Volume 1 Chapter 15: Reforging Physique

Qin Family’s Residence.

The whole Qin Family, from the elders to the servants, thought that it was Qin Shi Meng’s fault that she couldn’t win back Ye Yong’s favor.

Can’t win back Young Master Ye’s favor anymore, now can you? That’s what happens when you’re usually so cold to him.

It wasn’t just the Qin Family- almost everyone in the Great Zhou Dynasty thought that it was Qin Shi Meng’s fault. Ye Yong really did a perfect job at creating his public image of a kind, caring, and talented gentleman. On the other hand, Qin Shi Meng’s public image was that of a cold-hearted, heartless woman.

Qin Shi Meng didn’t have any time to pay attention to the pointless talks and rumors about her. She had just obtained the [Frozen Heart Jade Physique Immortal Art] and was busy enjoying the benefits of the mental art.

Qin Shi Meng had broken through the Foundation Establishment Realm 5th layer and got to the 6th layer in just one night.

Having been freed from the constraints of the engagement, and adding on the fact that her cultivation had advanced, Qin Shi Meng felt as if the day was a dream. Her heart was relaxed, and she continuously circulated the mental art to steady her cultivation.

“Young Lady! Young Lady! Bad news!” Qin Shi Meng’s personal maid came and interrupted Qin Shi Meng.

Qin Shi Meng wasn’t a bad-tempered young lady that killed people for no reason. She absorbed the last bit of spirit qi that had appeared as a result of her breakthrough into her dantian, finished cultivating one cycle of the mental art, and opened her eyes to look at the nervous maid. “What happened? Why are you so panicked?”

“Ye Family, Young Master Ye, he…”

“He’s here again?” Qin Shi Meng frowned slightly.

“No, he crippled his cultivation!”

“What?” Qin Shi Meng had never expected that Ye Yong would really cripple his own cultivation. What is he thinking?

“Right now there’s a lot of people saying that Young Master Ye did such a thing because you broke his heart.”

“That bastard…” Qin Shi Meng was going to say something, but she felt that Ye Yong had no need to destroy his future just to have people talk badly about her. Could he really be just trying to prove that he wouldn’t continue to bother me?

Qin Shi Meng’s thoughts were pretty chaotic. If it was before, she would be extremely happy to hear the news. However, they were no longer bounded by engagement, and Ye Yong had given her the [Frozen Heart Jade Physique Immortal Art] that had allowed her to quickly advance to the 6th layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm, she…

“How is he now?”

“I don’t know. I immediately came over with the news as soon as I heard it. Old master and the elders will definitely receive the news very soon, and they will definitely call you over, Young Lady.”

As soon as the maid finished speaking, a sound came from the bottom of the mountain. “The Family Head has ordered Young Lady Qin Shi Meng to quickly get to the council hall.”

Qin Shi Meng sighed. She knew that her elders would question her. Her heart was tired, but at the same time, it was filled with guilt. If I didn’t request that from him yesterday, then maybe he wouldn’t have done such a thing. It’s not hard for someone to recultivate to the Foundation Establishment Realm, but no matter how talented he is, it will still take at least a few years for him to return to the 7th layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm. And at that point, people who weren’t as talented as him would have already surpassed his cultivation level. Besides, him crippling his own cultivation could leave behind some internal injuries and long-term side effects.

Thinking about how Ye Yong had said that they no longer had anything to do with each other and how fate would determine whether or not they would see each other again, Qin Shi Meng didn’t feel too well.

“Yong Er… there is no place in this world where there is no grass. Why are you suffering over just one?” Lin Wei asked with a sad face as she looked at Ye Yong, who had become “crippled”.

Ye Yong didn’t want this to happen, but there was no way for him to hide the fact that he crippled his cultivation from the Nascent Soul Realm and Ascension Realm powerhouses. He had spent the whole night cramming knowledge about cultivation and had crippled his cultivation on a whim. Not one second had passed when he had crippled his cultivation when someone had discovered that he had crippled his cultivation.

It was inevitable as shattering the dantian would cause the phenomenon of leaking out spirit qi, and it was difficult for powerhouses to not notice the abnormality.

“Mother, I am not doing this for Lady Qin. I just wanted to recultivate so that I can go further in the future. As long as you are willing to trust me, I will be able to recultivate to the seventh layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm and even break through to the eighth layer,” Ye Yong said. However, now that he had been “crippled”, nothing he said had much credibility.

The elders were looking at him with complicated expressions and were regretful. None of them were gloating. This was the benefit of being in an antagonist family. The families were kind of brain-dead, but they were at least somewhat unified. If it was the male lead, then a bunch of elders would have jumped out and sneered at him and would be gloating.

Ye Yong didn’t really want to explain too much to his mother or the elders. “I have a request.  I hope to get…”

Ye Yong listed several spiritual herbs that he would need to use to reforge his physique. Some of them were incredibility preciously, as even the Ye Family only had three 5th-grade spiritual medicines. Ye Yong could buy them in the store with transcend points, but he wanted to save them whenever he could.

The elders looked at each other. Ye Yong didn’t look like he was crazy, and they could only take his words for it. Seriously, the antagonist families were brain-dead, but they were truly united. They were extremely doting toward their young ones and children.

Ye Yong soon got all the things that he needed. Lin Wei wanted to accompany Ye Yong to see what he was doing, but Ye Yong persuaded her to leave. Only Wu Xue was left in the room with Ye Yong, and Ye Yong made a Separation Formation.

Wu Xue was shocked when she saw that Ye Yong had really become a mortal. She would never destroy her future if she was a cultivator.

“How may I help you, Young Master?” Since Ye Yong didn’t have any cultivation left, he was about as strong as a normal man, and so Wu Xue wasn’t as afraid of Ye Yong as before. Her favorability rating had even increased to -25, and her attitude had changed to [Slightly Scared]. Ye Yong had obtained about 2,000 transcend points.

Ye Yong wanted to forge a divine physique, so there were a lot of rare spiritual herbs and even immortal herbs that were required that the Ye Family didn’t have. Ordinary medicinal pots also weren’t strong enough to withstand the medicinal power of some of the spiritual herbs and the immortal herbs, so Ye Yong had to spend 9,000 transcend points to buy the remaining spiritual herbs and immortal herbs and a specially made medicinal pot.

Fortunately, there wasn’t a requirement for how old the immortal herbs were- they just had to be the right ones. The 10-year-old immortal herbs only cost Ye Yong 6,000 transcend points, and Ye Yong wouldn’t know what to do if the cost was greater by another 0.

Because storage rings were a thing, Wu Xue wasn’t weirded out by the fact that Ye Yong had pulled a medicinal pot out of thin air.

Under the medicinal pot was the intermediate-level alchemy fire source. Ye Yong put in the spiritual herbs that were needed in the beginning, and everything was ready.

“I’m going to reforge my physique now, but since the forging process is very painful, I can’t add the spiritual herbs by myself. You will keep watch by the side and put in whatever I say,” Ye Yong said. He told Wu Xue the names of each spiritual herb.

Wu Xue had never done anything like this before and was worried that she would mess up. “Young Master, how about letting the Lady do it?”

“No.” Ye Yong shook his head. He was going to use an extremely profound method to reforge his physique- one that ordinary cultivators would not know about. Ye Yong also had the intention of setting an example for Wu Xue to see for when she forged her physique. “Only you can help me.”

Hearing Ye Yong say that, Wu Xue no longer tried to refuse. She tried to steady her breathing, afraid that she would faint from being too nervous. However, her face flushed in the next moment. Ye Yong had begun to undress, and even though her vision was somewhat blocked because of where she was standing, she could still see Ye Yong’s lean upper body, which made her heart beat really fast.

“Young- Young Master, it- it- it’s not a good idea to take off your clothes, right?”

“Clothes will affect how well my body can absorb the medicinal properties. Besides, I am reforging my physique, so I have to wash away the already-forged physique, which means that it will be a much more difficult process than normal.”

“Wash away the already-forged physique?” Although Wu Xue “didn’t have the talent” to become an immortal cultivator or a martial cultivator, she had desired to become stronger and knew the basics of physique forging. She had never heard of washing away an already-forged physique.

“Okay, you just watch from the side. When the time comes, put in whatever I tell you to put in.”

“En…” Wu Xue blushed and lowered her head, and Ye Yong got into the medicinal pot.

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