Volume 1 Chapter 14: Gifting Mental Art

[Frozen Heart Jade Physiquel Immortal Art] was a pretty conventional name, but it was an Immortal Grade Mental Art that fitted Qin Shi Meng extremely well. She currently had the Frozen Heart Physique, which would evolve into the Frozen Heart Jade Physique, one of the top five Immortal Physiques, in the future.

Mental arts were divided into grades, namely, Yellow, Mystery, Earth, Heaven, Saint, Immortal, and Divine.

[The Frozen Heart Jade Physique Immortal Art] was divided into parts 1, 2, and 3. Ye Yong spent 1,000 transcend points in the store to get part 1 of the [Frozen Heart Jade Physique Immortal Art]. Part 2 cost 10,000 transcend points, while part 3 cost a whopping 100,000 transcend points!

In other words, it would require 111,000 transcend points to master the [Frozen Heart Jade Physique Immortal Art]. However, compared to Saint Grade treasures, the mental art was actually pretty cheap. After all, mental art couldn’t just be used by anyone- only by people with the appropriate talent.

Saint Grade treasures, in comparison, could be used by pretty much any cultivator with enough spiritual power and strong enough cultivation. There were usually no other restrictions except for some special treasures.

Looking at the Saint Grade Treasures that cost hundreds of thousands of transcend points and Immortal Grade Treasures that cost millions of transcend points, Ye Yong felt that 111,000 transcend points weren’t really expensive. Besides, he was only going to buy part 1, which was only 1,000 transcend points.

It might only be part 1 of the mental art, but it could still allow Qin Shi Meng to smoothly advance to the Nascent Soul Realm. She would have long met with the male lead by then, and the fallen immortal elder would give her the rest of the mental art. Ye Yong was just trying to increase Qin Shi Meng’s favorability rating to get some transcend points.

“This mental art is called… [Frozen Heart Jade Physique Art].” Ye Yong omitted the word “immortal”, because that one word could completely change the value of the mental art, and he didn’t want Qin Shi Meng to refuse because of how valuable the mental art was. “I bought some antiques some time ago and accidentally found this mental art in a hidden compartment.”

Ye Yong handed the mental art that he had written down to Qin Shi Meng. “I remember that you have the Frozen Heart Physique, so this mental art should suit you very well. This may only be the first part of the mental art, but it is enough for you to advance to the Nascent Soul Realm smoothly. I believe that you will be able to obtain the rest of the mental art when you advanced to the Nascent Soul Realm.”

Qin Shi Meng knew that her Frozen Heart Physique was an extremely rare physique, so there wasn’t really any mental art that fit her well. She had never heard of [Frozen Heart Jade Physique Art], but as a cultivator, she knew just how valuable this mental art was. She could immediately tell that this mental art was much better than the mental art used by her family. Qin Shi Meng had reached a bottleneck in cultivation recently, and after thinking for a long time, she could only think that it was a problem with the mental art and that the mental art didn’t suit her.

However, just reading the [Frozen Heart Jade Physique Immortal Art] allowed Qin Shi Meng to feel her bottleneck loosening, and she even felt that she was about to break through.

Cultivators had amazing eyesight and memory, so Qin Shi Meng had already memorized the mental art when Ye Yong was writing, which meant that the paper wasn’t really necessary. However, the paper represented Ye Yong’s intention to apologize and make amends.

Qin Shi Meng froze for a moment, not knowing what to say. It was the first time since she was born that her mind was blank and she didn’t know what to say.

In a normal situation, Ye Yong would grab Qin Shi Meng’s hand, stuff the paper into her hand, and flirt a bit. However, Ye Yong wouldn’t do that in this situation because he wanted to live! He had already intended to keep far from Qin Shi Meng, so flirting with Qin Shi Meng would only break his heart when Qin Shi Meng gets together with the male lead in the future. As such, Ye Yong currently just wanted to treat Qin Shi Meng as a passerby. Besides, it was extremely hard for him to increase Qin Shi Meng’s favorability rating. He didn’t want to risk having his transcend points deducted when Qin Shi Meng’s favorability rating dropped.

Qin Shi Meng is great, but transcend points are even better! As an antagonist that wanted to change his fate and become the strongest passerby, Ye Yong would have to rely on transcend points.

“This mental art is extremely precious. Lady Qin, please don’t spread it so that you won’t invite problems to look for you.” Ye Yong put the paper in front of Qin Shi Meng and stood up. “I still have something to do, so I won’t keep accompanying you. Fate will determine whether or not we meet again.” Saying that, Ye Yong got up and returned to his mansion.

A long time passed before Qin Shi Meng came to her senses. Her hands trembled as she picked up the piece of paper with Ye Yong’s pretty handwriting. “What is he doing?” Qin Shi Meng was confused by what had happened. Ye Yong first canceled the engagement to give me back my freedom and then gave me a mysterious mental art as compensation. Why did so many good things happen today? Could I still be in the mountain and just fell asleep while inlightening the sword?

“Maybe it’s a trap. I can’t be too careless.” Qin Shi Meng’s defenses were really high, or rather, Ye Yong’s image of a gentleman on the outside and a hot-tempered, corrupted tyrant on the inside left a lasting impression in Qin Shi Meng’s heart, so she was biased. As such, Qin Shi Meng still thought that Ye Yong was scheming something.

Whatever the case was, however, Qin Shi Meng wasn’t going to not use the mental art after obtaining it. She had just tried using it and it suited her extremely well. She felt that the flow of spiritual energy in her body became much faster, and she just wanted to return home quickly and break through to the sixth layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

In the mansion, Ye Yong looked at Qin Shi Meng’s favorability rating, which had increased from -62 to -21, and Qin Shi Meng’s attitude had gone from [Hatred] to [Vigilant]. Ye Yong also got more than 12,000 transcend points, which he was extremely happy about.

The Heavenly Jade Staff used by the male lead only gave Ye Yong 300 transcend points, and yet, Ye Yong got more than 12,000 transcend points just by chatting with Qin Shi Meng, spending 200 transcend points to buy Dao of Tea Brewing Elementary Edition, spending 5 points to buy the introductory level of calligraphy, and spending 1,000 transcend points to buy part 1 of the [Frozen Heart Jade Physique Immortal Art]. Ye Yong loved this deal and wanted more of it.

Thinking about how this was a cultivation novel and how the male lead would meet a lot of heroines in the future and encounter many fortuitous opportunities…

Ye Yong couldn’t help but swallow his saliva.

“Young Master… you…” Wu Xue wanted to say something, but she didn’t dare to.

“Don’t worry, just say whatever questions you have,” Ye Yong said, secretly wiping the “joyful tears” that had dripped out from his mouth.

Wu Xue took a deep breath and spoke. “Did you really want to cripple your cultivation?”

Part of the reason she could speak was that the spirit tea that she drank allowed her to get peace of mind and concentration, giving her the courage to ask the question. As soon as the effect of the spirit tea faded, Wu Xue would continue being the reserved, shy, and scared girl in front of Ye Yong and wouldn’t even dare to look at Ye Yong in the eyes, let alone ask questions.

“Yeah. I did a lot of wrong things in the past, especially to Lady Qin, which gave her a lot of headaches. If I can make her happy, I see no problem in crippling my cultivation.”

“But don’t all cultivators care a lot about cultivation? Won’t they become mortals without cultivation?”

“Sometimes, cultivation isn’t always the most important thing. By the way, Lil Xue, do you want to cultivate?”

“I want to, but I don’t have the spiritual roots and talent necessary…” Wu Xue wanted to become a cultivator, but only for the sake of searching for her parents.

“Cultivating doesn’t always refer to immortal cultivators but also martial cultivators.” Ye Yong looked at Wu Xue’s favorability rating and it had risen from -56 to -41 because she had witnessed Ye Yong’s conversation with Qin Shi Meng. Wu Xue’s attitude had changed from [Terrified] to [Scared]. It was at this point that Ye Yong realized that the 12,000 transcend points that he had gotten didn’t just come from Qin Shi Meng; Wu Xue also contributed to them.

“Cultivating martial arts? But my body isn’t good… There’s no way I can become a martial cultivator.”

“What if I have a way to let you cultivate martial arts?”

Wu Xue’s heart skipped a beat, and she soon calmed down. Her mood became a bit down. “It’s this late already, so Wu Xue will go and get dinner for Young Master.”

“I’m a cultivator. Even though I can’t go without food completely, I still won’t be hungry for a while. I mean what I said. If you are willing to believe me, then I can do more than just let you cultivate martial arts- I can make you a strong martial cultivator- one that doesn’t fear immortal cultivators.”

“Lil Xue knows what I am capable of. Please don’t tease Lil Xue again, Young Master,” Wu Xue said. She turned and left to go to the kitchen.

Ye Yong wasn’t very anxious. Wu Xue wouldn’t be able to run, and he had plenty of time to increase Wu Xue’s favorability.

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