Volume 1 Chapter 8: A Very Ordinary Shop

Ye Yong was admiring the ancient structures in the city when the system’s voice sounded. “There is a change in the favorability rating. Don’t forget to check it.”

Favorability rating? What’s that?

The system interface appeared in his head directly, and Ye Yong wasn’t very comfortable with it, so he hadn’t really cared about it and only scanned the store. Thinking of it now, Ye Yong realized that he had yet to explore the system interface. 

Open favorability rating, Ye Yong said, trying to see if it would work, and a list appear in his head.

On the top of the list was Qin Shi Meng.

Nice, a freaking favorability rating of -86. Qin Shi Meng’s attitude towards Ye Yong was [Extreme Hatred].

Next was Wu Xue, and her favorability rating was a bit higher at -56. Her attitude towards Ye Yong was [Terrified].

There were only two names on the list, and Ye Yong speculated that it was because he currently only had met two heroines.

There was a change in the favorability rating? So that means Qin Shi Meng’s favorability rating was below -90 before?

Ye Yong thought that him taking the initiative to cancel the engagement must have increased Qin Shi Meng’s favorability rating by at least a little.

At that moment, the system said, Qin Shi Meng’s favorability rating toward you had decreased by 10.

??? Ye Yong was shocked. I fucking took the initiative to cancel the engagement, and her favorability rating still dropped? Could it be that Qin Shi Meng actually wants to marry me? No, that’s not right. Qin Shi Meng really hated “Ye Yong” in the novel, so there was no way she would have the idea to marry him… System, are you sure that you didn’t make a mistake? I did something that should have made her happy, so why did her favorability rating drop?

There is no way I can be mistaken. As for the reason, you might be able to find it out later.

Ye Yong was frantic. Qin Shi Meng was the future immortal empress and a peerless powerhouse. Even if she didn’t kill him, the male lead would come to him.

In the words of the male lead, it would be: You dare to bully my woman? Die!

I had wanted to break the connection by canceling the engagement, and yet, I still planted a death flag?

My good system, do you have any method to increase the favorability rating quickly?

I only know how to issue missions and give prizes. I don’t know how to please women, so please do it yourself.

But if I die, you will die too, right?

Then I can only blame myself for being unlucky enough to bind to you.

Ye Yong was speechless. No newbie gift package and don’t care about my life or death. Why do I even need you?

Then I can immediately disintegrate the both of us, so we can both rest in peace earlier.

Don’t! I was just kidding, how could you not take jokes? You have great uses and can provide me with things that others couldn’t get. I was the one who was too impulsive and spoke words that I shouldn’t have spoken. Lord system, please spare me.

The system didn’t say anything else, and Ye Yong breathed a sigh of relief. So close. It almost became a separation and death on the spot. And you say that you don’t have consciousness, you even know how to scare your host.

Ye Yong only dared to complain in his mind. However, it suddenly occurred to him that the system could probably know what he was thinking…

Whatever, can’t really blame the system for that. So what if the favorability rating drops? All I have to do is to steal more heroines and make more peerless fairies fall for me and let them protect me when the time comes.

Cheng Ying City was a pretty highly ranked city in the East Forest Continent. It had a vast area and a large population. Warriors and mortals were everywhere, but cultivators were still pretty rare. That was because becoming a cultivator had a really high threshold.

If mortals wanted to cultivate, they must first forge their physiques and become warriors. After becoming warriors, they needed to learn how to sense qi to advance to the Qi Refinement Realm. They still weren’t considered cultivators at that point, though. They needed to advance through the Qi Refinement Realm and break through to the Foundation Establishment Realm, and only then would they be considered true cultivators. However, there was another threshold for them to pass- they needed to have good talents and spiritual roots.

It wasn’t easy for mortals to forge their physiques, it was hard for warriors to sense qi, and it was even harder to break through to the Foundation Establishment Realm. This was why there were so few cultivators compared to mortals and warriors.

Of course, even though cultivators were small in numbers, they had big influences. Both warriors and mortals were afraid of cultivators, as cultivators could use spirit qi and spells in addition to using martial arts.

If we think of warriors as fighters, then cultivators would be mages, mages that were excellent at close combat. Warriors would lose to cultivators in close-range combat and would get wrecked in long-ranged combat, so they were basically just mortals with more strength in front of cultivators.

As such, the hierarchy in the novel Emperor Within New Emperors was obvious: cultivators > warriors > mortals.

The carriage driver was confused by Ye Yong’s behavior. First, Ye Yong didn’t speak in an arrogant tone like before, and then he asked for a store that he had never even heard about. As a cultivator in the Crystallization Realm, the carriage driver had an extraordinary memory, and he knew about all the good stores in Cheng Ying City, but he had never heard of a store called Ring Bamboo Pavilion. 

After asking a ton of passerbys and going through a ton of streets, he finally found someone that knew what Ring Bamboo Pavilion was. Just from this alone, one could realize just how small its reputation was.

After a while, the carriage driver stopped the carriage in front of the Ring Bamboo Pavilion. It was an ordinary-looking shop that specialized in selling weapons for warriors.

“Young Master, we’re here,” the carriage driver said. He was confused about why Ye Yong wanted to come here, but he didn’t dare to ask.

Ye Yong, who had been trying to remember the plot of the novel and make plans for his future, immediately got off the carriage. He held a fan, looking like an immortal that had descended on Earth, and attracted a lot of attention.

A lot of women looked at him and were unable to move their eyes away. They were just standing there, frozen in their spot.

Ye Yong didn’t care about how the others looked at him. Qin Shi Meng’s favorability rating had gone down and made him uneasy, so he was thinking about how to redeem himself and didn’t have the time to feel proud about how so many people got attracted by how handsome he was.

I’ll first buy the weapon that the male lead had used. Let’s screw over the male lead before worrying about other things.

Ye Yong walked into the Ring Bamboo Pavilion. The store had a simple decoration and had weapons for warriors placed all around the inside.

All the weapons in this world were divided into 6 ranks: Human, Yellow, Mystery, Earth, Heaven, and Saint. Above them were Immortal ranked weapons and Divine weapons, which didn’t exist in this world. Saint rank weapons were pretty much nonexistent in this world, but there were still a few of them. There weren’t a lot of Heaven rank weapons, and every time one appeared, a bloody storm would set off. Weapons that were Earth rank and higher were pretty much guaranteed to be pretty good.

The weapon that Ye Yong was currently trying to buy before the male lead gets it was a growable weapon that could grow to Immortal rank. As of currently, however, it was just a piece of broken metal that was even worse than a Human rank weapon.

After Ye Yong entered the store, the store owner, store employees, and the warriors who were shopping for weapons froze from shock. This was because one look at Ye Yong and they could tell that was Ye Yong a cultivator, and not just any cultivator but one with a really high status.

Ring Bamboo Pavilion mainly sold equipment for warriors and would occasionally sell herbs and books for warriors, so no one had expected a cultivator to visit the store.

The store owner was the store owner for a reason, and he reacted quickly. He immediately showed a bright smile and welcomed Ye Yong. He went next to Ye Yong with his body partially bent, and in a flattering voice, said, “Lord sir, what do you need? I will give you half price for any good that you want.”

The warriors were envious upon hearing that Ye Yong could get half price for everything, but they weren’t resentful. They would do the same themselves if they were the boss since money couldn’t buy connections with cultivators.

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