Chapter 118: The Real Use of Drunken Night Restaurant

The carriage soon arrived and Commercial Street. As he looked around, Liu Feng felt as if he was watching something that could only appear in the scenes of the 1980s and 1990s movies.

There was a road that lead straight to the gate; there were people working on both sides of the streets; there were wooden shelves around; people were decorating (just smearing cement over the outside); the pebbles stuck on top formed signs and words; etc.

The restaurant Nicole had talked about was currently right in front of Liu Feng. The large double doors gave it a strong atmosphere, and there was a sign on top of the door that said: “Drunken Night Restaurant”

Drunken Night Restaurant had three floors. The first floor was for commoners, the second floor had private rooms for merchants and nobles, and the third floor had rooms for people living in the restaurant.

Big restaurants that allowed people to both live and eat in there were mainly large in width and length rather than height. One could easily tell that the restaurant was extremely large just from the fact that more than a hundred tables were placed on the first floor. It was like an extremely large cafeteria. That was how it was actually designed, since commoners preferred their meals to be fast, cheap, and fulfilling, and a cafeteria was the most suitable for that.

Liu Feng was most concerned about the second and third floors.

“Come on, let’s go in and take a look,” Liu Feng said, leading the three girls inside.

Once they got inside, they saw people cleaning up. The first floor was pretty empty and only had tables and chairs.

“Huh?” Anri was surprised. “Young Master, this place is just like the barracks.”

“Yes,” Liu Feng said, nodding. He pointed to the counter in front. “That’s where people can order dishes. Two steel coins for a large bowl of wheat porridge, three steel coins for a vegetable dish, five steel coins for a dish with vegetables and meat, and eight steel coins for a dish with just meat.”

“Wow! They’re so cheap! There’s going to be a lot of people coming to eat,” Anri exclaimed.

“It’s supposed to be cheap,” Liu Feng said, laughing lightly.

The first floor focused on quantity. Most commoners would get full just from wheat porridge and vegetables, and there was hardly any profit to be made, but the quantity would make up for it.

“This can’t do, I must come here and have a meal and taste what it’s like,” Anri said, clenching her fist. “Mina, you have to come too. You too, Nicole.”

“En!” Mina nodded. She was also curious about the taste of the meals here.

“We should try the food sometime,” Nicole said.

“…” Liu Feng hoped that the three girls didn’t have a lot expectations for the food in the restaurant, as they were incomparable to the food in the City Lord’s Mansion.

“Come on, let’s go to the second floor. That’s where the key things are.”

There were four large stairs connecting to the second floor to prevent any trampling accidents or traffic jams.

“Wow! So many small rooms!” Anri exclaimed as she looked around.

“These are called private rooms. There’s 60 of them,” Liu Feng said. The private rooms were what he really valued.

The 60 private rooms weren’t all the same size. There are 30 small private rooms that could accommodate six people, 20 medium-sized private rooms that accommodate fit 12 people, and 10 large rooms that could accommodate 16 people.

The cheapest vegetable dish on this floor was five copper coins and tasted way better than the food downstairs.


Liu Feng pushed open the door of Private Room 6. There was a table and some chairs inside, and a bunch of holes in the walls.

“Young Master, what do we do about the holes?” Nicole asked.

Liu Feng pondered for a while. “Find some thick paper, draw some random things or write some random words, frame them, and nail them on the wall. Put a bunch of them on the walls and put the blandest paintings on top of the holes.

“Right! How come I didn’t think of that?” Nicole said, tilting her head as she doubted her own intelligence.

“I wonder if the people down there can hear the words clearly,” Liu Feng said, going over to a small hole the size of a small cup.

“Young Master, how about you test it?” Nicole said. “We’ll talk up here while you go down and listen.”

“Alright. Mina, let’s go down.” Liu Feng took Mina to the kitchen.

In the kitchen, Liu Feng and Mina opened a door, revealing a bunch of bags of wheat. After moving aside a few bags of wheat, they opened a trapdoor, revealing a small stairway, and the two of them walked in.

They walked for about a minute before reaching the bottom. They were on the ground floor, core of the Drunken Night Restaurant.

It was silent, except for the sounds of breathing and footsteps.

Candlelight appeared in the dark, followed by a voice that loosened Mina’s grip on her military knife.

“You’re here, Young Master,” Niu Ben said, coming out of the dark.

“Uncle Niu Ben, how did it go? Can you hear the sound that was coming from above?”

Niu Ben was in charge of this place. “We can. The bamboo tubes transmit sounds very clearly, Niu Ben said, leading the two of them to a small room with the number 6. “Young Master, you’ll be able to hear them when you go inside.”


They walked in. The room had a table and a few chairs, a candle, a stack of paper, a few quills, and a bamboo pipe coming down from above, facing the table.

“Come. Mina, let’s try it.” Liu Feng sat down and took off the plug on the tube, revealing a thumb-sized hole. Liu Feng put his ear next to it and could immediately hear the sound from above.

“Nicole, have Young Master arrived?” Anri’s voice was crisp and clear.

“They should be there, but I don’t know if they can hear us,” Nicole said in a worried voice.

Liu Feng was satisfied with the result of the test. With this, if anyone wanted to scheme something against West Sun City or Liu Feng, he would know about all of the plans they made in the Drunken House Restaurant.

Liu Feng believed that the second floor of the Drunken Night Restaurant would attract a lot of merchants and nobles, and their words and plans would be collected, checked, and sorted.

This was the real use of Drunken Night Restaurant: to collect intelligence.

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