Chapter 126: Iron Man Battle Suit?

“Should I pack this for Young Master? He’s quite restless in his sleep.” Nicole was holding a sleeping bag and was torn about whether or not to pack it.

Liu Feng, Mina, and Anri came in and saw that Nicole had already packed up quite a few cases.

“Little Nicole, I’m only going out for two days. There’s no need to bring so many things.” Liu Feng squatted down and looked through the things in the cases. Am I supposed to like spend a few months outside or something?

“Ah!” Nicole was started by the sudden sound, and she turned her head to look at Liu Feng as she patted her chest. “Young Master, you scared me again.”

Nicole stuffed the sleeping bag into an empty case and marked it with a number. “It’s better for you to take these things with you. Maybe it’ll be useful.”

Liu Feng looked at Nicole and thought, Well, this is her worrying about me, so I guess I’ll bring all of these. It’ll help her feel at ease, and besides, it’s just going to be on the ship anyways. “Alright! Then I’ll bring it.” Liu Feng nodded and walked towards the inner vault, stopping in front of a cabinet. He turned his head to Nicole and said, “Little Nicole, open the cabinet.”

“Okay!” Nicole took out the key, opened the lock, and backed off.

“He he … I finally have the chance to use it!” Liu Feng laughed and pushed the door open, revealing four sets of armor inside, colored red, blue, black, and silver.

Liu Feng had these armors custom-made on earth according to his size. They were made using special steel and were super lightweight. These armors were fish scale armor, plate armor, heavy armor, and leather armor. As the lord of a territory, these sets of armor were necessary. (Actually, Liu Feng just loved to collect cold weapons.)

“Wow! So cool!” Anri’s eyes were glowing, and her hands were trembling as she touched the armor. These four armors were better than the bright light armor.

“Which set should I choose?” Liu Feng stroked his chin. All four of these armors had taken into account safety and protection, but they were extremely expensive. There were studios that specialized in making armor on Earth, and he had found one completely by accident. The studio was backed by some wealthy second generations that loved cold weapons. They used some of the best materials available, as they didn’t lack the money.

Liu Feng thought about how the studio had an iron man battle suit on display. It was built with the latest materials and had everything- aside from the fact that it can’t fly, it can’t shoot lasers, it can’t shoot missiles, and it doesn’t have AI. Well, okay, it was just a set of armor.

Liu Feng had eyed that armor for a long time, but it cost a few million dollars. He put his desire in his heart and planned to wait to find ginseng and then going to buy the iron man battle suit. The sadistic side of him planned to put the armor in the study. It’ll definitely scare a lot of people. He he he…

“Young Master? Young Master?” Mina poked Liu Feng’s stomach with her finger. Liu Feng had suddenly froze and had been drooling.

“Cough cough…” Liu Feng coughed lightly. He was a fan of cold weapons and armors, so it was normal for him to have such thoughts,

“Young Master, how about you just choose fish scale armor?” mina suggested, poking Liu Feng’s stomach again.

“Uh…” Liu Feng patted Mina’s hand away. “Sure, I’ll choose the fish scale armor then.”

Nicole and Mina immediately went to the drawer and took out the fish scale armor. It was a modified fish scale armor and was extremely beautiful and exquisite- so much so that anyone wearing it would seem like the military general Zhao Zilong.¹

“Get the compound bow as well,” Liu Feng said, turning his head to face Anri.

“Okay!” Anri nodded.

Liu Feng picked a few more things from the inner vault and finished packing up the things that he planned to take with him. At lunch, Weya returned from the academy and heard that Liu Feng was going onto the battlefield and was also worried and also tried to persuade Liu Feng to not go, but she also failed.

“Lord, take care!” Weya said.

“It’s okay, it’s just some horse thieves. I’ll take care of them and return quickly,” Liu Feng said confidently.

Weya nodded and opened her mouth but closed it before saying anything. There were things that were inappropriate for the current time.”

“What do you want to say?” Liu Feng asked. “Just speak, I’ll try to help you if I can do it.”

“…” Weya shook her head. “I’ll tell you once you return in triumph.”

Liu Feng wanted to say something, but at that moment, Niu Da ran in.

“Young Master, everyone is ready. We can leave at any time.” Niu Da was currently wearing a knight armor produced by the Department of Scientific Research. It was kind of a combination of fish scale armor and plate armor.

“Okay. Please wait for me patiently for a few days for my triumphant return. Then you can tell me what you wanted to say.” Liu Feng got up and took Mina out. This was not the time to be hesitant.

“Let’s go!”

Weya stared at Liu Feng, who was slowly getting out of sight. The corners of her mouth were slightly raised. Maybe I can be saved here. She thought about the naughty and mischievous children in her class and how they were serious when listening to stories. These days were the most relaxed days ever for her.

“You should have brought it up earlier,” Anri said. “Now that they’ve set off, we’re a bit short on manpower.”

“I’ve waited for so many days already, so waiting for a few more days doesn’t matter.” Weya shook her head. She had decided to stay in West Sun City as her doubts had all been removed. After Liu Feng returned, she would go back to her tribe to bring other beastkins with her to spend the winter in West Sun City and have them work.

None of them went to see Liu Feng off, not even Nicole. They didn’t want Liu Feng to see their sad expressions, as they wanted Liu Feng to leave with confidence and in a good mood rather than to leave in sadness.

“I’m going to the study,” Anri suddenly turned her head and ran toward the study.

“I’m going to!” Nicole said, following Anri.

Weya was left there, dumbfounded at what had happened. They just ran away like that? Are they going to hide in the study and cry?

“Wait, that’s not right…” Weya frowned slightly and understood what was going on. The study was on the top floor of the highest building in West Sun City, so by looking out of the study’s window, they could be able to see…

“Can beastkins really marry human nobles? Lord may not discriminate against beastkins and is a great noble, but…

“The judging eyes of the people and dirty rumors that are the invisible shackles are the most frightening things…

“Mina, Anri … and … me?”

Translator’s Notes:

¹ Aka Zhao Yun.

Forgive me, it’s getting cold and my hands are freezing and it’s hard to move my hands around because of how thick my clothes are and so my typing speed is like 70% of what it usually is. So don’t expect too a lot of chapters. Also, finals coming up in two weeks and even though I don’t mind getting 60s, I still want to pass the class so I gotta study okay? (In other words, I probably might have to miss chapters.)

Also got a shit ton of assignments due.

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