Volume 1 Chapter 11: The Matter of Engagement Cancellation

Qin Shi Meng arrived at the Ye Family’s residence at the same time that Ye Yong obtained the Heavenly Jade Staff.

Information about Ye Yong canceling the engagement with Sin Shi Meng spread through the Ye Family very quickly, and even those not in the Ye Family heard about it.

After all, there was no need to hide such a thing. They could make engagements whenever they want to and cancel engagements whenever they want to, and no one in the Great Zhou Dynasty would dare to say anything. Even the royal family didn’t dare to go against the Ye Family- that was how powerful the Ye Family was in the Great Zhou Dynasty.

There were three dynasties in the East Forest Continent, namely: Great Zhou Dynasty, Great Luo Dynasty, and Great Ming Dynasty. Even the other two dynasties, which were quite a bit of distance away from the Ye Family, would still give face to the Ye Family.

Qin Shi Meng’s carriage was stopped at the entrance of the Ye Family’s residence. If it was before, she would have been welcomed in immediately. The person that had stopped Qin Shi Meng was a Golden Core Realm steward. He had no expression on his face and pretended to not recognize the Qin Family’s Family Crest and the special carriage only used by Qin Shi Meng. “Who’s there?”

Qin Shi Meng knew that it was the Ye Family trying to give her a hard time. She felt suffocated when thinking about how it was all part of Ye Yong’s plan.

If birth Shi Meng, why birth Ye Yong?

If there wasn’t Ye Yong, then she would be the genius child of the Great Zhou Dynasty. But now, she could only be behind and below Ye Yong because of his talent and family status.

“This junior is Qin Shi Meng from the Qin Family. I am sorry to visit so suddenly. May I ask if Young Master Ye is here?” Qin Shi Meng said while staying in the carriage. There was no need for her to show her face, as even though her talent was slightly below that of Ye Yong’s she was still the eldest lady of the Qin Family in front of a steward and had no need to come out.

“Young Master has gone out and has yet to return. What, did Lady Qin miss crossing paths with Young Master and not receive Young Master’s letter for engagement cancellation?” the steward said, laughing coldly.

Ye Yong may have a bad temper, but he was still the pride of the Ye Family. The underlings might be afraid of Ye Yong because he might kill them just because he was in a bad mood, but they were still prideful when mentioning that they were underlings of the Ye Family. They were even more prideful when mentioning Ye Yong.

That was because Ye Yong was the pride of the Great Zhou Dynasty and even the pride of the East Forest Continent!

The East Forest Continent was extremely large and the Great Zhou Dynasty owned the south of the continent and part of the west of the continent. One could only imagine just how much power one had to be the pride of the whole continent.

Hearing about the engagement cancellation letter, Qin Shi Meng couldn’t help but clench her fist. She was angry, but she couldn’t explode. “This junior did receive the letter, but Young Master Ye left so quickly that I wasn’t able to ask him any questions that I had, so I came here to seek answers.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Young Master has yet to return, so Lady Qin can either wait here or come back first and come visit on another day.”

The maid Qin Shi Meng brought with her was angry when she heard the steward’s words. Which person outside wouldn’t be respectful to my Lady? It was your Ye Family that forced the engagement in the first place, and it was your Ye Family that forcefully canceled the engagement, so why are you acting as if my Lady isn’t treated well by others?

However, the maid didn’t dare to say anything and could only wait for Qin Shi Meng to speak.

Qin Shi Meng was also angry but could only hold it in. If she went back right now, the Qin Family’s Elders would keep bothering him, so it would be better for her to stay here and cultivate.

“Then junior will wait here,” Qin Shi Meng said. She closed her eyes, recited her mental art, and started cultivating.

Seeing the usually high and mighty Qin Shi Meng having to hold her anger and wait at the door, the steward couldn’t help but feel admiration for Ye Yong’s move to cancel the engagement.

Ye Yong’s carriage arrived about an hour later.

Hearing her maid’s report, Qin Shi Meng was slightly stunned. So Ye Yong really wasn’t there. However, his method of playing hard to catch is too abominable. No matter what reason it was, Qin Shi Meng hated Ye Yong.

Favorability -1.

“Young Master, that seems to be Lady Qin’s carriage,” the carriage driver said to Ye Yong, who had been reading the Physique Forging Encyclopedia with his eyes closed.

“Lady Qin?” Ye Yong opened the curtains and saw a gorgeous female-styled carriage parked in the open space in front of the Ye Family’s Residence and was confused. “What did she come here for?”

“Maybe she didn’t want to part with Young Master, so she came to retain Young Master,” the carriage driver said. He thought that Ye Yong really knew how to act and had probably expected such an outcome long ago.

“Retain? She’s not crazy.” Ye Yong knew how much Qin Shi Meng hated him. The system’s favorability rating was the best evidence of it.

Favorability Rating: -87

Attitude: [Extreme Hatred]

No matter how he thought about it, there was no way Qin Shi Meng had come to try to retain him.

Ye Yong was determined to cut off all association with Qin Shi Meng in order to avoid encountering Long Tian in the early stages of the novel.

However, the carriage driver couldn’t read Ye Yong’s mind and thought that Ye Yong wanted to show off and landed the carriage right next to Qin Shi Meng’s carriage.

“Is there something wrong with you? Quickly go in,” Ye Yong urged.

The carriage driver was confused. Wasn’t it mockery time? However, since Ye Yong told him to go in, he would just do so.

“Young Master Ye, are you that afraid to see me?” Qin Shi Meng’s voice sounded before Ye Yong’s carriage could leave.

Both Ye Yong and the carriage driver could hear Qin Shi Meng’s anger suppressed under her calm words.

“No. I just think that since I and Lady Qin won’t have any connections from now on, it is better for us to meet as little as possible so Lady Qin’s reputation won’t be damaged.”

Reputation won’t be damaged? Qin Shi Meng wanted to puke blood. She had there wouldn’t be anything worse than being forcibly engaged, but now that her engagement got canceled, her reputation had been terribly damaged. Even if they weren’t husband and wife and nothing physical happened between them, the engagement cancellation would make others’ imaginations run wild and think that there was something wrong with Qin Shi Meng.

“I am grateful to Young Master Ye for thinking so. However, there are some things that I wanted to ask Young Master Ye in person, and it’s not very convenient to talk here, so I ask to go in to talk…”

“That’s not so good, is it?” As a reader, Ye Yong loved Qin Shi Meng. She was someone who dared to love and dared to hate, had superb talent, excellent, bloodline, and fairy-like looks. She was completely qualified to be the number one heroine. However, as the current Ye Yong of the Ye Family, in order to allow himself to live, he didn’t want to be in contact with Qin Shi Meng.

“What’s not good about it?” Qin Shi Meng’s teeth were clenched. Didn’t you always go to great lengths to get us to be alone? So why are you pretending now? I will really leave if you keep this up. And I will never ever cross paths with you again no matter what my family says.

Ye Yong didn’t know what Qin Shi Meng was thinking. If he did, he would have continued to reject her and let her never see him again. But he didn’t, so he only thought that it was disrespectful to keep rejecting Qin Feng Meng, a proud fairy, when she was so actively hoping for an opportunity to talk. As such, he only sighed and said, “Alright, let’s talk.”

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