Chapter 124: Lure a Few People Over

“Young Master, Niu Wu is back and is waiting for you in the living room,” Anri said.

“Oh? He’s back?” Liu Feng’s eyes lit up. He had just finished showering after his morning practice and hadn’t expected to hear such good news.

“Yes, and he brought back a lot of good news,” Anri said, nodding. She knew that the critical moment was coming. As long as the problem of horse thieves was solved, then they would have a good winter.

“Let’s go!” Liu Feng shook his wet hair. He hadn’t cut his hair in three months and it had grown quite a bit, down to his shoulders.

Anri saw that and whispered to a maid to get a clean towel while pointing at Liu Feng’s hair.


When Liu Feng came to the living room, he saw Niu Wu sitting up with his back straight. There was a pile of red bean cake in front of him.

Seeing Liu Feng arrive, Niu Wu stood up and saluted. “Young Master, I did not betray your expectations and have completed the mission.”

“You’ve worked hard. You can eat while you talk,” Liu Feng said, waving his hand. “Tell me what happened.”

“Yes!” Niu Wu recounted the arrangemetnds of Lil Lazy, the negotiations with North Wind City’s City Lord, the arrival of Tory and the merchants, and pretty much everything else.

Liu Feng’s eyes lit up while listening to Niu Wu speak. The merchants were a unexpected surprise for him. He was silent for a while, and then said, “Four medium-sized ships are all parked at the Ghostly Water River’s dock right now?”


“Very good. We can do a lot of things with these four ships.” Liu Feng was satisfied. He had guessed the results of the negotiations and North Wind City’s request for support.

“Young Master, Tory is here and is requesting to see you,” Anri said, holding a towel.

“Let him in.” Liu Feng knew that Tory had come to urge him to send troops over for support, but he had thought that someone else would be doing the job rather than Tory.

“Yes!” someone immediately went to relay Liu Feng’s order.

Anri got behind Liu Feng and gently wiped Liu Feng’s wet hair with the towel.

Liu Feng was surprised as he hhad hardly ever see Anri so quiet. Young Master, do you want me to make a few braids for you?” Anri laughed lightly as she stroked the soft black hair. “It’ll definitely look good.”

“…” Liu Feng hadn’t expected that Anri wanted to play with his hair.

Tory soon came in with a serious expression on his face, which was ruined by the little bun crumbs in the corners of his mouth. Tory bowed, and said, “Tory greets Lord Liu Feng.”

“Mr. Tory, we meet again,” Liu Feng said, waving his hand to let Tory sit down.

“Lord Liu Feng, please save North Wind City,” Tory cried. This was the last task that he had.

“Of course. We will set out immediately when the supplies are ready,” Liu Feng said, nodding his head. “We will leave in the afternoon at the latest.”

“Thank you very much, Lord Liu Feng!” Tory bowed again.

“You’ve had a hard journey so far. Please have breakfast in the castle,” Liu Feng said,

“It’s my pleasure!” Tory’s eyes lit up and them was a bit regretful. If I had known that this would happen, I wouldn’t have eaten so many meat buns. I should have left my appetite for the delicacies in the castle.

Tory followed the maid and left. He met Mina at the door, and he gave way to let Mina go first. He still wanted to live in West Sun City in the future, so even though Mina was a beastkin, he still had to be polite to her as she was someone in the castle.

“…” Mina was confused. Wasn’t this fat noble extremely arrogant last time? So how come he became so polite now and even let me go first?

“Very good. Everyone is here, so let’s have a pre-war meeting,” Liu Feng said.

“Young Master, leave it to me. I’ll lead the troops and make sure to kill all the horse thieves,” Niu Ben said, bowing.

Liu Feng shook his head. “Uncle Niu Ben, you have to stay in the castle and keep the castle and West Sun City in order. I plan to go there personally this time.”

“No!” Mina spoke before Niu Ben could even do so. “I go for you, Young Master!”

Anri grabbed Liu Feng’s hair and yelled, “Young Master, you can’t go! What if you get in danger?”

“Young Master, North Wind City is too dangerous,” Nicole said. “It’s better for you to take command from behind the scenes.”

“Hiss… be gentle, be gentle…” Liu Feng squeezed Anri’s hand and said gently, “Take it easy. I’m not actually going onto the battlefield to fight the enemies.”

“Still no. The battlefield is very dangerous. There’s still a possibility that you can get hurt.” Anri grabbed Liu Feng’s hand, and said pitifully, “Young Master, you have elite soldiers and powerful knights. You can obtain victory even without having to get on the battlefield.”

Looking at the three worried women, Liu Feng said, “Don’t worry, I’m very strong. Besides, I want to personally go and see West Sun City’s first war against others…”

The reason why he had given the horse thieves’ plan to North Wind City wasn’t just because he wanted to attract people. He also wanted to take the battlefield out of West Sun City and solve the horse thieves in North Wind City.

“But… Then I also want to go!” Realizing that Liu Feng couldn’t be persuaded, Anri requested to go with him. “I’ll go wherever Young Master goes.”

“…” Liu Feng’s arm froze. He shook his head and said gently, “Anri, you can’t go. You’re needed to look after our home.”

“Our home…” Anri blushed and lowered her head. She hadn’t expected to be attacked.

“Yes. If I’m gone, West Sun City would be hard to operate without you,” Liu Feng said, nodding.

“Then Young Master, I can go,” Nicole said, walking forward. “I can go and cook for you. You must not be able to eat other people’s cooking.”

“Little Nicole, you can’t go either. There are a lot of treasures in the inner vault, and you need to stay home to help me keep an eye on it.” Liu Feng pinched Nicole’s face. “Don’t forget who taught you how to cook!”

“…” Nicole failed, and she pouted and signaled Mina with her eyes.

“I will definitely go. Young Master, if you don’t let me go, I’ll sneak along,” Mina said, playing with the military knife in her hand.

“Who said I wasn’t going to let you go?” Liu Feng said, rolling his eyes. “I’ll drag you along even if you don’t want to go.” Mina wasn’t weak and had no problem taking care of herself. There was no way he was going to refuse her.

“…” Mina glared at Liu Feng. Young Master never acts according to the script.

“So that’s decided. Nicole, help me pack my clothes,” Liu Feng said.


The reason he insisted on going to North Wind City was to see the battle power of this world while also observing the shortcomings that his army had.

There was also the reason of showing off West Sun City’s charm and luring a few of North Wind City’s commoners over.

Him going to North Wind City was like saying, “Look, I, the noble city lord of West Sun City have personally come to support you. And look at the battle power of our West Sun City. Don’t you feel very safe? Aren’t you moved? Then come, come to our West Sun City. We have a lot of jobs here and have a lot of benefits.

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