Chapter 116: The Heavily Guarded Deparment of Scientific Research

The carriage soon arrived at the department of scientific research. It was the same place as before, but it was now surrounded by a high wall. There were people inside the wall and people on the wall patrolling the place.

If anyone tried to sneak in, they would immediately get shot by the military crossbows. This place was also very close to the military camp, so if someone tried to break in forcefully, the alarm bell would sound and the cavalry would arrive within two minutes.

The level of security in the Department of Scientific Research was of the same level as the security in the castle. The guards inside were elites selected from the hundreds of people in the army, and some of them had even trained together with the War Wolves. Niu Si was in charge of security in the Department of Scientific Research.

The carriage stopped ten meters away from the wall. Inside the carriage, Liu Feng looked at the soldiers on the wall, and he was satisfied upon seeing that the soldiers hadn’t let their guards down just because the carriage had his symbol on it. This was exactly what he wanted. He had set the rules that unless they had seen him in person or a person had his warrant, no one could be let in.

“Very good!”

Liu Feng took out a notepad from his sleeve. The words “Top Secret” were printed on the papers inside. Liu Feng took out a red pen, wrote on it, and stamped it with his name.


Nicole immediately took out a metal box with a combination lock from her backpack. Liu Feng opened the box, tore off the paper from the notepad, put the paper inside, and messed up the password.

If someone got even one step of this process wrong, they would not be able to enter the Department of Scientific Research. The specially made paper, the written words, and the stamped words were all part of the security measure. Niu Si was also the only other person who knew the password to the combination lock of the metal box.

Of course, the other way was for Liu Feng to show his face, but he wanted to test it today.

Liu Feng put the metal box out the window. Sinke took it immediately and threw it on top of the wall, and now they just had to wait for the patrolling soldiers to hand the box to Niu Si.

Niu Si came out to greet Liu Feng after about 10 minutes. “Young Master, sorry to let you wait for so long.”

“Don’t worry about it. There aren’t any problems here, right?” Liu Feng went inside with Mina, Anri, and Nicole.

“None at all. Everyone is working diligently because of the large amount of salary they get,” Niu Si said. He was always very serious and cautious, which was why Liu Feng put him in charge of the security of the Department of Scientific Research.

“There isn’t a problem with the housing, is there?”

“There are enough houses for them to live in, and the food supplies here would be enough to last for three months,” Niu Si said, grinning. This place felt like a whole different world to him, and everyone was busy working on the tasks that Liu Feng gave them.

The valley wasn’t big or small and was enough for a few hundred people to live in. The wooden houses that had previously been here had all been replaced by cement houses.

The valley was divided into many areas, including the paper research area and the military items research area.

Liu Feng also knew about the places that researched spinning jennies and loom yards as he was the one who designed this place.

When Liu Feng entered the yard, he immediately saw the spinning jenny. It looked ugly and crude, but he was still satisfied since it was a pretty good product considering that it was made by a bunch of inexperienced carpenters.

“Young Master!” the carpenters kneeled on the ground and bowed down.

Liu Feng waved his hand and let them get up. He stared at them, asking, “How is it? Can it make linen thread?”

“Yes, it can!”

The carpenters scrambled as they went to bring over a few threads of thick linen.

“…” Liu Feng took the linen threads, speechless as he inspected them. The toughness is okay, but it’s too thick and the fabric made from this would be too thick.

“Has the linen fabric been made out?” Liu Feng asked as he looked around and failed to find a loom.

“Lord Liu Feng, it’s inside!” the carpenters said as they scrambled inside the house and took out the loom, along with a piece of half-finished fabric.

Liu Feng walked over to the loom and touched the linen fabric. Too thick. It could be used to make sacks, but making clothes would be stretching it.

“What do you guys think?” Liu Feng asked, turning his head around.

“Good. It’s definitely very good!”

“Yeah. Such thick linen fabric would make clothes that are very durable and can probably be worn for years.”

The carpenters shouted excitedly, which made Liu Feng realize that such thick linen clothing was already luxuries that commoners could only hope for.

“Young Master, it would be better if the fabric was a little thinner,” Nicole said.

“Yeah. The skin would peel off if people wore such thick fabric,” Mina said, nodding.

“These linen fabrics can be produced, but we need thinner ones,” Anri said as she wrote things down on her notepad. “After all, the merchants and nobles that want to enjoy life are the biggest buyers.”

The three of them basically said everything that Liu Feng was thinking. He walked over to the spinning jenny and immediately realized why the linen thread was so thick when he looked at all the crudely made parts inside the machine.

“All of you, come here,” Liu Feng said to the carpenter. He pointed to a few key parts of the spinning jenny, saying, “This part here is too thick. This place needs to be changed as well. You can’t have parts that run at different speeds…”

After the carpenters nodded, Liu Feng told them the main issue. “You guys are too impatient when operating this. This is an extremely delicate work, so find a few women to operate this.”

“Also, the same things with the loom. Let women operate it.” Liu Feng walked over to the loom and once again pointed to a few places. “Change the thickness of these lines. Also, use steel lines since thin wood lines break very easily.”

“Understood!” the carpenters said, nodding their heads.

Liu Feng looked at the carpenters and said, “You must always keep improving these two machines. Then, you should find a way to power it with hydropower by using water wheels to save human power.”

“Lord Liu Feng, what is a water wheel?” the carpenters asked, scratching their heads in confusion. They had no idea what water wheels and hydropower were.

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