Volume 1 Chapter 12: Cultivator’s Tea

It had been half a year since they had been engaged, but it was the first time that Qin Shi Meng had come to the place where Ye Yong lived.

It was a luxurious mansion in one of the Ye Family’s spiritual mountains. The spiritual energy was abundant here, and anyone cultivating here would get twice the result with half the effort.

“Sit.” Ye Yong didn’t take Qin Shi Meng into his house and instead just invited her to the gazebo.

This surprised Qin Shi Meng and caused her to look at Ye Yong’s eyes. She could see that Ye Yong was looking elsewhere and not at her, and she could no longer see the craziness and “passion” in used to be in Ye Yong’s eyes. Could it be that he really doesn’t have any interest in me now? Qin Shi Meng suspected that it was part of Ye Yong’s scheme.

Ye Yong made Wu Xue go and get tea sets and leaves, and he secretly spent 200 transcend points to buy a book called Dao of Tea Brewing, Elementary Edition.

Why did he spend so many transcend points to buy a seemingly insignificant and useless item? That was because this was a cultivation world, and there existed spirit tea. Spirit tea not only required good tea leaves but also correspondingly good techniques.

A good pot of spiritual tea can make cultivators relax and have peace of mind, and some cultivators might even be able to break through while tasting spirit tea.

Anyways, it was definitely better to have more skills.

Besides, Qin Shi Meng’s favorability rating was extremely low. There was a possibility that her favorability rating would increase after drinking good tea, and an increase in favorability rating would give Ye Yong transcend points. Ye Yong thought that this was an investment in which there was no way for him to lose.

Even if Qin Shi Meng’s favorability rating didn’t increase, he would still have learned the Elementary Level of the Dao of Tea Brewing. No skills in the system were trash, and Ye Yong felt that he could be called a saint in all aspects, like tea saint, art saint, poetic saint, etc.

Wu Xue brought overly the tea set and tea leaves nervously, and surprisingly enough, she didn’t trip and fall. She wanted to brew tea for Ye Yong and Qin Shi Meng, but Ye Yong thanked her and took the tea set and tea leaves. This scared Wu Xue and made her quickly take a few steps back. When she regained her senses, she realized that Ye Yong was brewing tea with an incredible hand technique. Brewing tea needs hand techniques? Is this the world of cultivators?

Wu Xue was only in a daze for a short while before being attracted by a refreshing and aromatic tea fragrance. She wasn’t a tea lover, but she still couldn’t help herself and secretly swallowed her saliva.

Compared to Wu Xue, who didn’t know anything, Qin Shi Meng was a cultivator and knew how amazing Ye Yong’s tea brewing technique was. The Qin Family had an elder that knew how to brew tea and could brew excellent tea even without good spiritual leaves because he had quite a bit of comprehension of the Dao of Tea Brewing.

However, understanding the Dao of Tea Brewing required a lot of time. It required one to be in contact with tea for a long time, and only those that had a really good understanding of the tea could glimpse the threshold to the Dao of Tea Brewing, and even then they could only comprehend the Dao of Tea Brewing bit by bit. And yet, Ye Yong’s technique was obviously way more profound compared to the Qin Family’s Elder’s technique. It had raised the quality of the pot of tea by quite a bit.

Ye Yong was expressionless while showing off in front of a beauty, but he was actually extremely satisfied. It was normal for people to want to show off in front of someone of the opposite gender, and even though he wanted to completely cut off ties with Qin Shi Meng, he couldn’t control his desire to show off.

Looking at Qin Shi Meng, who had a cold and beautiful face, and her eyes that were originally filled with disdain had hints of admiration appear, Ye Yong thought that 200 reversal points were worth it even if it didn’t increase Qin Shi Meng’s favorability rating.

When one showed off, one needed to show off completely. Ye Yong had an expressionless face the whole time and poured a cup of tea for Qin Shi Meng. “Lady Qin, please enjoy.”

“Many thanks.” There was no need for Qin Shi Meng to be polite with Ye Yong. Qin Shi Meng picked up the cup of tea, lightly blew over it, and took a small sip.

The sweetness of the tea immediately spread in her mouth, and the rich fragrance of the tea stayed in her nose for a long time. Qin Shi Meng’s originally irritated heart calmed down, and the spirit qi contained in the spiritual leaves entered her body along with the tea. The amount was minuscule, but it could still increase one’s cultivation if taken long term.

“Shi Meng is ignorant and didn’t know that Yong Master Ye is this great at the art of tea brewing.” Qin Shi Meng’s favorability toward Ye Yong was too low, so she would at most be amazed by his tea brewing skills and still hated him as a person.

“It’s just a small skill and nothing worth mentioning,” Ye Yong said, looking at the favorability rating. Qin Shi Meng’s original -87 rating rose by 1 and became -86. Ye Yong then looked at his transcend points, which totaled 100. He originally had 300 transcend points, and had spent 50 points to buy the Physique Forging Encyclopedia and Dao of Tea Brewing Elementary Edition and had been left with 50 transcend points. This meant that Qin Shi Meng had given him 50 transcend points.

Wow. 50 transcend points equal 1 point increase in favorability? So that means I can earn more than 4,000 transcend points if I can get her favorability rating to 0?

The system suddenly spoke. Depending on the personality of the heroine, the amount of transcend points you get will change. However, the amount of transcend points you get for an increase in favorability rating will increase depending on how high the favorability rating is.

Will increase? Let’s go! Ye Yong almost shouted in excitement. Suppose that Qin Shi Meng will give 50 transcend points for each point increase of favorability from -90 to -80, then it might increase to 100 transcend points per point of favorability when it was from -79 to 70. After the favorability rating became positive, she might even give 1,000 transcend points for each point increase in favorability.

Of course, Ye Yong was clear that it would get harder to increase the favorability rating the higher it was. However, this didn’t stop him from being happy. It was no wonder that the system had said that the best way to increase transcend points was to steal the male lead’s women.

To tell the truth, Ye Yong didn’t really want to let go of Qin Shi Meng, but Qin Shi Meng was the first heroine to contact Long Tian in the novel, and there was no way for Ye Yong to interfere with her actions, which meant that the reality would follow the plot of the novel. As such, even though Ye Yong didn’t want to let go of her, he had no choice but to cut off ties with her.

“Lil Xue, come here.” Fortunately for Ye Yong, he had Wu Xue by his side. This little cutie was under Ye Yong’s control, and it shouldn’t be difficult for him to increase her favorability.

“Is- is something wrong, Young Master?” Wu Xue asked, coming to Ye Yong’s side cautiously. She thought that she had made Ye Yong made because she had swallowed her saliva when she smelled the fragrance of the tea. Contrary to her expectations, however, Ye Yong just poured a cup of tea and handed it to her, which made Wu Xue confused.


Wu Xue immediately shook her hands and head. She wanted to take it, but she didn’t dare to do so. Young Master was receiving a guest, and I’m just a maid. Could it be a trap set by Young Master? I’ll be slapped to death if I take it because it would be disrespecting the guest. Wu Xue became even more afraid when she thought of the possibility.

Ye Yong was speechless. You’re the future martial goddess. How could you be so timid? “Alright, I believe that Lady Qin won’t care about such a thing either. You can drink it if you want.”

Qin Shi Meng thought that Ye Yong was deliberately trying to show her his gentle side to increase her favorability. She didn’t really like it, but she wasn’t really against it. She smiled at Wu Xue and said, “It’s okay. This tea can even attract cultivators, let alone mortals. Drink it. It’s not good for your body if you try to hold back too much.

Wu Xue had heard that Ye Yong really liked Qin Shi Meng, and since Qin Shi Meng had spoken, Wu Xue thought that Ye Yong at least wouldn’t slap her to death with Qin Shi Meng around, at least not at the current moment.

Wu Xue bent over respectfully as she took the cup of tea. She then turned around and walked a bit of distance away and then peeked at Ye Yong. Seeing Ye Yong talking to Qin Shi Meng, she felt a bit more at ease. She blew on the cup of tea and took a small sip while being a bit anxious.

Wu Xue was just a mortal and she felt like her head had exploded after drinking the tea. The fragrance of the tea filled her nose. It wasn’t like she had never drunk tea before, but she had never drunk tea that was this good before. “So amazing. So this is the tea brewed by cultivators.”

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