Volume 1 Chapter 16: Favorability Rating Increased

This is more painful than I thought! Ye Yong thought as he submerged his whole body below his neck into the boiling medicinal “elixir” in the pot. System, help me keep the time.


Even though the system wouldn’t help Ye Yong directly, it could still help time things.

According to the Physique Forging Encyclopedia, Ye Yong would have to soak in the medicinal elixir for at least 4 hours.

It was like cooking human soup. Ye Yong’s face was red and purple from the heat, and there wasn’t a place on his body that didn’t hurt.

The system would inform Ye Yong of the time every once in a while, and Ye Yong would make Wu Xue add in a specific spiritual herb.

The elixir became worse and worse over time and became a dark red color.

Seeing Ye Yong’s face twist in pain, Wu Xue tried to convince Ye Yong to stop and get out of the pot.

“This is just mere physical pain! This is nothing! The pain that comes when it’s time to refine the soul is much more intense!” Ye Yong roared. “This is the only way to become stronger!”

Wu Xue bit her lip. She understood have impotent and “useless” she was as a normal person. In fact, she wasn’t even as strong as a normal person. She also wanted to become stronger and was willing to go through any hardship to achieve that goal.

Ye Yong had a great future ahead of him, and although Wu Xue didn’t know what Ye Yong had been thinking, she respected and admired Ye Yong’s courage to cripple his cultivation and start over from the beginning.

Wu Xue stopped trying to persuade Ye Yong to stop. Her eyes showed seriousness, and she concentrated on the task at hand. She would immediately add whatever spiritual herb into the pot whenever Ye Yong said them. At this moment, she wanted to believe that Ye Yong would succeed.

After she put in the last spiritual herb, Wu Xue found that Ye Yong’s face became more distorted and seemed to be in even more pain. The elixir also made a gurgling sound as if it could explode at any moment. The skin below Ye Yong’s neck had cracked, and blood could be seen.

“Young Master…” Wu Xue started to speak, but she immediately covered her mouth and stopped herself. She didn’t want to disturb Ye Yong.

An unknown amount of time passed, and the gurgling sound subsided. Ye Yong’s face relaxed, and Wu Xue’s tight face also relaxed. She was pretty sure that Ye Yong had succeeded.

The elixir black and red elixir was now completely red, which was from the blood that had leaked out. The cracked skin had also been repaired and became much smoother and more delicate than Wu Xue’s skin.

So embarrassing.

Wu Xue hurriedly looked away, but she couldn’t help but take a  few more glances at Ye Yong. She felt that Ye Yong had changed, but she couldn’t tell exactly what had changed.

7.5 minutes, Ye Yong opened his eyes. Unlike other fantasy novels, Ye Yong’s eyes didn’t emit divine light or something of the sort- they just looked radiant.

“Young Master, did you succeed?” Wu Xue asked, bringing over a tower, ready to wipe Ye Yong’s body at any time.

“Yeah, I almost died from the pain.” The pain that Ye Yong had felt was way more intense than could be seen from the surface. Ye Yong had felt like countless ants had pierced through his skin and invaded his body and got into his bones. If it wasn’t because there was a limit to physical bodies, then Ye Yong’s face would have been way more twisted from the pain.

“Then… Young Master, what kind of physique did you forge?” Wu Xue asked. She knew about some of the most common physiques, including the Bones of Steel Physique and Spirit Tool Physique.

The Bones of Steel Physique was more suitable for martial arts, while the Spirit Tool Physique was more suitable for spells.

There were also other special physiques, but at the core, they all revolved around martial arts and spells. It’s just that every physique had its own advantages and disadvantages.

“This is a physique lost to time! I can tell you what it is, but you have to keep it a secret, even if it means you will die! Are you prepared?” Ye Yong asked.

“Then it’s better for me to not know about it. If a mortal as weak as me knows about your physique, then I would expose it as soon as I get captured and mind-controlled,” Wu Xue said. She knew what her limits were, and she didn’t believe that she would be able to keep the secret.

“You’re not weak. Like I said, as long as you trust me, I can help you forge your physique successfully, and you will be able to cultivate martial arts to become a saint. You will be able to cut stars with leaves and split mountains and rivers with swords.”

Wu Xue’s heartbeat sped up, but she didn’t think that she had the talent and potential to do such things. “Young Master, please don’t tease me.”

“I’m being serious. When I went out yesterday, I prepared a physique-forging elixir for you and you just have to agree, and I will help you forge your physique, Ye Yong said, standing up in the pot and causing Wu Xue to quickly look away.

Seeing Ye Yong look so serious, Wu Xue couldn’t help but think that it could be possible for a moment. Can I really become stronger? Can I really say goodbye to my destiny of being a mortal? Wu Xue still couldn’t believe it. She didn’t dare to believe it, and she didn’t have any confidence in herself. She was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to reach her own expectations and goals, and that failure would make her as painful as if she was facing death.

Despair by itself isn’t scary. What is scary is seeing hope and having the fire of hope die out before it could light up the surroundings, causing everything would return to darkness.

“Young Master, it’s important for you to regain your original cultivation. There is no need for me to hurry.”

“That’s fine,” Ye Yong said, nodding. That was because forging Wu Xue’s physique required a certain amount of spiritual energy.

Even though Ye Yong had successfully reforged his physique, Ye Yong was currently just a few dozen times stronger than martial artists and was only about as strong as a Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator, which was far from enough.

Ye Yong’s spirit vessels also weren’t open, meaning that he had no spiritual power at all, meaning that he wouldn’t be able to help Wu Xue forge her physique perfectly. After all, Wu Xue didn’t have a system and didn’t have transcend points that could be used to exchange for critical items in critical moments.

As such, it was important for Ye Yong to increase his cultivation and get to the Foundation Establishment Realm.

“Young Master, quickly put your clothes on or you’ll catch a cold,” Wu Xue said, not daring to look at Ye Yong as she handed over the towel.

Ye Yong then realized that he hadn’t been wearing anything. He had been thinking about letting Wu Xue cultivate, which made him so excited that he forgot about it. He was now somewhat embarrassed and hurriedly wrapped himself up.

Since Wu Xue was Ye Yong’s maid, she quickly got Ye Yong’s clothes and wanted to help Ye Yong put them on. However, Ye Yong was too embarrassed to let her do that, and he quickly made Wu Xue go outside so he could change his clothes by himself.

After Ye Yong had worn his clothes, Wu Xue felt that Ye Yong was different from before- from the outside to the inside. Maybe Young Master got some secret recipe and forged some special physique. Wu Xue wasn’t sure. Or maybe it’s because Young Master isn’t as bad as I thought he was and that’s why I feel that he’s different.

Ye Yong could wear his own clothes, but he didn’t know how to do his hair. As someone who had just transmigrated (aka a modern person not from this world), Ye Yong didn’t know how hair was done in this world, so he could only sit in front of a mirror as he let Wu Xue do his hair for him.

As Wu Xue combed his hair, Ye Yong opened the system interface and was ready to buy a new mental art and martial art, but then he saw that there was a change in favorability rating.

When he opened it, he saw that Wu Xue’s favorability rating had changed from -25 to 5, and her attitude had changed from [Slightly Scard] to [Admiration].

That’s right, the favorability rating had become positive when Ye Yong had been forging his physique.

Ye Yong was extremely happy when he saw that his transcend points had increased by about 8,000, which almost made up for the transcend points that he had spent to buy medicinal herbs, immortal herbs, and the special energy that he had used to forge his physique.

After being unintentionally reminded by Qin Shi Meng the previous day, Ye Yong thought of the idea of crippling his cultivation to start over. First, as someone who had been forced into this world, he had no idea how to use spiritual energy, and starting over would allow him to learn it. Second, starting over would allow him to strengthen his foundation. And as a bonus, Wu Xue’s favorability rating had increased. Ye Yong had killed three birds with one stone- there was no way he wouldn’t be happy.

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