Chapter 129: Other World Version Canned Fish

Sounds of water ran out.

“Young Master, can we really catch fish like this?”

Mina asked as she looked at Liu Feng, who had been sitting there for the past half hour.

“Of course!” Liu Feng nodded.

This was the second day since they left West Sun City, and they would arrive in North Wind City the next afternoon.

Liu Feng was pretty interested on the first day of the ship ride, but Liu Feng got bored very quickly. The cramped and small rooms smelled and the ship wouldn’t stop swaying, which caused him to feel that he was constantly moving, and his heart wouldn’t calm down.

So this morning, Liu Feng decided to do some fishing. He had yet to taste the fish in this world. The people in this world did eat fish, but their methods of catching fish were… less than optimal. They would either go in the water to catch fish with their hands or with harpoons. These methods were fine when in shallow fish ponds but would cause people to drown in deeper waters.

“Young Master, does fish taste good?” Mina asked in a small voice. “I’ve never eaten fish before.”

“Uh…” Liu Feng turned his head and looked at the catgirl. For some reason, things felt a bit strange to him. “They’re good. You’ll know after I catch some,” Liu Feng said, rubbing Mina’s cheeks.

Ten minutes passed, and the fishing string suddenly shook. Then it shook again. And again. And again.

“Here it comes! The fish has gotten the bait!” Liu Feng’s eyes lit up and violently pulled the rod. A struggling fish soon appeared on the deck of the boat.

“Fish? Caught the bait?” Mina froze for a short moment before jumping up in excitement. She looked at the struggling fish, and pouted, “That’s a fish? It’s so ugly.”

“This is called a trout.” Liu Feng recognized the fish to be a freshwater trout. The one that he had caught was about 30 centimeters long, which was pretty big for a trout.¹

“Young master, how do we eat it? Do we roast it?” Mina asked, looking like a kitten begging for food.

“Don’t be impatient, let me catch a few more.” Liu Feng picked up the trout, unhooked it, and threw it into the wooden bucket. He then put bait on the hook and threw it into the river. He wanted to catch a few more fish. He wanted to try something out and see whether or not fishing could become a source of meat for his territory and become a profitable business for him.

“Young Master, I want to try too,” Mina pleaded. She hardly ever asked for anything, at least, she hadn’t requested anything apart from the polished rice porridge and knives that she requested after they first met.

“Sure!” Liu Feng said. “There’s a long wooden box in the cabin, and in it is another fishing road.”

“Okay!” Mina rushed into the cabin and soon came out with a fishing rod in her hand. Liu Feng taught her the basics of fishing, and three minutes later…

“Eh? Something’s tugging on the string,” Mina said nervously, looking at Liu Feng for help.

“Just yank it up,” Liu Feng said. He had brought a pretty strong fishing line, strong enough to handle freshwater fish.

Mina put force into her arms and pulled the fish- a trout- onto the ship.

“Yay! I caught a fish!” Mina shouted excitedly, throwing the fish into the barrel and going back to fishing.

Two minutes later…

“Yay! A fish caught the bait!” Mina said, pulling the fish onto the ship.

Three minutes later…

“Huh? Another fish?” Mina said.

Liu Feng, who was beside Mina, felt that the wind was a bit too strong today, which caused the fish string to wobble and shake, which had caused him to use an hour to catch fish. Yep, that’s it. Today isn’t a good day for fishing.

“Young Master, why did you stop fishing? These fish are so stupid and easy to catch,” Mina said, smiling and pulling up another fish.

Liu Feng shrugged and put the fishing rod away. Mina is the real person blessed by the Goddess of Luck. With this “pro fisher” by his side, Liu Feng could try out some things, like canned fish.

“Niu Da, bring over a few ceramic jar.” Liu Feng said, turning his head to look at Niu Da. “Oh, and bring over the gridiron as well.”

“Yes!” Niu Da turned around and went into the cabin.

Only Niu Da and Niu Er of the Niu brothers had come along with Liu Feng on the trip. Niu San had to stay back to lead the other soldiers left in the military camp.

Liu Feng soon got the items, and he began to deal with the fish. As a kitchen master, it was way too easy for him to deal with fish.

Liu Feng soon cleaned all five of the fish. Mina had stopped fishing and was watching Liu Feng and would hand him things from time to time.

Liu Feng couldn’t use metal cans to make canned fish in this world. Okay, well, it wasn’t impossible because they couldn’t do it, but because the cost would be too much. Besides, a simple sealing technique would wreck him.

As such, Liu Feng could only use ceramic jars to make canned fish. He would boil the ceramic jars with hot water to kill the bacteria and viruses, put in the cooked fish, and close the jar.

The result? A roughly-made canned fish.

Liu Feng wasn’t sure whether or not it would stink and rot, but he could easily test it by leaving it alone for a few days and then opening it to check it. If successful, they could easily store meat for up to four months, which would allow Liu Feng to export the canned fish to other cities to sell.

When he got back. Liu Feng would get people to make fish nets. The Ghostly Water River was large enough that as long as they don’t overfish, then West Sun City wouldn’t be able to use up all the fish.

Liu Feng had heard that nobles in the capital loved eating fish, and that was his target. It’s not excessive to charge a silver coin for a can of fish, right?

Liu Feng quickly made a few different flavors of canned fish and then stopped. He started roasting the trout as Mina had been drooling.

“Young Master, is it ready?” Mina asked. She was extremely tempted by the smell of the fish.

“It’s ready. Here,” Liu Feng said, shaking his head in amusement and handing over a roasted trout to Mina.

“Wow! So delicious! I’ve decided, fish is ranked behind polished rice porridge.” Mina’s eyes were glowing as she took a bite of the fish.

Delicious food could make people happy. If you’re not happy, then eat. If you’re happy, then still eat.

But tomorrow wasn’t a happy day- it was a day where blood would be spilled.

Author’s Notes:

( ̄▽ ̄) I’m just trying to make my writing more detailed.

Translator’s Notes:

¹ So there are mostly two sides for the size. One side says 10 – 20 inches while the other side says 20 – 30 inches on average. Idk which one is true, but what I can say is that 30 centimeters is like 12 inches, which isn’t large for trout… I don’t know, I don’t fish, don’t use me as a reputable source.

I’ve got three writing assignments due. Oops.

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