Volume 1 Chapter 9: The Male Lead’s Exclusive Weapon

Ye Yong wasn’t an innocent teenager that didn’t know about how dirty society was. As the genius of the Ye Family and the Great Zhou Dynasty, every single move that Ye Yong made would be watched. Even though the people that were currently here were all just warriors and mortals.

Most cultivators would hear about what items he had bought from the store, so he had to buy other weapons first and then pretend that he was interested in the piece of broken metal and let the store owner gift it to him.

Things that were free usually didn’t attract any attention.

“I’m just going to look around. I’ll call you when I need it,” Ye Yong said, opening his fan and waving it a few times in a graceful manner.

The store owner nodded and moved a bit away, but he was still looking at Ye Yong. As long as Ye Yong became interested in something, he would go forward and answer him

Ye Yong had an ulterior motive, but he was patient. He walked around the store, pretending to examine some weapons that looked powerful, and selected a few Human rank Grade 5 swords.

Weapons were divided into five grades, and Grade 5 was the highest grade. They were the best weapons that mortal stores had.

Yellow rank weapons were basically only used by cultivators, and people that wanted weapons of that rank would need to go to better stores.

“I’ll take all of these. Calculate the price,” Ye Yong said. He didn’t have any coins in his storage ring. Even though mortals usually don’t use spirit stones, people could exchange spirit stones for money, so it was fine for cultivators to use spirit stones to buy things.

A lot of rogue cultivators¹ didn’t really have spirit stones, so they traded with money. Because of this, buying things with spirit stones was also a display of status.

“Okay.” The store owner wanted to give the stuff to Ye Yong for free, but he knew that Ye Yong wasn’t an ordinary cultivator and definitely wouldn’t accept free things. He also didn’t dare to set the price too low for fear that Ye Yong would feel looked down on, so he charged Ye Yong half price like he said he would.

“The total is 380 gold. I’ll charge you 350 gold.”

Ye Yong didn’t know the exchange rate between spirit stones and gold, so he just took out 5 low-grade spirit stones from his storage ring.

“Too- too much,” the store owner said, shocked. One low-grade spirit stone was equivalent to 1,000 gold, and 5 low-grade spirit stones would be 5,000 gold, enough to buy plenty of weapons from his store.

“You gave me a discount, so I’ll give you one, too. Take it,” Ye Yong said, putting the spirit stones on the table.

The store owner didn’t dare to argue with a cultivator, so he just accepted it. He was afraid that Ye Yong would get mad if he didn’t take the spirit stones.

The store owner quickly put the spirit stones away and became even more respectful toward Ye Yong. He was extremely close to calling Ye Yong father.

Ye Yong waved his hand and put the weapons inside his storage ring. He walked toward the door and stopped suddenly as if he had found something.

“Why do you have a broken stick here?” Ye Yong asked, looking at the pitch-black “iron stick” that was next to some weapons.

“This is a fire plow handed down by my ancestors. My customers would use it to test the strength of their weapons.

“I thought it was some kind of treasure. So it was just that,” Ye Yong said, shaking his head. But I guess I can use it to test the swords that I just bought…”

“How about I gift it to you?” the store owner said. “It may not be a treasure, but it is pretty durable. It might even be able to withstand attacks from yellow-grade weapons.”

Ye Yong seemed to be hesitant, and after a while, he said, “Okay, I’ll take it.”

His purpose had been achieved, and Ye Yong didn’t stay any longer. He got on the flying carriage and left.

The store owner and warriors came out to send Ye Yong off, and some warriors recognized the Ye Family’s family crest on the carriage.

“He’s the young master of the Ye Family! Looking at his appearance and majestic aura, he probably is the Ye Yong of the rumors! Old Xu, you got really lucky!” a warrior said, envious.

Even if the store owner didn’t cross paths with Ye Yong again in the future, just the fact that someone from the Ye Family came to his store was enough for him to brag about for his whole life.

The store owner was extremely excited, and shouted, “Starting today, all the weapons in my store will be 30% off for seven days! Everyone is welcome to come and buy weapons!”

The Ring Bamboo was filled with people when they heard that there were discounts.

The warriors were happy, the store owner was happy, and Ye Yong, who had just left, was even happier.

Congratulations for getting the male lead’s commonly used weapon, Heavenly Jade Staff, and 300 transcend points, the system said.

Ye Yong, who had been holding the black stick, was puzzled. Only 300? Long Tian used this weapon for a long time, and it’s a growth-type weapon! How come it’s only worth 300 points? He remembered that Heaven rank weapons cost about 100,000 transcend points in the store. The Heavenly Jade Staff could grow to the Immortal Rank, so he thought that even if it wasn’t worth a few tens of millions of transcend points, it would at least be worth a few million transcend points.

Like you said, it’s a growth-type weapon. It is currently useless at this stage and at most be considered a Yellow rank weapon.

That’s not how you should calculate it, right? Long Tian would have died so many times if it wasn’t for this Heavenly Jade Staff.

That’s not how you calculate providence either. Even if he didn’t have the Heavenly Jade Staff, the male lead can obtain other weapons. They might not be as good as the Heavenly Jade Staff, but it doesn’t affect the big picture.

I @##$@#! It was the first day he had transmigrated, and he didn’t know how many times he had gotten pissed off. But well, the system was right. The male lead was the child of the realm, and his providence was terrifyingly amazing. He would definitely get other weapons even if the Heavenly Jade Staff was gone.

The soul in Long Tian’s jade pendant was a fallen immortal and had a terrifying perception ability. He was also the one that had discovered the Heavenly Jade Staff. It wouldn’t be hard for him to find another weapon for Long Tian.

It’s easy to replace weapons, but not women. Some fortuitous events require the male lead and heroines to reach certain levels of affection to trigger. If you steal the heroines, which would in turn take away the fortuitous events, you will definitely get more transcend points.

I’ll think about it. Ye Yong didn’t agree with the system immediately.

How could it be that easy to steal the male lead’s women? For example, Ye Yong couldn’t interfere with Qin Shi Meng’s actions, and she would meet with the male lead in two weeks. If he tried to forcefully steal the heroines, he could already write a will. There was no way to meet the other heroines currently, and if Ye Yong couldn’t interfere with their actions and met up with the male lead like in the novel, then there was nothing that Ye Yong could do.

After all, not all the heroines were like Wu Xue, who he could easily prevent from making contact with Long Tian by simply locking her up. Of course, he would have no need to lock Wu Xue up. Wu Xue was someone who knew how to be grateful and repay other people’s kindness, so as long as Ye Yong treated her nicely, then even if the male lead wanted to kill Ye Yong in the future, he would have to go through Wu Xue first.

“Go to the Thousand Fragrance Pavilion,” Ye Yong said to the carriage driver.

“Okay, Young Master.” The carriage driver was no stranger to the Thousand Fragrance Pavilion, as it was a chain of stores famous in the East Forest Continent. There were traces of them in almost every city, big or small.

The reason Ye Yong went to the Thousand Fragrance Pavilion was to buy herbs for Wu Xue to forge her physique.

Wu Xue couldn’t become an immortal cultivator, but she could become a saint by cultivating her body. She couldn’t use spells, but she could use martial arts, and could easily cut mountains and rivers with a single slash of the sword after she developed.

Translator’s Notes:

¹ Independent cultivators unaffiliated with any sect, clan/family, or any other organization.

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