Chapter 120: The Dumfounded Merchants From the Capital

It was foggy early in the morning.

A medium-sized sailboat came out of the fog, followed by a dozen more medium-sized and small sailboats.

Tory and Niu Wu were standing on the deck of the first sailboat.

“Mr. Niu Wu, it seems that we are almost inside West Sun City’s territory,” Tory said, stretching his waist. He licked his lips as he thought about the food in West Sun City. “We’re finally going to arrive after traveling for the whole night.”

Niu Wu looked at Tory strangely. Why do you seem like you’re really looking forward to going to West Sun City?

“Yeah, we’re about to arrive. I’ll have to leave again at noon, so I hope that I can make it.” For a split second, a smile was on his face. He had completed his mission well- unexpectedly well. He glanced at Tory. I didn’t expect there to be this many merchants going to West Sun City. They seemed to have been brought here by Mr. Tory. I hope that this isn’t a conspiracy or something like that.

Tory nodded. He hadn’t expected that Liu Feng would have the horse thieves’ attack plan and that his father would immediately agree to his request of going to West Sun City. His father didn’t ask why and just told him to urge Liu Feng to send out people to help North Wind City. “I don’t know why, but I feel relaxed and am looking forward to what’s happening next,” Tory said, smiling.

“…” What, do you want to permanently stay and live in West Sun City. Niu Wu thought that the idea was ridiculous and quickly discarded it. “Mr. Tory, did you call over those merchants?”

“Yeah! I bought some things back from West Sun City and resold them to the merchants. And now, they’re coming along with us to West Sun City,” Tory said.

“Huh?” Niu Wu hadn’t expected that to be the reason.

“No need to be surprised. Anyone that went to West Sun City would attract more people to go to West Sun City, especially those disgusting merchants that smell of copper coins.” Tory had a weird feeling as he felt like he was talking about himself.

“Indeed, I agree with that point.” Niu Wu thought about how fast West Sun City was changing. Everyone was extremely motivated for work, and it was like it was a different place every day.

The two of them stood there quietly, looking at the slowly fading fog and the rising sun.

More than half an hour later, the fog completely disappeared, and the scene in the distance attracted their attention.

“Are they… the citizens of West Sun City?” Niu Wu stood on his toes as he looked at the people carrying wood and stones around.

“They seem to be building a port,” Tory said. He hadn’t expected that at all. It had only been a few days since he left. Is West Sun City trying to copy North Wind City? It’s pity that West Sun City is in a remote location; otherwise, it might really work.

The merchants also came to the deck at looked at the people in the distance work.

“What are they doing?”

“They’re building a port,” a middle-aged man with a big belly who had just come onto the dock said.

The merchants around him all moved out of the way. This middle-aged man was a big businessman- a big merchant from the capital. His name was Solo, and his main source of income was by obtaining rare and cheap things from various places and bringing them back to the capital to sell.

“Lord Father, why do we have to come to this place? I want to go back to the capital. I want to eat the pastries in the capital,” someone next to him said with a voice filled with disgust.

Solo smiled and dotingly looked at the pouting seven-year-old boy. “Every place has its own values and meanings for its existence,” Solo said, stroking his son’s hair. “Remember, Gale, you can’t hate a place or a person just because of how they look on the outside.”

“As for pastries, I still have a few in my bag. You can eat them when we get on shore.”

“Oh,” Gale said, unconcerned.

Solo wasn’t really concerned. Children need to be taught slowly, step by step. He had brought Gale with him because Gale had been acting a bit stubborn recently.

The sailboats soon stopped at the edge of the port. The construction had only started the previous day, so they had to use the older port. The people in larger boats had to get on small boats to get through.

“The noble in this territory is a capable one.” Solo couldn’t help but look at the smiling people working when he got on the small boats. “To be able to have citizens smiling so genuinely, I really look forward to meeting the noble.”

Tory happened to be next to him, and hearing this, he nodded. “Lord Liu Feng is indeed a capable noble.”

“Huh? Young Master Tory rarely praises people. This made me really curious about the noble in this territory,” Solo said. He was really good at communicating with people and making others feel good.

“Ha ha ha ha…” Tory laughed. “You will feel the same way I do when you meet Lord Liu Feng.”

Solo was a bit dumbfounded. He had known Tory for quite a while and had never seen him worship someone so much before.

Niu Wu, who had been listening on the side, tried to hold in his laughter. For some reason, hearing others praise Liu Feng made him proud.

“We’re here. Let’s get on shore,” Niu Wu said. He was the first one to jump off of the boat.

“ I can’t wait to go into the city.” Tory looked at his wife and son¹ and waved to a carriage driver at the side. “Rental carriage, over here!”

The carriage driver drove the carriage over. “Guest, it costs three steel coins per person to ride in the carriage…”

Tory smiled. “This isn’t my first time here. You don’t need to tell me that.”

“Okay! I’ll help you carry your stuff,” the carriage driver said, helping the servants carry the stuff onto the carriage.

Just like that, Tory left in the carriage, leaving behind a group of dumfounded merchants.

What happened?

Translator’s Notes:

¹ It doesn’t explicitly say in this chapter, but I am fairly certain that he only has one son. Unless my memory is failing me again.

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