Volume 1 Chapter 5: Fool

Ye Tian Ming got woken up early in the morning by the sound of a ship whistle. He could already hear Rolin’s excited voice as he rubbed his eyes. When he came to his sense, Ye Tian Ming also became excited. Can I finally go and experience the lifestyle of this world?

Ye Tian Ming was extremely tired after fighting ugly monsters every day for a week. He really admired the people that could stay put for decades or even centuries. With his personality, even staying here for a month would be too much for him! The teenage heart was always restless.

The temperature of the beach was a bit cold in the early morning, but it couldn’t hide the excitement of Miranda’s group. Miranda’s group stood on a beach by a reef and waved their hands wildly. The cloth in their hands danced with the wind.

Ye Tian Ming leaned against wood-type Roland and yawned. He was bored and was also still a bit sleepy since he had gotten up a bit sleepy. He slowly became aware that there was something wrong with the atmosphere. Looking at Miranda’s group, who had suddenly stopped cheering and even had panic in their eyes, his sleepiness suddenly disappeared.

Soon after, Miranda’s group panickingly ran over to Ye Tian Ming. Ye Tian Ming caught Miranda, who had almost fallen to the ground. “What’s wrong?”

“Th- they’re pirates! That isn’t a ship of my family!”

“What?” Ye Tian Ming was surprised. Could it be that I also have the aura of a male lead?

Ye Tian Ming turned his head and saw the flag on the ship. The flag had a white skull head with a black background. By the way, why is that ship smoking? Eh… steam engine?

Ye Tian Ming tilted his head and blinked.

Miranda had no idea that Ye Tian Ming was still thinking about whether the pirate ship was running on steam power or human power. She just saw that Ye Tian Ming didn’t move and just stayed put with him. He has three knights, so it is safer to stick with him than to try to run.

After all, the island was only so large. Where could they run to?

As Ye Tian Ming was letting his imagination run wild and thought about steam engine worlds in animes and comics, the pirate ship kept getting closer and closer.

The huge pirate ship stopped and several small wooden boats appeared. The pirates jumped onto the wooden boats and began paddling toward the shore.

“Oh ya ya? Am I picking up big fish here? Tsk tsk, the young master and young lady of the Owen Family.”

Miranda and Ye Tian Ming followed the sound and saw a tattooed, bald, and muscular man sizing them up.

Seeing the guy’s fierce look, Miranda’s breathing stopped for a moment, and she hid behind Ye Tian Ming while grabbing the corner of his clothes, as if that would make her feel more at ease. 

In the next moment, Miranda heard Ye Tian Ming speak. “Kill them all.”

Miranda immediately felt a strong gust of wind blow past, and the three Rolands that had originally been around Ye Tian Ming had already rushed forth with their long swords drawn.

“You dare to resist? Interesting!” The bald man saw the three figures rush toward him and coldness immediately flashed through his eyes.

As an old pirate that had traversed this sea for dozens of years, he didn’t just have thousands of innocent souls on his hands- he also knew the nearby forces extremely well! The Owen Family may be a Viscount Family, but that was all.

If he encountered the Owen Family’s fleet, he would certainly run without a second thought. However, they were currently just trapped on this island because of a shipwreck and only had five guards.

To the bald man’s knowledge, the guards of the young masters of the viscount family were generally just retired elite warriors from the battlefield and were no match for his dozens of underlings. Not only that, but Ye Tian Ming had only sent three people, and as far as the bald man was concerned, they were just being sent to their deaths!

“Ha ha! Are you expecting a miracle or something? Then… I’ll give you a taste of despair! Ha ha ha!” The bald man laughed and leaped up into the air, the blade in his hand dyed with a layer of flame.

Seeing the figure in the air, Miranda shouted in disbelief. “Martial art? How is that possible?” Martial arts weren’t something that ordinary people even had the chance to come into contact with, let alone actually being able to learn them!

Hearing Miranda’s shocked outcry, Ye Tian Ming couldn’t help but have a grave expression on his face. He opened his inventory, wondering what treasure he should use to stabilize the scene.

What happened next, however, made everyone freeze. If it wasn’t for the breeze lightly blowing their hair, it could be said that they were a still image.

Miranda blinked as if there was something wrong with her eyes. She had just seen something unbelievable- one of Ye Tian Ming’s guards had killed the pirate who had used a martial art with a single slash!

Ye Tian Ming was also speechless, and he awkwardly closed his inventory as he helplessly looked at Miranda, whose mouth was wide open in shock. Jeez, scared me to death with those exclamations. I thought that guy was a small boss but he was actually just a fool.

Why are you even jumping in the air without any actual skills? Are you trying to be a target?

Dark-type Roland easily killed the pirate with just a Cleave skill.


“This guy is a knight, right?”

“Duh! No ordinary guard can beat Second Captain!”

“Go! Avenge Second Captain!”

“Fuck! Kill him, or Captain will kill all of us!”

Although dark-type Roland had killed the pirate captain first, it wasn’t enough to deter the group of pirates that killed for a living. Soon, the fighting sounded on the coast of Malon South Island. The pirates were extremely confident in the beginning because they thought that dozens of them could easily deal with a knight.

However, the pirates became more and more scared as time went on. They couldn’t keep it in anymore when more than a dozen pirates died.

“Fuck? Three knights?”

“This is a trap!”

“Aren’t grandaddy knights supposed to be living a relaxing life in their own territories?”

Seeing how bad the situation was, many of the pirates that were close to the sea wanted to bail. They hadn’t even considered begging for mercy and had to try to survive by themselves. This was because the Shisanya Empire was extremely hostile to pirates as more than half of its income came from the sea, and the pirate industry was basically robbing the Shisanya Empire of its income.

Translator’s Notes:

Was considering dropping since the author did as well. Decided not to. It’s “only” 156 chapters anyways.

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