Chapter 121: The Merchant That Defecated on the Street

Seeing the scene, Niu Wu’s smile became wider. “Everyone, these carriages belong to Lord Liu Feng. You can take a carriage into the city for three steel coins.”

“Steel coins? What’s that? Do you mean copper coins?” Solo asked, surprised.

“You’ll know once you get on the carriage,” Niu Wu said. He beckoned over a carriage driver and then left, leaving the merchants dumbfounded.

“You’ll know once you get on the carriage?” Solo muttered. He beckoned for a carriage.

“Guest, do you want a ride? It’ll cost three steel coins to go into West Sun City,” the carriage driver said.

“What are steel coins?” Solo asked. “I’ve never heard of those coins.”

The carriage driver smiled proudly and said, “They’re coins that Lord Liu Feng invented for us commoners. One copper coin is equal to 10 steel coins, which can buy a lot of things. You only need five steel coins to buy one big meat bun.”

“Then can I use a copper coin to exchange for your steel coin?” Solo asked, taking out a copper coin. Meat bun? What is that? Is it food?

“Of course, please get in,” the carriage driver said, inviting the three of them¹ to get on. 

He couldn’t take any more people, as Liu Feng had told him that taking more than three people would overwork the horse. There had been a carriage driver who got greedy and took in six people, and he got fined for it after he got caught.

On the carriage, Solo was in a daze as he stared at the steel coins that he had just gotten.

Gale had a dissatisfied expression on his face. Isn’t this just a carriage ride? Our family has more than 50 carriages because of the transport business we do. Why is Lord Father frozen there?

“How incredible!” Solo said, taking his eyes off the steel coins. As a businessman, he saw the potential of the steel coins. “Unfortunately, no one can copy this, unless…” Solo shook his head and didn’t say anything else. There were some things that couldn’t be said, otherwise, it would spell doom for them.

The merchants on the carriages that saw business opportunities in the steel coins all gave up as they didn’t think that they would be able to make such exquisite steel coins.

“Tsk, trash city,” Gale said, looking at the crumbling rammed earth wall of the West Sun City. “It’s a lot worse than the capital.”

“…” Solo also thought that the walls of West Sun City were a bit too terrible. How many years has the wall not been maintained? Compared to all the cities that I have visited, the wall of West Sun City could rank top 3 in how broken they are.

The carriage driver was a bit triggered by the words. What? You’re despising our West Sun City? Don’t bite your tongue out of surprise once you get in. Besides, Lord Liu Feng said that we’ll rebuild the walls next year and West Sun City would definitely look very beautiful.

Everyone in West Sun City believed that everything would improve since there was Liu Feng.

As the carriage entered the city, the disdainful merchants that had muttered about how Tory had lied to them all had their mouths open wide out of shock. This wide, flat, and clean road. The roads in the might not even be able to compare to this.

“…” Solo didn’t know what to say. They can’t be compared at all. The main street in the capital isn’t even half as wide as this road. And the houses on both sides of the road are neat and tidy.

What was most unbelievable for Solo is how clean this place was. There’s no garbage, waste, or bad smells in the air.

No, there is a bad smell. His body was somehow suddenly emitting a bad smell, and he realized that even the carriage driver smelled better than him. He had bathed just three days ago, and he would often go without a bath for a whole month, and he didn’t feel anything wrong with it. But now, for some reason, he felt embarrassed!

Seeing the carriage driver rub his nose from time to time, Solo only wanted to just go take a bath and change into a new set of clothes.

“Hey hey hey… the guy squatting over there and defecating, has no one in your family taught you that you can’t just defecate anywhere?” The sudden voice made Solo turn his head and look. He saw a fat man, a fellow merchant, squatting down in the corner and defecating.

The merchants were confused because it seemed normal to them. They would just go to a random corner and defecate when they need to. So why is this old guy so angry as if the merchant did something unacceptable?

Niu Wu turned his head and recognized the old man to be Buff.

Buff was furious. Who is this guy? Even my grandson knows that you have to go to the restroom if you want to defecate. People that defecated anywhere were looked down on as only dogs would do that.

“Hey! I’m talking about you! Did your family not teach you? Only dogs would defecate anywhere and everywhere.” Buff was getting more and more furious. Lord Liu Feng had managed West Sun City so well, and I can’t let some people ruin it.

The merchant that was squatting down started to speak. “This… doesn’t everyone…” He didn’t know what was going on. That’s how I did it in the capital all the time. No one bothered me there, so how come I can’t even defecate here?

Several merchants and servants that wanted to defecate and were planning to do what the merchant did were stunned. Are we supposed to suffer?

“Everyone what? Only you do that!” Buff shouted. It’s fine that people defecated everywhere before since no one knew that was inappropiate and even I did it. But now that there are public toilets, this behavior can’t be tolerated.

“You…” the merchant’s face was red. Anyone that was stared at while defecating would be embarrassed, not to mention that he was being shouted at by someone at the same time.

“You what? Didn’t you see that sign?” Buff shouted, pointing to a sign on the side of the road. “Do you not know how to read? It clearly says that you cannot defecate anywhere you want. You must go to a public restroom if you want to defecate, and it even pointed to the direction of the public restroom. And yet, you still defecated here. Are you a dog?”

Can’t read? No, all the merchants knew how to read and write, because those were necessary to be a merchant.

“…” The merchant turned his head and saw that the wooden sign did say that, and there was an arrow on it. He looked in the direction of the arrow and saw a small house. On the walls were drawings of a man and a woman and waste underneath both of them. It was an extremely clear sign…

What is this operation?

Translator’s Notes:

¹ No idea who the third person is.

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