Chapter 128: The Intimidating Military

The soldiers were at the castle gate, all in their equipment. They stood in a neat formation and looked at Liu Feng with sharp eyes.

The citizens of West Sun City’s citizens were around. Some were worried, some were happy, and some were excited. Currently, their sons, fathers, friends, or relatives were going out with Liu Feng to fight- and to bring back the glory they deserved.

Liu Feng looked at the soldiers and raised his voice. “Everyone! We all know that horse thieves will come and plunder our food and wheat, and even your wives and children. Now, I, Liu Feng, you city lord, the noble of this territory, will take you to slaughter the horse thieves. Are you scared?”

West Sun City had been attacked by Carter’s knights that pretended to be horse thieves in the previous year. Carter had sold West Sun City to a merchant, and the “horse thieves” plundered West Sun City and kill the merchant.

Many of the people present had red eyes as they thought about the horse thieves that had entered the city the previous year and robbed them.

“Not scared!”

“Not scared!”

The soldiers yelled loudly, and it was as if there were hundreds of people yelling- even though there were only 60 of them. This intimidated the people around them, making all of them take a few steps back.

The merchants were especially scared, and fear even showed in their eyes. A few merchants that had been scheming something immediately put the thought away. This isn’t like those poor small cities where we can do whatever we want.

Solo, who just arrived, saw what happened, and his pupils shrank. He realized that the soldiers weren’t just ordinary people- they weren’t knights but were better than knights.

One must know that knights represent the strength of a noble. A baron with thirty knights was already considered pretty powerful. And yet, there were thirty of these “knights” in front of Solo. The cost wasn’t something that any baron could afford to cover- even a viscount would have to be careful with his/her expenses.

Solo understood that there would be plenty of soldiers left to guard the city, meaning that Liu Feng had the strength of a viscount, and possibly even higher.

This was the effect that Liu Feng wanted- this intimidation effect- to scare those that had malicious intentions, so that he could leave the city without having to be worried about it.

Liu Feng waved his hand, and all of them immediately stopped yelling. Liu Feng was extremely satisfied with this, and he had achieved his goal of raising the morale of the army before they left the city. “Then, let’s go and bring back the glory we deserve!”

“Long Live Lord Liu Feng!”

“Long Live Lord Liu Feng!”

The corner of Liu Feng’s mouth rose as he took walked towards the carriage and stood on the carriage steps. He waved his hand and shouted, “Let’s go!”

The soldiers turned around and marched toward West Sun City’s gate. Their steps were in rhythmic, their faces and eyes were sharp and cold, and their weapons were glinting with cold light. The surrounding people immediately got out of the way as they looked at the soldiers in awe.

Liu Feng, who was still standing on the steps of the carriage, said, “Uncle Niu Ben, “I’ll leave West Sun City to you.”

“I will defend it to the death!” Niu Ben saluted.

Liu Feng nodded and turned his head to look at the castle. He saw two people at the window of the study, and although he couldn’t see them clearly because it was a bit far away, he could still see them waving at him.

Liu Feng and Mina waved back and then got into the coach box.

Liu Feng rang the bell, and the carriage set off. The War Wolves surrounded the carriage, protecting it as they moved forward together.

In the carriage, Liu Feng pulled up the curtains to look around, and he immediately saw several people dressed in good clothes. He instantly knew that those people were the merchants that had just come to West Sun City.

Liu Feng nodded in satisfaction when he saw the fear in the merchants’ eyes. That fear was what he wanted to see. It might not last long, but as long as he returned in triumph five days later, then it wouldn’t matter. 

Solo saw Liu Feng and was shocked. He’s the noble of West Sun City? This young? How is it possible? Rental carriages, steel coins, public restrooms, and public bathhouses were all invented by this twenty-year-old noble?

Solo was in disbelief. Not even the scholars in the capital had such amazing ideas, and yet, a noble in this remote place was able to come up with them. What would happen if a genius like him entered the capital? What if he entered the royal court? Would the king see his talent and potential? Would he ascend to the rank of a grand duke with his talent? Or would a princess take a fancy to him and have him become a prince? Princess Lucy is pretty talented as well. Something interesting might happen if those two meet each other.

“Harsh lands produce outstanding people!” Solo stroked his beard. “It seems that I will have to stay in West Sun City for a few more days than I planned. It’d be a shame to not get acquainted with such a talented person.”

“Yes! Let’s stay a few more days! I want to eat buns and use the public restroom and the public bathhouse every day!” Gale said.


The army soon left West Sun City and got to the dock. Liu Feng looked at the citizens that were working hard to build the dock and nodded in satisfaction. He believed that it wouldn’t be long before a large dock would finish being built.

“Young Master, let’s board the ship,” Niu Da shouted.


Liu Feng got down from the carriage. Someone else would take the carriage back to the castle.

He looked at the ships in the river. The four largest ships were medium-sized transport ships. They were 20 meters long, 5 meters wide, and 6 meters tall.

“These ships are still too small.” Thinking about the sizes of the large ships, Liu Feng was disappointed when he saw the medium-sized ships.

The large ships were 50 meters long and 12 meters wide- almost twice that of the medium-sized transport ships.

“Seems like I’ll have to build a ship myself in the future.” Liu Feng thought of the treasure ships of the Ming Dynasty. They were made of wood but were 130 meters long.¹ It was something that when created, would shake the whole world.

Translator’s Notes:

¹ Some sources say 70 meters, some say 100 meters, and most others say 120-130 meters.

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