after they reach level 8 would only give them 1 experience point.

Ye Tian Ming suspected that they wouldn’t get any experience at all if the level difference was 10 or greater. That’s very likely to happen. This only strengthened Ye Tian Ming’s thoughts of leaving Malon South Island. That was because as their level increases, both the player and their followers would require twice the amount of experience points in their previous level!

Ye Tian Ming, who was currently level 8, already needed 2,560 experience points to level up! The later levels would require way more experience points.

Who knows how long it’s going to take if the amount of experience points required to level up doubled each time?

As such, they could only go and slay more powerful enemies to get the experience they needed to level up.

After all, as long as there wasn’t a level difference limit, high-level monsters still gave a lot of experience points!

It was also because of this experience point design that Ye Tian Ming and the Rolands were forced to only target high-level monsters like brown bears, fishmen, and giant pincer crabs, which was why they took so long to level up.

After the three Rolands got to level 10, Ye Tian Ming immediately scrolled all the way to the bottom to look at the low-level equipment that he previously never even looked at.

Crude Longsword, Crude Armor, Crude Boots, and Crude Ring.

Even though they were all equipment that was part of the “Crude” series, they were at least system equipment that directly added 1,000 battle power each!

One ad to know that the three Rolands only had about 2,000 battle power at level 10. The equipment instantly increased their battle power by 4,000!

Besides, when they were level 1, the Rolands only had about 1,000 battle power. This meant that the current Rolands could solo five of their previous selves!

This could be considered an epic level of strengthening. It would be hard for them to increase that much battle power at once in the future. Even the equipment that was one level higher only gave 1,200 battle power each, they would only get an increase of 800 battle power in total if they swapped to higher-leveled equipment.

After putting on the system’s set of 4 equipment, the three Rolands looked more majestic and had more powerful auras.

After their battle power increased, Ye Tian Ming was like a chaotic demon king, leading light-type Roland and dark-type Roland to kill and cause destruction all over Malon South Island.

The destruction that the chaotic demon king had caused made Miranda’s group, who were waiting for help on top of the mountain, to look over, wondering what he was up to and how he had made all the magic beasts scramble for their lives.

Translator’s Notes:

¹ 大丈夫生于天地间,岂能久居于人下. Basically means that a man can’t work under another forever. He must walk his own path, forge his own future instead of letting someone else determine it, and go beyond how he is currently doing in life.

The author has decided to drop this novel this week. It currently has 156 chapters. Pretty sad since I quite liked it. Oh well.

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