Volume 1 Chapter 10: Physique Forging Encyclopedia

“What brings you here today, Young Master Ye?”

After Ye Yong arrived at the Thousand Fragrance Pavilion, a middle-aged man soon came out to greet him.

The Thousand Fragrance Pavilion had amazing power in the East Forest Continent. The middle age man was both the vice pavilion master of the Thousand Fragrance Pavilion as well as a powerhouse of the Nascent Soul Realm, and he was giving a lot of face to the Ye Family by personally coming out to greet him.

Ye Yong was too lazy to be courteous to the guy. He had just spent 50 transcend points to purchase a book titled Physique Forging Encyclopedia and just wanted to find the herbs suitable for Wu Xue to forge her physique.

The book that he bought wasn’t really a book but more like an ebook, and all the information in the book got imprinted in Ye Yong’s mind.

It wasn’t very expensive, considering the fact that it contained a ton of amazing physiques and how to forge them, including Saint Physiques, Immortal Physiques, and Divine Physiques. However, it only contained information related to forging physiques, which didn’t really matter much after one’s physique was forged, which was why it only cost 50 transcend points. All in all, it was a pretty decent price for what he got.

Ye Yong remembered pretty much everything about Wu Xue. She was, after all, the first heroine to appear in the story and had a really good personality.

Wu Xue possessed the physique Five Vessels Divine Physique.

What were the five vessels?

Body vessels, heart vessels, blood vessels, qi vessels, and soul vessels.

Mortals only had body, heart, and blood vessels, and most warriors had qi vessels on top of the three vessels mortals possessed. Some warriors also possessed soul vessels. Cultivators had all five of the vessels as well as spirit vessels.

Warriors didn’t have spirit vessels, so they couldn’t absorb the spiritual energy of Heaven and Earth, and couldn’t cultivate. However, Wu Xue’s qi vessels were dozens of times stronger than the qi vessels of ordinary warriors and cultivators, so after she had fully cultivated her divine physique and opened her soul vessels, she was able to fight with energy qi, which was just as strong as spiritual energy.

“I’ve come to buy some spiritual herbs.” There was no need for Ye Yong to beat around the bush in the Thousand Fragrance Pavilion and he could just buy what he wanted.

This was because the forging method for the Five Vessels Divine Physique didn’t exist in this world, and as far as Ye Yong knew, only the Fallen Immortal Elder that lived in Long Tian’s jade pendant knew about it. In other words, even if Ye Yong gave the physique forging method to someone, they would even believe it, let alone use it.

Since ancient times, most people have only heard about cultivators becoming saints and immortals, but in fact, there were also warriors that have done the same. It was just that there were too few warriors that have been able to achieve such things. And since the vast majority of warriors were weak, cultivators generally looked down on them.

Five Vessels Divine Physique? What kind of divine physique is that when it doesn’t even have spirit vessels?

That was what most cultivators would think.

“Oh? For Young Master Ye to personally come and buy spiritual herbs, could it be that you want to try out alchemy?” the vice pavilion master asked. His name was Long Zhou¹ and was a typical profit-driven merchant, but he would occasionally sell some pretty good products.

Ye Yong remembered that Long Tian had bought plenty of descents products from him at a fairly reasonable price.

“No. The art of alchemy is extremely profound and difficult. I’m just buying some spiritual herbs to cook around with. Well, Vice Pavilion Master Long, you don’t need to show me around. I’ll look around myself and buy what I like.” Ye Yong didn’t want to waste his time chatting with Long Zhou, a grown man. He wanted to hurry back home and increase the cute little Wu Xue’s favorability and affection.

“Ok. If Young Master Ye wants to do alchemy, I have pill books and pill formulas for sale at a cheaper price than those of the alchemy association.”

“We’ll talk about those when I’m interested,” Ye Yong said, waving his hand. Long Zhou didn’t pester him anymore and left. Long Zhou had only come out to give the Ye Family face so other people wouldn’t say that he had put himself above the Ye Family. Since Ye Yong said that he was just going to look around himself, he would just leave Ye Yong be. The Ye family had a lot of money and could afford to buy whatever they want.

After Long Zhou left, the manager guided Ye Yong to the 4th floor. Everything on this floor was valuable. He could even see two Earth Grade treasures, which many families could use as family heirlooms, put up for sale, though they haven’t been touched due to their astronomical prices.

Actually, the Earth Grade treasures weren’t really put up for the purpose of selling them but rather just to show the power of the Thousand Fragrance Pavilion.

Ye Yong was very clear about what he wanted to buy because of the information from the Physique Forging Encyclopedia. Ye Yong ordered more than a dozen spiritual herbs, and the manager immediately went to get what Ye Yong wanted and packaged them.

As he waited for the manager, Ye Yong walked around the fourth floor, but there wasn’t anything that he wanted to buy. He was doing so because a lot of novels had amazing treasures appear in ordinary stores or auction houses.

As he sat down on a chair and drank tea, Ye Yong found that the pretty maids kept staring at him, and he sighed in his heart. This really isn’t the life of a male lead. Not only did I not get looked down on when going into this luxury store, but they were even somewhat trying to butter up to me.

He wanted to experience what it felt like to pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger, but it was impossible considering how everyone knew about him and his handsome looks made it difficult for him to be treated as any random person.

This is the life of a villain. Such a fulfilling life. It’s no wonder villains would court their deaths by going against the male lead; they became arrogant because of how smoothly their lives went.

About half an hour later, the manager came back with a bunch of maids, each carrying boxes. “Young Master Ye, I’ve packaged everything that you wanted.”

The maids placed the boxes in front of Ye Yong one by one.

“Young Master Ye, please check them.” the manager wanted to open the boxes for Ye Yong to check, but Ye Yong stopped him.

“Relax. I trust Thousand Fragrance Pavilion.” With a wave of his hand, Ye Yong put all the boxes in his storage ring. “How much?”

“You are a valued customer of Thousand Fragrance Pavilion, so we will give you a 20% discount, and the total is 400 middle-grade spirit stones.

One middle-grade spirit stone was equivalent to 100 lower-grade spirit stones, so 400 middle-grade spirit stones were equal to 40,000 lower-grade spirit stones, which was equivalent to 40,000,000 gold. How much was 40 million gold? Well, it was enough to buy all the mortal stores on one busy street in Cheng Ying City.

Of course, one couldn’t measure the value of items of cultivators by mortal assets. Either way, Ye Yong’s family was rich, and he didn’t have to care about money.

In the novel, when Long Tian gathered herbs for Wu Xue, he had to go out and pick the herbs for Wu Xue by himself. According to the routine, the male lead would somehow just happen to find a hidden garden, which just somehow happened to have the spiritual herbs Wu Xue needed to forge her physique.

Ye Yong didn’t have to go through any of that or experience any dangers and could just buy the spiritual herbs that the male lead worked hard to get. Even the small amount of special spiritual herbs stores didn’t sell could be bought from the system shop.

As the genius of the Ye Family, Ye Yong was quite rich. He had 10 upper-grade spirit stones and thousands of medium-grade and lower-grade spirit stones, which was equivalent to the entire fortune of some small families.

After paying 4 top-grade spirit stones, Ye Yong immediately left the Thousand Fragrance Pavilion.

After Ye Yong left, Long Zhou appeared, and the manager gave him the list of spiritual herbs that Ye Yong had bought.

All of the spiritual herbs were thousands of years old. They weren’t rare, but they weren’t very common, either.

Long Zhou looked over the list and called over a third-grade alchemist.

There were nine grades of alchemists. Because of how profound and difficult alchemy was, a third-grade alchemist was actually a pretty powerful existence in Cheng Ying City. The most powerful alchemists in the Great Zhou Dynasty were sixth-grade alchemists. As for seventh-grade alchemists? There were only 10 of them in the East Forest Continent. The Center State Continent had about 20 seventh-grade alchemists and only 1 eighth-grade alchemist. The other three continents combined had less than 10 seventh-grade alchemists.

There was a saying that the Center State Continent had outstanding and talented people while the East Forest Continent had extensive lands and resources, but the other three continents didn’t really have anything.

As for ninth-grade alchemists, well, there hadn’t been a single ninth-grade alchemist for thousands of years. Well, there had been a ninth-grade alchemist ten thousand years ago though.

This third-grade alchemist was called Gong Yang Ke. He turned over the list several times but couldn’t figure out what the spiritual herbs were used for, and some of the medicinal properties were conflicting and couldn’t be used together.

“Please forgive me for my incompetence, but I can’t combine the spiritual herbs on the list and make them into pills. Combining some of the spiritual herbs on there together could even poison a cultivator of the Golden Core Realm and kill him with the conflicting medicinal properties.”

“Alchemist Gong, you’re joking. If even you can’t figure it out, then I don’t think anyone else would be able to figure it out either. Maybe it’s just like Yong Master Ye said, and he had just bought them for fun.” Long Zhou still attached great importance to Ye Yong. Ye Yong was, after all, the genius of the Ye Family. Who knew whether or not Ye Yong had obtained some top-secret pill recipe and wanted to research it himself?

As for poisoning people to kill them? Long Zhou didn’t think that Ye Yong would be so stupid as to buy spiritual herbs so openly to poison a Golden Core Realm cultivator. Besides, there was no need for them to have to resort to poison with the power of the Ye Family. They could slap a cultivator of the Golden Core Realm to death and didn’t even need to explain anything.

Long Zhou shook his head as he shatter the list to pieces with spiritual power.

Translator’s Notes:

¹ 隆舟. The second character is the same as the second character for dragon boat (龙舟). The first character of both phrases has the same pinyin, “long”. Could be a joke, could be a coincidence, or it could just be that the author was too lazy to come up with names.

Head was hurting yesterday so I couldn’t translate. Sorry.

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